In the Beginning Was the Word

One hardly knows where to begin in an effort to analyze the inconsistencies and lies that make up the overall propaganda matrix surrounding the events in Paris this week in regard to the scumbag anti-Islamic/anti-Muslin hate rag called Charlie Hebdo. As a matter of fact and formality I have to say that no matter how much one disagrees with the substance or perhaps lack of it that constituted that particular right wing pro-war anti-Muslim hate sheet that the outright stupid murder of its scurrilous staff only serves to justify the kind of fascist police state that France is on the way to becoming.

Ever careful and studious in regard to finding the best way to exploit these despicable and senseless acts of terror is the French ruling class and its governing power structure in the person of the most hated political figure in French politics since the end of WWII . This most despised politician is no other than the present French president the so called “socialist’ Hollande who plays the role of Paul von Hindenburg in inviting French fascism into the Elysee Palace in the person of Marine LePen the head of the National Front. Few people realize it but the National Front has an interesting pedigree. It is the surviving party of the Nazi aligned Vichy government. The fascist National Front has no doubt gained the most from these recent events and therefore stands a better than average chance of winning the upcoming national election in France.

The French ruling class and its governing mandarins are no doubt grooming the fascist Marine Le Pen in the same way the German ruling class and its political puppets in power at that time began grooming Adolph Hitler for the role that they had chosen him for. It had been predicted in the past that of all the major countries in Western Europe most likely to ape the German Nazi example when things got tough for the ruling elite that it would be France. Few Americans realize, because we are raised in a society where history does not matter and is therefore not taught in the schools with the same kind of rigor that goes into math and science that Hitler and his Nazi cause was quite popular in the France of that era. That is why nary a shot was fired in anger at the Nazi horde as it strode into Paris so that Hitler could strut his stuff in front of the Eiffel Tower. The Vichy government was the French government that was set up in collaboration with the Nazi horde to act as their loyal trustworthy agents in the same way that Hollande and most European heads of state kowtow to the US suzerainty of the present moment.

Actually just prior to the terror takeout of much of the staff of Charlie Hebdo, the present government of France had decided to allow Russia to take delivery of the one Mistral Class carrier that has already been paid for by the Russian government along with one other Mistral Class carrier still under construction. This decision to allow the Russian’s to take delivery had been predicated on reaching a cease fire in Eastern Ukraine that unfairly placed most of the onus on Russia for doing so in spite of the fact that the US spent $6 billion to overthrow the duly elected government in Ukraine in support of a coupé de tat that put into power former Nazi collaborators who were personally involved with the massacre of Ukrainian Jews at Babi Yar and elsewhere. I am under the impression that France was also on the verge of recognizing Palestine as a state something that US imperialism is determined to stop at all costs. Now that the French have had a taste of terror in the capital they have come to a fuller understanding of the chaos that could ensue for their refusal to kowtow. The government of France quickly reversed itself on these two decisions.

According to an article on the website both of the shooters involved in the Charlie Hebdo massacre had recently returned from combat against the Assad government of Syria.

Since these fighters have been armed and trained by CIA, MI6, Mossad, and the French secret service in either Turkey or Jordan in conjunction with America’s oldest and most important client state in the Middle East Saudi Arabia, the brand of pseudo religious brainwashing that they received was the same brand of Salafi terror that the Al-Saud dinosaurs have been exporting all over the world for at least the last 50 years through the good offices of its patron the USA or to be more precise about it the US ruling class and its covert/secret governmental structure that goes by many names these days. It’s an interesting and also extremely important fact that a number of scholarly works such as Operation Paperclip have been written recently that document the way that the central hub of this secret government better known as CIA exfiltrated almost the entire Nazi Abwehr ( WWII Nazi secret intelligence group) to the US where it became the brains if not the brawn of the newly formed CIA. This is a fact of history that I became personally acquainted with at an earlier time in my life.

The reality that all of these many facts support is that Europe is on the verge of a reprise of the same mistakes of the past that led up to WWII with the various ruling classes embrace of fascism as a way of getting out of the dilemma now facing them. We know how that turned out the last time round but this time round it will just be the greatest example of mass suicide ever seen or witnessed. The only thing that it could be compared to is the usual mass self murder that lemmings often inflict on themselves perhaps as some sort of over population control. Many other animal species other than the human one are prone to mass suicides. Native Americans always knew that the white man was a brilliant moron, they just did not know how big a moron he actually is!

