The Revolution Will Be Televised

Contrary to what Mr. Gill Scott Heron might have thought, the Revolution is indeed being televised on and other international news networks. Not that it will have any less political and social impact on the common mass consciousness of the American people if it is blacked out entirely by the US corporate media powers as so many other really important and seminal events are that the US ruling class and its governing power structure find to be inconvenient facts that the American people don’t really need to know about. This event however is different because it involves the American people themselves who constitute the “sleeping giant of world politics” that has begun to awaken. Its pretty hard to keep the news of that away from the American people because in this case the story in question is about the American people themselves who seem pretty sick and tired of seeing their men and boys murdered in cold blood by the official agents of the American capitalist state who we refer to in common parlance as cops. In other words even if the unofficial ministry of truth chooses to ignore this ongoing so far peaceful uprising of the American people in over 100 cities across the nation international foreign based news services will be proving updates to the US and world public that can be accessed online. Yes, the whole world is watching and they’re using IT to stay in touch and monitor what is now an ongoing uprising of the American people that will not be shut down by the unofficial ministry of truth’s (CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc.) decision to shun these millions of “bad actors” who are in fact the only real patriots left in America today.

Ever wonder where the term cop comes from? It stands for constable on patrol which brings to mind another era altogether where the Irish New York City cop was someone you cold talk to and respect if only for the fact that he was one of us even though he had been empowered by the J.P.Morgan and John D. Rockefeller owned state to keep order amongst us, i.e. the great wandering huddled up masses who just happened to have washed up on a Yankee owned shore somewhere along the Atlantic seaboard. Things however had always been different for our African American brothers and sisters who never had the opportunity to just casually wash up with the other huddled masses yearning to be free in New York Harbor. They had been kidnapped from their native lands and bought to the New World in chains after making the deadly perilous “Middle Journey” that if fact cost millions their lives in a genocide that still goes unacknowledged even to this day.

The economic, social, and political status of African Americans in the New World is even to this day too tenuous and compromised by the weight of an unjust history that refuses to admit that there is something deeply flawed and pathological in the American psyche given the nature of our common mass psyche to accept these facts for what they are, i.e. the truth. It’s right that we accept this truth that is bitter only for those sorry assed lost souls who remain hell-bent on denying it to themselves and to others. American’s with any real true sense of patriotism (the stand-up guys & gals amongst us) who know why the Forth of July never meant diddly squat to the slave population of the South should be happy to know that today African Americans are the spearhead of this New American Revolution of our own time that is being waged in over one hundred cities across the nation. They are not just fighting their own private battle against the injustices of the past and present that have sought to further enslave their lives in the present era, these heroes of urban America are waging a class war on behalf of us all that needs to be supported by White/Euro America. This is a class based war against the injustices that the American ruling class and its governing power structure seeks to impose upon us all regardless of race, nationality, religion, or gender. American radicals, Marxists, anarchists, etc. who are unable to appreciate this fact are going to end up as road kill on the super-highway to our common future that is now under construction.

What are the rules of the road that capitalism operates under? Capitalism is a system of private ownership of the socialized means of mass production that modern societies need in order for people to live and the nature of the modern day state is the wholly owned instrument of the capitalist class to function as it does as an armed agent of violent repression against all but most particularly against African Americans for reasons that are bound up with the social economy of American capitalism that needs to maintain such a marginalized group of workers as constitutes the overall African American population. The extremely useful façade of democracy employed by the ruling class to create the false idea that somehow the capitalist owned and controlled state can be made to serve the interests of the working class is the false hope that the governing power structure is tasked by their masters with creating. To paraphrase Marx- Elections are the rituals employed by the boughs to legitimate its rule. Marx also went on to explain that stripped down to its bare essential that the state as it has evolved under capitalism is nothing more than an armed body of men whose purpose is to subjugate and oppress the working class at all times and in a myriad of different ways.

The social construct of race invented in the late 17th century enabled American and European capitalism to develop and evolve into what it has become today. The merging of private corporate economic and political power with the state is a further negative refinement of this process that in the 20th century became known as Fascism. (It was Benito Mussolini the once erstwhile Marxist turned publishing capitalist and later Italian dictator who coined this term.).”Corporate Totalitarianism” is the term of art supplied by investigative journalist Chris Hedges that better reflects the underlying reality of the American variant of this particular socially diseased form of contemporary US capitalism. The present US national security state that has militarized police departments all across the country and placed such entities under a Pentagon command known as NORTHCOM is what one aspect of corporate totalitarianism looks like in our own time and place besieged and overburdened as it is by a $1 trillion per year war budget that now sees the American people themselves as the enemy! (The military industrial complex that Eisenhower tried to warn the American people of was only in its early infancy at that point in 1961 when he made his memorable farewell address to the nation.)

