In for a Penny, in for a Pond

Normally, I would not have the least bit of interest in writing such a piece as this because it runs counter to something in my nature that does not like to spend time critiquing what Dubya would have called the “evil doers” in our particular OS society. Not that the late great Dubya and I have anything in common other than the fact that a distant cousin of mine through my maternal grandmother was the CEO of Dresser Industries, Inc. the Texas oil drilling equipment manufacture that gave George H.W. Bush his first start in the oil business. That’s what’s properly thought of as seven degrees of Kevin Bacon or at least maybe four degrees of makin’ bacon.

So therefore when I use the term evil doer it is not in anyway an attempt to credit Bush 43 with anything other than the clever use of a phrase that probably was not invented by him but rather one of his speech writers. If one seeks to define what an evil doer is one would have to first define what evil is in its essence, i.e. in its pure form. According the Great Russian prophet of the occult and downright strange P.D.Ouspensky who has always been near and dear to my heart, evil is in essence nothing other than ignorance. In other words speaking mathematically it is a negative rather than a positive value. Evil constitutes a lack of knowledge rather than some sort of perverse and rotten knowledge that in some bizarre way forms a negative compliment to real knowledge. Such a philosophical delineation may seem too obscure to have any real value for regular folks such as us in the regular work-a-day world that we live in. Such however is not the case as the commonplace and the ordinary take on new value and meaning once the mighty engines of deconstructionism have had a chance to do some work on them.

So if evil itself is in its essence ignorance, then the evil doers in our midst are people whose actions toward others (and even themselves) is based upon rank ignorance of the facts. How can we now use this new knowledge to deconstruct the increasingly pernicious concept of political correctness as well as those individuals who fancy themselves the political correctness Nazis hell-bent on cyber-bullying others into acceptance of the perverse standards of their twisted logic? Are the political correctness Nazis in the scale of evil closer to the real Nazis or are they merely more akin to Seinfeld’s famous “soup Nazi?” As things stand right now the answer in my opinion would be the latter as opposed to the former but just barely owing to the full spectrum dominance of evil that has existed in American society today in the mass media where such war propagandists as Thomas Freedman, Judith Miller and others profited enormously from the ignorance of the outright lies that they peddled about Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Such use of the mass media surely counts as one of the great social evils of our time and place in the historical continuum owing to the fact that these lies related to WMDs in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq were used to justify an illegal war of aggression that resulted in over one million innocent Iraqi lives being lost. Using aggressive war as an instrument of policy was the crime that the surviving Nazi high command was convicted of at the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal in 1946. Also convicted was the publisher of the largest German mass circulation Nazi newspaper the Volkishcher Beobachter who lent the authority of that particular German publication to the Nazi cause. This is a fact regarding the Nuremberg tribunal that rarely gets reported or commented on and for obvious reasons. Thus two major precedents in international law were set. Obviously the powers that be in Washington D.C. and at the New York Times make the assumption that no power on Earth can touch them and that they are truly immune from such prosecutions based upon their faith in the law of the jungle that they assume will always protect them from the consequences of their past actions.

That realization in and of itself does not absolve us from the obligation to hold accountable such nasty little media critters when we as writers and creative persons encounter them on Open Salon or anywhere else. Such pipsqueaks with a poisonous pen can never match the monument to evil that a Thomas Freedman or a Judith Miller constitute. As is always universally the case however with these pesky little political correctness Nazis, what they seek to do is to deny us the basic freedom of expression that all creative free thinking people need and that supposedly is guaranteed to us in the US Constitution and its famous Bill of Rights in which these various freedoms are individually enunciated. Such miserable little cretins as these seek to appropriate language itself and in some cases transform its meaning to suit their prejudices and in other cases deny the legitimacy of language altogether or certain parts of it that the creative person can no longer use in pursuit of a higher truth that the political correctness Nazis are incapable of taking in because the normal route to such is obstructed by a log jam of ignorance in their own minds as to the nature of freedom, free expression, and the pathway to higher values than the ones they desperately hold on to in an effort to defend their right to be ignorant, i.e. evil. .

