Sex: The Afirmation of Life

That is what the German psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich called sex, the affirmation of life. Reich was trained by Freud and for a while was part of his inner Vienna circle of psychoanalytic pioneers making a scientific medical study of the inner psychic human being via the methods of treatment that Freud was one of the first pioneers of. One of the most famous of Freud’s early case studies was of case of Anna M. or some similar such designation. As I am working purely from memory right now I could be mistaken in regard to the initial used to designate the last name.

Anna M. had been suffering for many years from a paralysis of her right hand. There was absolutely no medical reason that existed for the disorder. The famous associative talking cure was applied and over many sessions lasting months if not years and after full trust in Freud as the therapist had been affected, Anna M. finally divulged to Freud that the now paralyzed right hand was the one that she used to stroke her pussy in the private confines of her home only she did not exactly phrase it that way owing to the nature of the Victorian moral code of that era. Hence the Somatoform Disorder was discovered! The conscious awareness bought about in the patient through the actions of the therapist restored to the patient the full use of her right hand.

Freud was thus able to show by way of this cleverly investigated case of paralysis and many others of the same nature that psychic energy in the form of what he called “libido” did in fact exist and could be studied in a carefully controlled method using the observational methods of the case study as well as other similar scientific methodologies. Libido was defined by Freud as life energy and eventually when the yellow press of that era caught wind of this new method of scientific study they breathed in deeply the savor of it like a fart fresh from the ass of Viennese society. Such are the favored tastes of the prostitute scribblers of all eras who see rank and evil demons lurking everywhere and anywhere that that three letter word S-E-X comes into play. ( In fairness to the truth, doubt has been shed on this particular case study as a result of an autobiography of Freud’s daughter Anna Freud who claimed to be Anna M. She also made the claim to have had an incestuous relationship with her father. Anna Freud studied under her father and became a famous and well established psychoanalyst in her own right who went on to become one of the principle founders of the Object Relations School of Counseling and Therapy.)

The dogs of war were let loose on the good doctor and his early psychoanalytic pioneers for having the indecency to study this most primitive of all things, i.e. the life force or libido that the prostitute scribblers of the yellow press saw and dirty and defiled because it could be used to better understand the nature of sex as the life force and its role in shaping the psychic personality. Even worse than this the good doctor has the audacity to state that children were indeed sexual being every bit as much as adults and maybe even more so owning to the strength and freshness of libido in their young lives. In America at the time especially in the Deep South this would have been enough to have gotten someone lynched as it did Leo Frank the Jewish factory superintendent in Georgia in 1915 for allegations never proven of sexually harassing an example of Southern womanhood. The loyal white knights of the KKK were specifically charged with the protection of Southern womanhood something that seems today to have become the sole purview of right wing feminazis masquerading as leftists. Since the KKK seems no longer to be up to the job of defending all of female creation from wonton male sexual advances this awesome responsibility falls to women themselves as long as they are of the feminazi persuasion as opposed to the otherwise common sense persuasion.

Sex in America however has become a big business in the form of not only good old fashioned pornography but as an advertizing strategy that countless billions of wasted dollars go into every year in an attempt to seduce men into buying whatever products the ads subtly insinuate will help to get them laid. What would Freud have said about such commodization and marketing of sex? Better yet, what would his son in law Edward Bernaise the author of the book Propaganda and the founder of that science. Bernaise spent most of his career advising Madison Avenue of the best way to seduce the human mind and get people to do whatever the propagandists of Madison Avenue, Whitehall or the White House wanted them to do.

How does this relate to Marx’s idea of capitalism being based upon a kind of commodity fetishism? Freud’s response could be best given by his psychoanalytic student and heir Wilhelm Reich who claimed that organized religion constituted what he called “the anti-sex international” and that the moral code of contemporary society based thusly upon sexual suppression produced a society given to a myriad of sexual perversions. Reich claimed that organized religion would eventually turn everyone into homosexuals because of the way that it demonized normal heterosexual forms of sexual expression. This last assumption is something that current science can reject as homosexual behavior amidst the animal world and most especially among primates is a common and frequent natural phenomenon.

