A Celebration of Violence

That’s what the annual orgy of violence in the form of the so called “Super Bowl” is to me. It is the time when all the supposed “real men” can have their annual exclusively all male celebration that involves an orgy of non stop eating and consumption whose only parallel is to be found in ancient Rome where these orgies of violence and gluttony were provided free by the reigning emperor or such super wealthy notables whose private wealth approached that of the Roman state. Indeed the very idea of what has been called the “bread and circuses” approach to authoritarian rule began in Rome with the many kinds of gladiatorial blood sport that has its own parallel in our own age.

All militarized societies such as the Roman and I dare say our own here in the US exalt the idea of one man killing another as one of the few tests of real manhood that each and every male in the society should be subjected to if such a predatory society based upon the glorification of war and the warrior is to remain vital and viral. We have in our own time something of a less than perfect parallel to the ancient Roman ideal based upon the fact that some measure of civilization has crept into the American way of life despite the warrior cult that has been assiduously cultivated since 9-11.

The so called “Christian” fundamentalists who worship at the pagan shrine of their favorite deity Mars the god of war, find that America’s passion for violence has become corrupted as a result of humanism, i.e. civilization entering into the social equation to such a degree that the ancient Roman concept of man being a wolf to man no longer seems to apply. The idea that there are sissies and girly men such as myself who see no value in man being a wolf to man in the post modern era where barbarism is on the return, repulses these big hairy apes to such a degree that they no longer want to send their dear little thugs in training off to the local community public school but prefer to “home school” the next generation of thugs. The hyper promotion of fear by the power structure in regard the supposed tens of millions of pedophiles and such that are supposedly lurking behind every George Bush is really nothing other than code-speak for the secular humanism and its values that the thug culture abhors.

Its not however really about the same kind of physical violence and brutality on the field of play that the vast herd of face feeding morons in the comfort of their own living rooms engage in on this hollowed day dedicated to the violence of consumption; rather its about the idolatrous worship of violence that they inculcate into the very fiber of their poor lonely lives through the milieu of interpersonal violence that they have been socially conditioned to accept as the mark of a “real” man. The Mark of the Beast is more like it! The fat flabby big assed bodies of these gluttonous fools who abhor exercise and fitness stands in stark contradiction to the fact that they seem to adore the hyper idealized male form on display in the football arena. It has been theorized in some psychology circles that all the symbols of a repressed homosexuality is on display in the football arena with men wearing leotard like tight pants and the mounting behavior of the quarterback over the raised behind of the center. Tell me that this ain’t one fucking bizarre sport with guys putting there hands half way up the behind of another guy? So much for the sport rituals of the “real” men!

For the onward “Christian” soldiers in this crowd who give credence to the thinking of such renowned atheist authors as Richard Dawkins when he claims that religion is an organized form of cruelty, I have only to say that the Mark of the Beast is on them and that number is 666. So much for the popular and reasonably progressive atheism of the moment that would limit my right to entertain certain metaphors that seem totally legitimate and correct in spite of the obvious religious connotations that give the anti-God crowd such conniptions .

Man as a wolf to man is the old Roman ideal and so should have a Roman name to suit it. What could be more appropriate than the name of that most despised of all Roman emperors who set up his own image in the sacred precinct of the Temple in Jerusalem and that Christian eschatology tells us is 666.The fact that for the global power structure we have all become merely a labor commodity represented by a number and that names have no real value as identifiers anymore owing to a whole host of cogent reasons only underscores the value of that ancient wisdom that seems to reside in the eschatology of the Abrahamic religions.

Violence as a way of life is something that gives meaning to the lives of the dwindling supply of alpha males. Combined with the orthodoxy of social Darwinism we have the essence of the unstated but fully understood ideology that it’s the predatory nature of the alpha males that gives them the right to fight and rule over others through the supreme determiner of right, i.e. violence. In other words the might makes right law of the jungle is the only law of nature that need apply. That violence can be of the overt nature and/or the interpersonal that perhaps could be thought of as being covert because of the nature of the way that it gets expressed. The uniqueness of the times is such that in the contemporary Western world we can say truthfully that both men and women have become wolves to men owing to the determination of the Western global power structure to initiate the era of the female warrior capable of fighting alongside her male partners as another wolf to man of equal status. Since this ruling class project is still a work in progress it may be too early to make predictions in regard to its eventual success.

The social Darwinism that constitutes the real religion or guiding ideology of the Western global power structure makes the claim via its well healed academic mouthpieces that only a limited number of males are required to service the reproductive needs of humanity and that owing to the nature of their own assumed biological fitness to rule over others the alpha males of the ruling elite can fill the bill very nicely. It used to be called the “right to primogeniture.” Have you ever wondered what a post human future would look like for our species? Well this is it! Such is the shape of things to come if the uber alles class has its way with the rest of us and is successful in its effort to turn us into herd animals. So violence thus has its place in the vast scheme of things that is not really as vast as we might suspect.

All of this presupposes that what Lincoln called “the better angels of our nature” do not win out in this monumental struggle between good and evil that is taking place not only in corporate boardrooms and on foreign battlefields but in the inner most recesses of every human soul on the planet. We do have choices in all of this and they may not be as limited as our social and political handlers would have us believe. Not all things are pre-determined but since all things lean forward toward the divine light of our higher nature; the comfort that we can take in the face of such challenges is quite real and reassuring.

