‘Let’s Burn This Bitch Down”

What was Michael Brown’s father thinking when he let loose with this howler whilst standing atop a car amidst hundreds, maybe thousands of angry protestors incensed and enraged at the ongoing gendercide being perpetrated by the capitalist state against African-American men and boys. Boys as young as 12 are being gunned down by the police as was the case with the willful murder of Tamir Rice by the Cleveland PD.

According to the Facebook site “Killed By Police” available at http://facebook.com/KilledByPolice, 1002 completely innocent people have been murdered by police in the USA since January 1st 2014. Since May 1st 2013, 1756 innocent people have been killed by police. No other country in the world has numbers such as this for the wonton state sanctioned murder of its own population unless one considers the state sanctioned narco terrorist gendercide that has been underway in Mexico for some time now. The narco terrorist state that exists in Mexico and has been conducting its own gendercide against the youth of Mexico is a wholly owned subsidiary of US imperialism that supplies the weapons and no doubt the training for the Mexican death squads so that they can implement the US ruling class’s prime directive regarding over population. This prime directive generated by the academic research institutes associated with the deep state finds that the most problematic portion of the world population is the male population from the age of about 15 to 35. This is the element of the population as evidenced by the recent so called “Arab Spring” that is most likely to take to the streets and become insurectionary and thus a threat to the global system of oppression that US imperialism has put into place.

In an article entitled “Twenty-six Things About the Islamic State (ISIL) that Obama Does Not Want You to Know About” by Professor Michael Chossudovsky published 11-19-2014 on the globalresearch.ca website, we learn that the real focus of all US military attacks allegedly taking place against ISIS/ISIL/IS are in fact taking place against the loyalist forces supporting the Syrian government of Bashir al-Assad. So just as Eric Holder’s “Fast & Furious” phoney ATF sting operation was a disguised way of supplying military level assault rifles and other equipment to the Mexican narco terrorists, the ostensible training and equipping of the so called “Syrian Opposition” has really been a covert method of training and equipping ISIS/ISIL/IS.

Getting back however to the state rampage against African-American men and boys the larger picture reveals the fact that the majority US population is also being exposed to the same phenomenon. Through the devilishly clever methods of divide and conquer employed by the US ruling class internationally as well as at home a complacent and self deluded Euro-American population has come to believe that it is safe from such an onslaught and that no bond connects them to Africa-Americans so its every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost. Tragically this is the mentality that capitalism develops within the individual. Life in such a society undergoing such a rapid and rabid social decomposition as we are faced with today takes the form of a war of each against all and all against each other. From the more comfortable and relaxed, i.e. less stressed position of Euro-America the biblical Christian concept that somehow I am my brother keeper means precisely zilch. The idolatrous worship of the god of the marketplace creates its own reality which is that “Man is a wolf to man.”

Why should we be surprised that young women today seek entrance into the wolf pack? Such is just the natural progression of the ideas that the social decomposition of the system spawns. There will be no more summers of love until Euro-America wakes up to the fact that it has exposed itself to the same state sponsored terror that faces African-American youth albeit at this point in a reduced state. There is no guarantee that such a threat will remain in a reduced state. More to the point the only way to be sure that such a threat never takes wing and becomes reality is to overthrow and abolish the existing political setup that makes such things possible as a result of the permanent state of crisis that we have all been thrown into as a result of this social meltdown.

Where are the wealthy high society babes walking around elite Eastern colleges and universities with mattresses on their heads instead of mortar boards? The liberal media driven lynching of Bill Cosby seems to have taken a break for a while shoved off the front pages and main drive time schedules as a result of the more salient news of the moment. Not that we don’t have an obligation to take these matters seriously as the way that our wives, mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, and grandmothers are treated is the true hallmark of what it means to be civilized. The idea that men are somehow entitled to sex and therefor women’s’ bodies is an erroneous idea put into the minds of many males due to the commodification of sex and its never-ending exploitation by Madison Avenue to sell products as well as lifestyles.

The beastly behavior meted out to young college women by the wealthy upper middle class frat boys is enough for the less sound of mind to want to call for their legal castration. Indeed in an authoritarian society wouldn’t this be exactly the fate for such sorry assed individuals suffering from such pathetic dillusions regarding their supposed entitlement to the bodies of others for their own personal gratification. Off with their balls!!

So getting back to the original theme of this article which is to insist that people will indeed say the damnedest things when they are pissed off in an effort to recover their personal sense of equilibrium in a world that seems to be going to hell in a hand-basket. I know that when I get my Irish up (which is no doubt my better half) I am liable to say just about anything. It is that need to relieve myself of the burden of anger that drives my spontaneity perhaps a little to far. As the Irish are fond of saying many of us have a way of leaping first and then looking back. Then its too late sometimes but one has to judge for ones self what is best and what it true.

I know that I have said some stupid and even insensitive stuff on this blog site but for the most part I think that I have at least been entertaining. A social critic who needs to be laughed at is not always what I aspire to be but maybe sometimes what I deserve to be. I don’t know, judge for yourself. I’m just as confused as most people much of the time, however every once and a while I have these brief lucid moments that I think are worth sharing with people. Genius which I hardly aspire to is reputedly 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration. I usually spend a great deal of time and effort getting background data on anything I decide to write about so that what comes out at this end is usually the by product of some real dedication in wanting to know what the facts are in regard to any particular situation and/or event. Sometimes I am probably way off the mark but at other times I think (judging from the public response that I get) spot on!

From time to time I guess that I have offended some people and from time to time that has been my actual intent, however for the most part my intention has always been to tell the truth as I see it no matter how bizarre or whacked out it might seem to be to other people. At least it was my truth and not someone else s because I didn’t have the cojones to speak my own truth to whoever might be interested in hearing it. For the most part then such truth telling as I can muster up from time to time has not been a gratuitous attempt to piss-off others although I can tell that such has been the case from time to time. Such is the collateral damage that is to be expected given the highly problematic nature of truth telling. In other words its not for everybody!

Note-this piece was originally posted to Open Salon on 11-28-2014


About charlesknause

I was born in Camden, N.J. (now the poorest city in America) in 1950 and grew up in a beautiful old Victorian town in South Jersey called Collingswood. I now live in Ormond Beach, FL where the weather suits my spirit. My personal life was impacted at an early point in my life by a psychiatric diagnosis that changed my life and put me on the workers scrap heap. I have refused to accept such a miserable fate and today consider myself a social activist dedicated to changing the way that people who have been diagnosed with a serious psychiatric disability are perceived by society and the people in their community. I have a B.S. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida and 18 graduate credits in Mental Health Counseling from Stetson University in DeLand, FL as well as 24 graduate credits in an MSW program at UCF. I am a member of the Volusia County Behavioral Health Care Providers Consortium where I function as an advocate. I am a daily reader of the World Socialist Website and an occasional contributor.
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