Reich did make some interesting claim regarding how the suppression of normal healthy sexual expression beginning in childhood was directly responsible for the various forms of sexual aberrations and perversions. In terms of individual counseling of clients/patients so affected Reich’s treatment modality involved what he called helping the patient to establish a healthy sex-economy. As a Marxist Reich’s psychoanalytic theory was based upon an understanding of class based issues and perhaps a misplaced sense of what one could call economism. No discussion of Reich’s theory of the life force as expressed in the sexual drive would be complete without some discussion of his theory of orgone energy as a kind of energy that was generated through the sex act. The History of the Orgasm and The Cancer Biopathy deal directly with this complicated subject. Reich claimed that life was a natural spontaneous creation that would occur under the right circumstances and that he had done so himself in numerous biological experiments using glass jars containing just water and some other basic chemical components. The orgone was the basic building block of life whose presence in these glass vessels he claimed to be able to measure. The orgasm was a self regulatory mechanism for the biological system according to Reich and anything that interfered with this regulatory system would produce such pathologies as cancer and other disorders. Reich claimed that the high incidents of cancer found in Western societies was due almost entirely to sexual suppression and an unhealthy sex economy in individuals so affected. According to Reich there was thus a certain personality type that was most prone to contracting cancer mush as it has been proven that a certain kind of personality has been proven by contemporary medicine to be most prone to cardiovascular disease. More money is fleeced by the medical industry from a suffering public for so called “cancer treatment” that often ends up killing the patient Both Freud and Reich claimed that the values of the patriarchal family structure were inculcated in the child by the family and that the suppression of healthy sexual functioning led to the kind of psychosocial sadism that characterized the behavior of most people raised in such a traditional manner. For Freud such was the regrettable price that individual persons and society had to pay in order for civilization to exist. Reich’s view was quite the contrary. According to Reich, the obsessive compulsive guilt centered and fear based morality inculcated in the individual through the agency of the traditional family structure produced dangerously deformed individuals whose psychic values were altered by this experience in such a way the innate psychosexual sadism of the individual found expression in war and a form of release to the pent up orgasmic energy that was incapable of finding expression through normal healthy sexual/orgasmic behavior.

Freud claimed that the life force that he called libido was counterbalanced by the death force or what popularly became know in the popular press as the “death wish.” This was an inexact and somewhat inappropriate appropriation of this concept of tanthos which as Freud indicated was a form of entelechy, meaning that there was a drive in the human toward death but as he put it as an old man in bed after having led a full and complete life. In other words this so called “death wish” was nothing more than the innocent drive of the individual to unfold their life in a normal and healthy manner exactly as a plant goes through the various stages of its existence from the seed to the seedling to the flowering plant that produces ripe fruit and so on to its death after the cycle of life has been completed. That was what this drive is all about according to Freud, i.e. the inner psychic need of every human being to live out their own personal life cycle in a manner analogous to the plant life cycle cited as an example. In other world Freud discovered that no healthy human being really wanted to life forever. Deep within the psyche of each and every person is the wish to die but only after their individual life cycle has been completed.

Both Freud and Carl Jung felt that human history demonstrated that there was a terribly dark destructive force in the human psyche that ultimately could win out over the life force and that humans would annihilated themselves as a result of this psychic force gaining the upper hand and becoming a dominant psychic force within a highly adaptable human nature. Of course with Freud this was an aspect of the death wish. Both Jung and Freud felt that both the life force and the destructive urge that both came to agree upon as the death wish were the two opposing forces within the human psyche. Jung indicated that these two opposing forces formed the basis of the Chinese symbol of the Jing & Jang. Many of the world’s top physicists and other scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project felt that ultimately human being would destroy themselves with the kind of weapons that they were developing in the New Mexico dessert.They pursued their work on the first atomic bombs in spite of this fear.The head physicist of the Manhattan Project Dr. Robert Oppenheimer will always be remembered for his emotional reading from the Bhagavadgita and the government persecution that hounded him for the rest of his life for seeking to ultimately abolish the very weapon of mass destruction that his genius as a physicist had helped to invent.