Take as an example of such this miserable little squirrel safe_bets_amy that seems to have been given free rein on Open Salon to engage in all sorts of personal attacks on other writers because her mental illness compels her to do so or because perhaps there is more going on in regard to such cyber bullying than meets the eye.. We should feel sorry for such moral cowards and the amount of time and effort that must surely go into such a pastime pursuit seems hardly justifiable in light of the minor annoying impact that such insects have regarding the truth and other peoples right to it. The fact of the matter is however that in all probability this so called assumed to be actual person whose craven cowardice compels him/her to hide behind this bogus moniker of safe_bets_amy is just the created avatar of someone on the editorial staff who uses this avatar to harass members of Open Salon whose free thinking is deemed objectionable because it challenges some of the basic tenants of identity politics that is the one act pony of the phony “left.”

A little bit of forensic analysis of the available data from open online sources reveals that safe_bets_amy claims to be one Amy Pond age 42 who resides at 1006 San Fernando St. Apt.A; Anchorage Alaska 99508-2890. The phone number listed for this probable avatar is 206-555-1234 which is actually the number for the Telecom Routing Administration in Washington State. The trail does not end there however as Amy Pond seems to have lived in Wasilla Alaska from 2010 to 2011 and previously in Anchorage from 2008 to 2009. Prior to this Amy Pond pops up in Boise Idaho in 2003. Ms. Amy appears to have lived in Meridian Idaho from 2000 to 2001. If anyone is interested in sending safe_bets_amy a birthday card her reputed date of origin as a possibly real person is 12-15-1972. It is also worth noting in regard to this matter that a fictional character by the name of Amy Pond figures large in the BBC Dr.Who television series that obviously captivated the imagination of at least one person. An additional item of interest is that there is a Robert J. Pond who resides at 7411 Blackberry Street, Anchorage, Alaska 99502-2873 whose age is listed as 65+ which would qualify as this person or intelligence cut-out’s father. There is also an Amy Pond associated with an LPGA (Lady’s Professional Golf Association) but all of this in my opinion is just a “legend” that someone has carefully created to have a seemingly legitimate persona that they can exploit for the kind of cyber-bullying of people on the Open Salon website that the NSA or DOD information warriors find objectionable for their failure to kowtow to the party line in regard the whole national security question that is in fact nothing other than a war on the American people themselves. The identity politics of the phony “left” best epitomized by the editorial board of The Nation also serves a key strategic purpose in keeping working class Americans divided and distrustful of one another to the point that they only trust the civil authorities whose very purpose as what Marx called “an armed body of men” is to violently suppress their interests as a class.

I leave it to other members of the Open Salon community to indicate to me that indeed such a person as safe_bets_amy does actually exist because they actually know this person in the flesh so to speak and can vouch for the fact that Amy is not a collection of mathematical algorithms making up some sort of AI program operating on one of the lower underground levels of Ft. George Meade or the US Army Information Warfare Command at the Pentagon. Of course there are other players in this business the most active of which is MI6, the Mossad, as well as many non state actors capable and interested in such trolling. As for myself I have to admit that I get my cookies off jousting with such cyber-entities even when they turned out to be nothing more than twisted up nut cases like Amy. In for a penny, in for a Pond; that’s what I always say and even if this little twisted up cyber freak is an AI algorithm attached to the Pentagon; the challenge of winning this cyber joist is probably akin to the feeling that the Russian chess master Boris Spasky had in playing chess with Deep Blue the IBM designed and manufactured super-computer that eventually defeated Spasky thus proving that machine intelligence had really arrived.

Some clarification and contextualization however needs to be presented in regard to the safe_bets_amy phenomenon that seems to have a reputation for constant trolling and looking for people to instigate some sort of online fracas with in an effort at cyber bullying which I think might be a crime in Alaska. I’ll have to check into that with a call to the State Attorney General’s office the first chance I get. We all know about the cyber bulling of the gay Rutgers student by some of his fellow students that led to his suicide and the criminal prosecution of those deemed to be responsible.There ought to be a law prohibiting such cyber bullying by such individuals as Amy Pond and if I have the time I will look into bringing charges against this person if indeed such a person actually exists. As I said I have my doubts that this entity that goes by the name of Amy Pond and hides under the cowardly moniker of safe_bets_amy is in fact an actual person but if the probable legend is reality so much the better for me and everyone else who has been the target of this cyber bully’s trolling.