Few Americans seem to understand that Muslims are the new “Jews” of Europe in that they stand in the present ongoing mass campaign against them in exactly the same position that European Jewry stood with the rise of Nazi Germany and the Nazi subjugated governments of the WWII era. Today it is America that is the big dog on the block that has already subjugated Europe to the point that it no longer has any real independence and can therefore be thought of as merely a collection of vassal states beholden to their over-lord in all things. This is the reason for the NSA spy state,i.e. to be able to completely control the political structure through such technical methods. Knowledge is power and knowledge of a governing power structure’s every thought, word, and deed that inevitably finds its way into some form of electronic means of communication is what the US global empire of chaos is built upon. It is also built upon a pile of human cadavers so high as to reach up to heaven itself.

The vitriolic hate that Charlie Hebdo has poured out non-stop against Muslims and the Islamic faith is completely analogous to the same kinds of visual depiction of Jews, Jewish life, and the Jewish religious establishment that the various propaganda mouthpieces of the Third Reich were responsible for. Such hate filled visual depictions of Jews by the Nazi propagandists was aimed at demonizing an entire people, and defining them as “the other” thus paving the way for their eventual annihilation. The bombing and burning down of mosques all over Europe is perfectly analogous to the same kinds of organized hate campaigns by the Nazi regime and its supporters against Jews. Having free reign to demonize an entire people, their way of life, their traditions, and their faith is what the goal and purpose of Charlie Hebdo seemed to be all about. There was nothing moral or uplifting in the character of its action just as there is nothing moral or uplifting in all the other hate sheets published throughout Europe right now that are merely a sad reprise of the European bourgeoisie’s embrace of fascism as an answer to its current existential anxiety.

In terms of the actual crime itself and how it was perpetrated there is no question about the fact that these were two very highly trained experts in urban warfare tactics and has led some people to speculate that perhaps the actual trigger pullers involved may have been members of the French secret service itself that had two (or maybe three) waiting patsies waiting in the wings to finger for the job. The police authorities finding one suspect’s photo ID on the seat of a vehicle used in their alleged escape seems reminiscent the perfectly pristine passports of the alleged 9-11 hijackers found outside the completely destroyed World Trade Center. Remember how fastidious these two active shooters were that when departing the crime scene and entering the getaway vehicle they stopped to pick up an athletic shoe that had probably fallen from the getaway vehicle; but in order to accept the official narrative we have to assume that these two highly professional assassins well trained in their art left behind on the seat of a getaway vehicle the personal ID card of one of the alleged suspects!

So now French fascism is primed to take over the job of governing in France as a result of this terror event.. Marxists have always insisted that terror is a futile tactic as it merely strengthens the state and the means of oppression that the state wields. Those who carried out these attacks must surely have known at least at some level that such actions would indeed only work to strengthen the state that could then be used to justify further repression against an already marginalized population; that is assuming that this was not some sort of false flag terror attack and did indeed represent rather a classic example of blowback due to ongoing French military assaults on the Arab/Islamic world that have produced nothing other than a state of absolute chaos and terror for those nations so affected. One has only to look at the sad state of things today in what used to be Libya to understand fully the price that is being paid by the people of that now failed state now. While the government of Mummar Ghaddaffi may not have conformed to Western demands regarding a presumed “democracy” that does not even exist in the West, such spurious assumptions on the part of the West have been continually used to subvert and overthrow legitimate existing governments in not just the Arab/Islamic world but in such strategically important countries for Russia as Ukraine. One has only to take a look at the various failed states that the military predations of the West have produced to understand better the millions of desperate people from that region who have been displaced and turned into war refugees. Is it any wonder then that a portion of this huge and unprecedented refugee population should end up in some of the nations of Western Europe who under pressure from the US, the UN, and other transnational entities such as the Catholic Church have allowed these refugees to settle in some of the countries in Western Europe most responsible for the aggression that has been unleashed against the Arab/Islamic world.

Since the dissolution of the USSR that served as the only break on US imperialism and the various forms of European imperialism that now answer to a US master, the US has been waging non stop wars of aggression that have often been referred to as resource wars in the Middle East that has resulted in the deaths of millions along with the displacement of tens of millions of other people who have been forced to seek shelter wherever they can find it. The tens of thousands of Iraqis who have been the ongoing victims of non stop terror attacks since US forces were forced by the Malaki government to withdraw so destabilized life in that now failed state as to create a sanctuary for such fundamentalist Wahabbi groups as ISIS that in turn has served as a convenient excuse for US imperialism to re-enter that conflict zone for a third time. The world is descending into a black whole of chaos under the mis-leadership of Washington and its reliance upon war as a means of achieving its foreign policy ends. That such a use of war as an instrument of foreign policy is a clear violation of international law seems not to bother anyone.