It’s the misplaced pettiness of the era in which we lives that gives rise to the existential anxiety of the moment. Since this moment of supreme importance is always the ever present eternal now; that is what we should forever concentrate upon in every way that we can. The undeniable fact is that we have 120 billion years of evolution on our side and working on our behalf in so many myriad of ways that it is impossible to name or quantify them all. History is replete with examples of the unexpected that always leans toward this higher divine light of our own true inner nature. It is full of surprises of the happy kind that keep us on track in the ever present and eternal now. We have no need for external saviors and/or messiahs as long as we have the possibility of such within us. The consolation of philosophy can offer us many things but it can never offer us the sureness and very real sense of the sacred that is reality itself. This is a point that can not be proven using the elaborate proof of such that is the mainstay of academic philosophy. It is rather something that has to be experienced. This sacred sense of the real can not be found in the cleverness of the academic philosopher dedicated as it sometimes is to attempting to prove to him or herself the unreality of reality. Such useful and interesting entertainment only works to create a sense of ennui that find ultimate relief for itself in an encounter with the real in another domain entirely.

The Image of the Beast that we find today in such yearly spectacles of violence as is the so-called “Super Bowl” is gratification enough for the fat assed couch potatoes and their ilk whose only recourse to violence can only be had through the interpersonal kind that manifests itself in endless displays of passive aggression. We should be thankful that this is the only kind of aggression that these eunuchs are capable of. The fact that these capons worship at the shrine of Mars should not concern or alarm us because they constitute a dying breed that is being endlessly served up both hot and cold to the medical practitioners who then strip them bare of whatever resources they once had. There is something of Mithraism in all of this that is both subtle and odious. We should thank our own lucky stars and perhaps the God of our own understanding that we are not a part of this vast sacrificial offering to the bull headed god of ancient Rome and its legions.

In the end there may be time enough for violence if that is what the heart truly desires. The jihad of the moment that draws in the self deluded youth in a sport far more dangerous and deadly than American style football presents the deadly spectacle of the same Mithraic rituals of human sacrifice to the bull headed god of ancient Persian origin. Pity the young men and women who chose to throw away their lives in the service of this pagan idol. It really doesn’t matter what they call themselves the effect and the underlying dark reality is the same. The number/name of the Beast is on them as well. They are the human food that he dines upon. The dark force at work in their lives is the darkness of their own unconscious minds that lays claim to their lives for the honor and gory glory of the bull headed god.

This Beast spoken of in Christian eschatology can be no other than Mithras. The worship of Mithras had its origins in ancient Persia during the time of the Parthian Empire. In many ways the secret rites were probably a lot like the Yazzidi rites of propitiation of Satan in the form of the serpent. One can not call this worship per se but more correctly rites of propitiation based upon the assumption of such religions that Satan (or evil) rules the world and thereof has to be propitiated. It is easy to see why the ancient world adopted such practices as life in past eras was often short, brutal, and painful, Today these dark forces once assumed by the ancients to be actual gods exist only in the unconscious minds of those unfortunates so affected by these powerful archetypes that can dominate and rule a persons life who lacks understanding in regard to such things.

The cosmic struggle between good and evil finds a convenient reflection perhaps in all types of teams sports especially such contact sports as American style football where violence and brutality are indeed considered to be acceptable parts of the game. In the Eastern Roman Empire of Byzantium the team rivalry between the blue and green teams put modern day football hooliganism in the shade by way of an actual war on the streets of Constantinople that ensued between these two demon possessed sporting factions. Order was only restored by bringing the force the famed Roman legions to bear against both teams and their followers who had taken to the streets and occupied the capitol.

If we allow ourselves to believe that the forces of the unconscious mind do not affect us and do not determine behavior to a large extent then we are fools fit only to ultimately be the play things of these often deadly archetypes infecting our world. Indeed it was Jung’s contention that the archetypes were actually living psychic entities. Many people have made the connection between archetypes and angels with the idea being that the human invention of such is merely the psychic projection of these religious archetypes onto the larger outer world of everyday life. There is a lot of evidence that shows that such entities are indeed part of the collective unconscious a term that Jung invented as a way of naming the common shared unconscious mind of humanity out of which the religious archetypes have grown and taken form.

It’s only by making the contents of the collective unconscious mind of humanity conscious that we can ever hope to defeat the forces of darkness lurking therein. What happens on the playing fields of American style pro football is small indeed to the larger forces of human destruction that are being acted out in the name of religious zealotry. Our success in defeating these dark angels of our nature can only be realized if we first of all admit to ourselves that indeed such psychic entities do indeed exist and that they can take control of human behavior in ways that are truly diabolical. The cosmic battle between light and darkness represented in the ancient Zoroastrian religion of Persia constitutes a kind of psychic reality that should be obvious to any and everyone. If its true that evil is ignorance as the Sufi philosopher Rene Guenon maintained then it is equally true that the antidote to ignorance is education, knowledge, and learning. That is where all hope for the future resides.

Note-this piece was originally posted to Open Salon on 01-30-2015


About charlesknause

I was born in Camden, N.J. (now the poorest city in America) in 1950 and grew up in a beautiful old Victorian town in South Jersey called Collingswood. I now live in Ormond Beach, FL where the weather suits my spirit. My personal life was impacted at an early point in my life by a psychiatric diagnosis that changed my life and put me on the workers scrap heap. I have refused to accept such a miserable fate and today consider myself a social activist dedicated to changing the way that people who have been diagnosed with a serious psychiatric disability are perceived by society and the people in their community. I have a B.S. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida and 18 graduate credits in Mental Health Counseling from Stetson University in DeLand, FL as well as 24 graduate credits in an MSW program at UCF. I am a member of the Volusia County Behavioral Health Care Providers Consortium where I function as an advocate. I am a daily reader of the World Socialist Website and an occasional contributor.
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