If in fact Ms. Amy Pond actually exists and has personhood then owing to the low level of her economic circumstances I suspect that she may perhaps be a member of one of the Alaskan Native tribes whose economic circumstances are quite marginal. In that case I would feel obliged to salute her in some way while acknowledging that even though differences of opinion may exist respect for the “other” should always take precedence over ill will and/or hate that helps no one. Using Google Earth I was able to get a street view of the dilapidated public housing development that Ms. Amy claims to live in-perhaps! I have to admit that I am perplexed by this person’s rabidly hateful behavior but assuming that Amy Pond is a real person and not an intelligence cutout she is typical of a whole generation of male hating misanthropic feminazis that I am only to happy to do battle with at least in a rhetorical sort of way in the hope that this person may begin to see the error of her ways to use a little religious phraseology. Hate the sin but love the sinner is what I always say and even though that is an excellent Sunday school proverb to keep in mind it is often easier to say than to live by. The genius of the Christian religion is that it is capable of such moral formulations and even though I am a strict agnostic the value of such proverbs is unmistakable. So if Amy Pond is something more than advanced algorithmic coding of the AI variety, I can assure her that I bear her no ill will and look forward to day when the sinner will have found salvation at last in the metaphorical sense at least.

The debilitating health effects of hate is something that I have consciously chosen not to live with. As C.G. Jung so aptly put it-“Politics is the disease of the 20th century.” The affects of that social disease were obvious to Jung who live through both WWI and WWII in relative comfort in Switzerland but nevertheless could fully appreciate the affects that it had on Europe. The categorical zero sum thinking that prevails today in the West creates the impression in the clouded minds of the culture warriors that the only way to prevail is to destroy one’s “enemy” which all too often is just someone who has another perspective on the major issues of the day that should be accepted for what it is, i.e. the right of each and every person to decide for him or herself where they stand in regard to these Earth shaking matters that often come down to nothing so much as an inability to communicate with the “other.” The amount of grief that individuals and families have come to over this inability to communicate properly is legendary however it has always been possible for men and women of goodwill to see the “other” as someone that they cared about enough to want to put hatred out of their heart if only to protect their own sanity and health which should even give the devil herself Ayn Rand some reason for reflection.

The real take away message for me personally is the advanced state of decay of American society and the need of the power structure to create a counter-narrative to the social revolution that is on their doorstep. A misanthropic man hating ideology that blames working class men for all of societies ills can be used strategically by the ruling class and its governing power structure to counter the reality of well over a thousand men and boys being murdered by police every year for no reason whatsoever and without even the slightest bit of accountability on the part of this particular armed body of men and women who constitute the police forces of the capitalist state. The fact that millions of people have taken to the streets in open conflict with this capitalist state and its various police agencies means that this revolution is not going to go away. Such counter narratives as the media lynching of Bill Cosby and the fraudulent gang rape allegations put forward by Rolling Stone magazine in the article by Sabrina Rubin Erdely about the so called “rape culture” at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville are classic exercises in propaganda designed to counter the larger narrative that is quite real and exploding all around us.

African-Americans certainly do deserve pride of place in this New American Revolution of the 21 century but as is predictable the political agents of the phony “left” who have access to the Oval Office of the president find it useful to cast these events in purely racial terms thus attempting to use the disease of identity politics to negate the possibility of the class based revolution that is already on the doorstep of the ruling class and its governing power structure. Against this larger social reality such fleas as safe_bets_amy and her ilk can be taken for what they really are-mere distractions on the way to realization of this larger picture that should always be uppermost in our minds. With the final victory of this African-American led social revolution far from certain, we can not afford to give ourselves the luxury of getting too distracted by the counter narrative that the ruling class seeks to create through the tactical and strategic use of identity politics. As the 1960s protest song says-we have to keep our eyes on the prize and hold on.