Today through the recklessness inherent in the actions of the leaders in the West and the unwillingness of their captive civilian populations to hold the war criminals to account for their crimes, humans have unleashed upon themselves a series of extinction protocols the least of which may be the near event of a global nuclear war. There is now only the most limited opportunity to stem the tide of global warming and the probable destruction of the Earth’s biosphere. This might be thought of properly as the primary extinction protocol now set into place that can not be altered but which will follow its inevitable course of action. The third extinction protocol that has now been set loose is the plethora of new highly fatal diseases such as HIV and Ebola as well as numerous others that will sweep over the planet in the next few years decimating the human race and producing global panic like conditions as the reality sets in that there is no cure available for these viruses that are capable of mutating faster than it takes to produce the next vaccine. In other words there is no real treatment available and will be no treatment made available for this particular extinction protocol as its sweeps over the Earth in increasingly fatal waves of disease pandemics.

The next and perhaps the last extinction protocol will be the increasingly brutal, violent, and psychically damaging gender war as alluded to in other articles that will take increasingly bizarre forms and will invade every aspect of life in the West driven by the kind of psychosocial sadism mentioned above in regard to the kind of deformed personality structures that are formed through the auspices of the traditional authoritarian family structure. This pychosocial deformity has already spread like a psychic virus to other parts of the world under the rubric of various forms of liberationist nonsense. The reversal of monosexual dominance and the revenge seeking that takes place through the actions of the formerly submissive sex is what is responsible for this phenomenon taking the particular form that it will take in our own era. The reversal of monosexual dominance down throughout the ages was the subject of the book The Dominant Sex by the anthropologists Mathilda & Mathias Verting. To make clear the hidden dimensions of these extinction protocols, and bring to light the psychic, social, biological, and ecological forces at work may not be enough to turn the tide through an outbreak of common sense, common decency, and the urgency of the moment.

The disappearance of the 43 young Mexican student teachers in the state of Guerrera has uncovered the unprecedented scale of an anti-male gendercide in Mexico being affected indirectly by the US national security state that has effective operational control over the Mexican narco-terrorist state. Just as US made weapons were used by ISIS in the massacre of the 5000 Iraqi border guards and regular army soldiers that surrendered to ISIS under false rumors and pretenses created by agents of the US national security state in Iraq; so US military to military aid to the Mexican Army finds its way to the narco-terrorist death squads that have been massacring the youth of Mexico as a way of eliminating that aspect of the population most likely to be influenced by liberationist ideologies of the left as occurred in Nicaragua with the popular embrace of the Sandinistas back in the early 1980.

The global problem as defined by the academics of the deep state in the hidden recesses of their quasi-secret domains has always been one of overpopulation and the need to control the world’s population especially in the developing world through the use of war and such bio-terrorism as has been unleashed by the West (either by accident or by design) on the three nations of Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. The wars being unleashed by US imperialism and the transatlantic Forth Reich in the Arab/Islamic world aim to eliminate as large a section as possible of the trouble making male population aged 15 to 35. In regard to all such endeavors US imperialism as ever finds the rape myth as serviceable to its needs internationally as it was for the pilgrims in eliminating the native tribes of New England and the Southern Knights of the KKK after reconstruction. This feminist inspired gender war with its accompanying gendercide represents the final extinction protocol. Actually its probably not entirely correct to lay the entire blame for this last and probably most horrific extinction protocol on the hapless feminazis as the actual role that they have played by way of creating justifications for such campaigns in the public mind is secondary to the academic experts of the deep state who are instrumental in creating the carefully crafted population control policies through the use of war and other methods such as the phony drug war in Mexico that is in fact a genocidal onslaught against the youth of Mexico.

There may be no way out of the trap that the US ruling class and its Western counterparts has laid for the entire world as its seeks quite diligently to use war and bio-terrorism to decimate the world population and pare it back to a level that it can more effectively manage. It’s possible that the combination of all these extinction protocols that transnational finance capital operating through US imperialism has let loose on the world may be too much for humanity to deal with. A new post-human population genetically engineered to be submissive to the will of international finance capital and its governing agent US imperialism may be the only future reality that there is. Class will become a genetically encoded characteristic making “persons” in this future dystopia readily identifiable by biological distinctions that have become inbred.Two new distinct primate species will inherit this post human world spawned by US imperialism as the agent of international finance capital in pursuit of complete and total world dominance at any and all costs to itself and the rest of humanity. The psychic virus let loose on the world has proven itself to be as deadly as the biological kind.