Last summer people around the world got to see the Zionist slaughter of thousands of innocent Palestinians in Gaza courtesy of cable TV. That Zionism is the cancer of Judaism in the same way that fascism/Nazism was the cancer of capitalism in the WWII era and that Stalinism was the cancer of Marxism/socialism seems to have begun to register with the intelligencia of the world that often shapes world public opinion irrespective of the official narrative. In the same vein it needs to be said that it has become ever more clear that the version of Salifist/Waabbi extremism that the Al-Saud dynasty has been exporting for 50 years constitutes the cancer of Islam. The fact that present day Arabia controlled by the Al-Saud dynasty never was the center of the Islamic world in spite of their physical control of the holy sites of Mecca and Medina is not something that is well known in the Occidental world. The land made up of the Arabian dessert was more like a backwater of social, religious, and political backwardness that just had to be accepted for what it was in order to keep the peace in the Arab/Islamic world. Such peace no longer exists today and the regime that exists in Arabia today is living on borrowed time.

In the final analysis the ultimate cause of all these events may be more difficult for a lot of people to understand than the much more straight forward contention that Zionism is the cancer of Judaism and Salifist/Wahabbi fundamentalism is the cancer of Islam. The fact is that organized religion has been behaving very badly for a long time now. In essence it is as Richard Dawkins contends “an organized form of cruelty.” Taking a long look at the Christianity of previous eras as well as our own will reveal that Christianity has a cancer of its own type that corresponds to the “Christian” fundamentalist ideologies of today that foment hatred against all others who refuse to subscribe to their narrow minded exclusivist self derived definition of things that have nothing at all in common with apostolic Christianity. In essence it is the exact oppose and evil twin of the gospel of “the gentle prophet” as Muslims describe the person of Christ. As a matter of fact if I were to adopt the Christian metaphoric reasoning that many of these “Christian” fundamentalist groups have been exploiting for some time now, I would say that such doctrines as they espouse and propagate represent the voice of the anti-Christ. That is one way to look at this phenomenon from a metaphorical position using such metaphors in a responsible way which is the way that they were always meant to be used. I believe personally that there is a reality to the prophetic tradition that often escapes rational definition, at least it did in ancient times when people were unable to accept literal scientific proofs for such thing that would no doubt come under the broad heading of ESP and its associated phenomena.

The letters of Saint Paul to the early Christians of his era makes this point in a symbolic and metaphorical way that was appropriate to the knowledge base and understanding of people from that era. Saint Paul reminds the early Christians that they see though a glass but darkly a reality that someday humans will see clearly. What better definition of religion could be offered than this. Symbolic and metaphorical knowledge was all that the wise minds of that era had to offer up in an effort to understand the world that humans of that era were confronted with. Man’s Search for Meaning is a book written by Nazi concentration camp survivor Victor Frankel that expresses in it’s title what all of human history is all about. We stand in relation to far deeper and more profound truths than the ancients could ever have imagined but the prophetic tradition did give them a sense of the overall human and cosmic reality that they were a part of and that we are a part of as well. Who can not say that our present scientific knowledge base is not equally as primitive to the scientific knowledge base of some much more highly advanced civilization existing out their in the Cosmos right now.

We should take prophetic knowledge from our past and attempt to see it as something that is not beyond the realm of scientific comprehension even if we do not have the exact precise perfect definition for it right now. As the great Sufi scholar Rene Guenon stated- “Intellectualism is the highest form of spirituality.” All reactionary political forms of religion that either call themselves fundamentalist or something else are social and political movement meant to stifle and suppress all forms of intellectualism and therefore all forms of the kind of higher spirituality that humans are capable of today. Such forms of a higher spirituality as Guenon speaks of are grounded in thinking and language which is something that is indeed mentioned in the New Testament when Saint John the evangelist reminds his readers that- “In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and indeed the Word was God and made to dwell amongst us.” There is something truly metaphysical but also scientifically sound about this famous teaching from the New Testament that perhaps only we of this present era can fully appreciate.

Note-this piece was originally posted to Open Salon on 01-11-2015


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I was born in Camden, N.J. (now the poorest city in America) in 1950 and grew up in a beautiful old Victorian town in South Jersey called Collingswood. I now live in Ormond Beach, FL where the weather suits my spirit. My personal life was impacted at an early point in my life by a psychiatric diagnosis that changed my life and put me on the workers scrap heap. I have refused to accept such a miserable fate and today consider myself a social activist dedicated to changing the way that people who have been diagnosed with a serious psychiatric disability are perceived by society and the people in their community. I have a B.S. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida and 18 graduate credits in Mental Health Counseling from Stetson University in DeLand, FL as well as 24 graduate credits in an MSW program at UCF. I am a member of the Volusia County Behavioral Health Care Providers Consortium where I function as an advocate. I am a daily reader of the World Socialist Website and an occasional contributor.
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