The nature of propaganda is such that it always contains some element of truth to it no matter how distorted it may be that constitutes the hook that catches its adherents. Propaganda would have no value or mass appeal if such a modicum of truth did not attach to it. There are no doubt elements of truth that attach to the toxic thinking of the propagandists of identity politics. Its not my purpose to challenge whatever morsel of truth that may obtain in regard to the ideologies peddled by the proponents of identity politics. Its my purpose to indicate how identity politics serves the ruling class tactically to build a counter-narrative in times of great social peril for their dictatorial and authoritarian interests such as the one that they are now facing. The deeper the crisis that the American ruling class finds itself the more actively they will flog the dead corpse of identity politics hoping to get some more life out of it. The situation that has thus resulted from this ruling class strategy is a system of diminishing returns that can only be countered by resorting to ever increasing levels of desperation of their part as well as such fleas on the body politic as safe_bets_amy.

Commentators on the right such as Patrick Buchanan who is a keen observer of the American scene gifted with being able to draw all the wrong conclusions from those very selfsame observations refers to the regime of political correctness as “Cultural Marxism.” What a somewhat more aware and educated Patrick J. Buchanan would realize is that what he thinks of and thus labels “Cultural Marxism” is indeed Cultural Stalinism that has nothing to do with Marxism. The phony “left” in America is a political current that at one time was allied with Stalinism in the US under the guise of the old American Communist Party that was always about as relevant as the American Nazi Party. Gus Hall and George Lincoln Rockwell were totalitarian soul mates even if they didn’t realize it. Nazism/Fascism as the cancer of capitalism could only have been metaphysically matched by the cancer of socialism that was Stalinism. Those days however are long gone but the ghost of that era lingers on. It’s much easier to make the claim that fascism was the cancer of capitalism than to indicate precisely why Stalinism was the cancer of socialism unless a person is fully conversant with this history of the USSR after Lenin.

The propaganda advantage that Buchanan and his ilk have is that the claim that they put forward that political correctness is cultural Marxism is just more of the anti-communist bilge that Buchanan has been peddling since the days of his culture hero the Irish Catholic bully and drunkard Senator Joseph McCarthy forced to resign from the US Senate in disgrace after he crawled up into the nearest bottle of booze and drank himself to death.

The fact of the matter is that there is no real bona fida left in America today and there hasn’t been for the last 40 years. What there is in its place is a well connected and financed group of plutocrats and bluebloods masquerading around using pseudo left formulations based upon the very selfsame exploitation of identity politics that has been adapted by the old slave owners’ political party the so called Democratic Party of big business and monopoly capitalism. In the 20th century this so called Democratic Party has been the principle war party of the bourgeoisie up until the era of Bush 41 when the roles of the two major capitalist parties was reversed with the so called “Party of Lincoln” once again becoming the war party, a role that it played in the 19th century.

The well connected plutocrats and bluebloods who own and control such erstwhile mainstream pseudo-left publications as The Nation, Rolling Stone Magazine, The Progressive that have been instrumental in their mindless adaption of identity politics serves only to socially condition the American working class that the left is indeed what these plutocrats say it is thus putting wind in the sails of nitwits such as Buchanan and his feminazi protégé the ever inimitable and vainglorious bimbo of the Yukon Sarah Palin.

Note-this piece was originally posted to Open Salon on 12-26-2014


About charlesknause

I was born in Camden, N.J. (now the poorest city in America) in 1950 and grew up in a beautiful old Victorian town in South Jersey called Collingswood. I now live in Ormond Beach, FL where the weather suits my spirit. My personal life was impacted at an early point in my life by a psychiatric diagnosis that changed my life and put me on the workers scrap heap. I have refused to accept such a miserable fate and today consider myself a social activist dedicated to changing the way that people who have been diagnosed with a serious psychiatric disability are perceived by society and the people in their community. I have a B.S. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida and 18 graduate credits in Mental Health Counseling from Stetson University in DeLand, FL as well as 24 graduate credits in an MSW program at UCF. I am a member of the Volusia County Behavioral Health Care Providers Consortium where I function as an advocate. I am a daily reader of the World Socialist Website and an occasional contributor.
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