There are some that would say that human extinction would be the best option but the picture that I have painted above in indeed a portrait of human extinction. The idea of a post human world made of two distinct species of beings, i.e., primates with the common parent Homo Sapiens Sapiens no longer existing is a plausible kind of human extinction that may occur unless plans are implemented now to insure that such a reality will never come to fruition. A powerful state sponsored doomsday device would be one option to insure that a post human future never materialized under the set of circumstances outlined above. [The Soviets had actually been working on one such doomsday device deep within the Siberian tundra. It was based upon the so called “golf ball effect” that any deep drilling probe that punctured the Earth’s core would cause the planet to explode]. The overthrow and abolishment of capitalism would be the other. There is no possibility for a human future as long as the current version of unrestricted greed driven capitalism exists. Only by the overthrow and abolishment of this present diabolical form of unregulated capitalism can human beings hope to recover their lost humanity and begin to grow and evolve again in a positive and hopeful direction that enhances our humanity rather than diminishing it. The ultimate perversion of human destiny in the form of a gender war will be seen for what it really is; a psychic virus let loose on the Earth that serves no earthly human purpose other than the ultimate destruction of the human psyche itself.

Love is the actual physical and moral force that holds the Universe together and creates increasing levels of complexification due to the inner coherence of the bonds that it builds on. It is diametrically opposed by the social and moral decomposition of capitalism based as it is upon all the anti-social forces that can be mustered within the human psyche. Capitalism today represents the tanthos, i.e., death wish of the human race. It is inextricably linked to war as a means of settling differences amongst the various nation states on the planet. It is opposed by Eros the life force from which the word erotic comes. Sex is the affirmation of life which seeks to build up and create new life even if it is only new psychic life within the individual where once only a moral and/or psychic vacuum existed. The reason why the aim all the world’s monotheistic religions is sexual suppression is because only through the suppression of the life force can the death force gain a perverted dominance within a fractured and deformed psyche.

Its no secret that organized religion blesses and exalts war at the same time that it seeks to suppress free consenting forms of sexual expression. That is because the monotheistic religions exalt death and the so called “hereafter” where happiness is supposed to occur as opposed to the hear and now. Living free and undiminished in the ever present and eternal now is the only way to reclaim our humanity and reject the death force that is exalted by greed driven capitalism and the religious creeds that it depends upon to foster the reversal in moral values that it needs to justify itself. The biotrophic nature of the present social setup breeds a war of each against all and all against each other as the natural outgrowth of the moral values of capitalism. Sex as the affirmation of life and love as the force of life itself is the one thing that we can counterpoise to the inherent evil of greed driven capitalism. There can be no real revolution without a sexual revolution that once again puts human beings in touch with their innate humanity by consciously rejecting Tanthos and exalting Eros over it.

It was the persecuted person of Wilhelm Reich whose genius invented the term biotrophic which means a negative orientation toward life itself in all its myriad forms. It would seem to me that this is the mental state that the civilization of the West tries to inculcate in the unwary. Its seems to me that many in the West have already woken up to this reality and are seeking to build news kinds of prosocial communities along new principles that are truly revolutionary. A rejection of the identity politics of the pseudo left is the only way forward for these new communities of like minded individuals. Learning to see people for who they truly are and not as members of some specific race, nationality, gender, class or subgroup can have real value in regard to such endeavors except where such recognition of cultural differences can have meaning for the whole group. Communitarianism is term of art that some people apply to such forms of community building within the structure of the old dying order.

Note-this article was originally posted to Open Salon on 11-14-2014


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I was born in Camden, N.J. (now the poorest city in America) in 1950 and grew up in a beautiful old Victorian town in South Jersey called Collingswood. I now live in Ormond Beach, FL where the weather suits my spirit. My personal life was impacted at an early point in my life by a psychiatric diagnosis that changed my life and put me on the workers scrap heap. I have refused to accept such a miserable fate and today consider myself a social activist dedicated to changing the way that people who have been diagnosed with a serious psychiatric disability are perceived by society and the people in their community. I have a B.S. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida and 18 graduate credits in Mental Health Counseling from Stetson University in DeLand, FL as well as 24 graduate credits in an MSW program at UCF. I am a member of the Volusia County Behavioral Health Care Providers Consortium where I function as an advocate. I am a daily reader of the World Socialist Website and an occasional contributor.
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