As patriotic Americans we have an obligation to fight against this social evil but it would seem that African Americans owing to their long history of struggle against unjust oppression constitute the spearhead or vanguard of this New American Revolution that is taking place today in over one hundred American cities. The fight back that African Americans are presently waging is our fight as well in spite of the fact that the majority of White/Euro America seems to obtuse to understand and/or accept that fact. Its our freedom and personal wellbeing that is at stake here as well in spite of the actions of such high level Democratic Party operatives as Rev. Al Sharpton to completely over radicalize the context of these ongoing events. Such events could conceivably lead to the overthrow and abolishment of the corporate totalitarianism that we all are forced to live under if such events were to remain unchecked by the US ruling class and its ever loyal class of political mandarins.

The strategic purpose of the Democratic Party is a more pernicious threat than the Republican Party in that the identity politics of the Dems is better suited to outreach amongst the disaffected masses who see in the petty venile nature of identity politics at least some small opportunity for individual advancement in spite of its inability to address the underlying cause of our common social distress. Such has always been the key strategic purpose that the former slave owners party has always served on behalf of America’s ruling class. The ability of over radicalize every context in which African Americans find themselves in conflict with the state leads ultimate to the same defeat that the lack of mainstream White/Euro support will bring in its wake. Such indeed will be a wake for White/Euro Americans which the most radicalized and intelligent vanguard understands and fully appreciate hence the dire need of this particular vanguard to stand side by side with their African American brothers and sisters to defy the power structure and its conscious strategy of using racism to divide and conquer the American working class. It’s the old saying to not rejoice over someone else’s travails because your own is right there in the next row that the overly obtuse segment of the dominant mainstream culture fails to appreciate. Waco and the slaughter of the Branch Davidians was not some one off event that will never be repeated again owing to what some mistakenly think of as their “white skin privilege” that somehow protects them from such outrages. Once again the point must be made that the majority working class White/Euro population only gets it when the jackboot of the police state is on their neck. Experience is a dear teacher and a fool would have no other.

The capitalist basically doesn’t give a rat’s behind about the skin color of the human labor material that he/she exploits but the history of race in America as a socially constructed reality instituted in the late 17th century to justify slavery and the slave trade has become an all powerful and determining social construct that has created its own reality in spite of the facts related to human biology and our common human ancestry. Two important books can perhaps be of great service in destroying the negative logic bound up with the social construct of race. The first would be The Invention of the White Race, Vol.1: Racial Oppression and Social Control by Theodore W. Allen and The Counter-Revolution of 1776 by Gerald Horne. We have an obligation to history and to our fellow citizens to educate ourselves on these matters that will in turn work to determine our own civilization’s possible fate and maybe perhaps even the fate of the world owing to the unique position that America enjoys vis-à-vis the rest of the world.

It was the employment of the barbarity of slavery and the slave trade that enabled both American and European capitalists who profited also but not equally from the slave trade to become the dominant civilization on Earth. This economic, social, and political power of the West was transformed into the kind of modern day military power that has ravaged the world and that plunged Europe itself into the two worst wars ever fought on Earth which were thusly labeled World Wars in an effort to distinguish them from all other wars previously fought on planet Earth. The addition of nuclear weapons to the military arsenals of the West has given to this criminal capitalist class of the Trans-Atlantic Forth Reich the power to perhaps destroy all life on our planet if we as thinking and feeling human being allow this travesty to continue unchecked. Most certainly baring that it gives them the ironic opportunity to destroy themselves. Is it any wonder then why Native Americans labeled the White man a “brilliant moron?”

The Declaration of Independence signed in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776 gives to the people the right “to alter or abolish” all existing forms of government as may exist and to establish new forms of governance better suited to their needs.

Traditionally the oppression of African Americans has served a useful purpose for the capitalist that began with Lincoln’s famous “Emancipation Proclamation” that allegedly “freed” the slaves. This vast pool of “freed” up labor power served the role of driving down labor cost for the capitalists of the North which was reason enough for them to support the idea of emancipation from the get-go. The role of organized and disorganized religion in the Abolitionist Movement should not be minimized. Religion being one of the cultural levers at the disposal of the ruling class found its driving force in economic motives as much and perhaps more than merely humanitarian considerations. Such considerations of economic and moral factors took on a kind of religious fury in the minds of such home grown radicals of the Abolitionist Movement as John Brown with his raid on the Federal Army garrison at Harpers Ferry Virginia that lit the fuse of the Civil War. One hundred years after emancipation most African Americans in the South were still living under “Jim Crow” segregation and those African Americans who had migrated North after WWII lived lives that were not that dissimilar. For those 100 years from emancipation to the beginnings of the Civil Rights Movement the KKK was an honored secret part of White Supremacist policy that more often than not involved law enforcement not just in the South but in the North as well.

In his memorable secret history of the KKK The Klan Unmasked during the middle part of the 20th century Florida author Stetson Kennedy investigated and chronicled the role of law enforcement collusion with the KKK in Florida, Georgia, as well as such places as New York City where the KKK was quite active. This is a secret history that is hard for most White/Euro Americans to accept who did not in some way have a personal or family nexus to the secret world of the KKK whose ranks in the North included policeman such as my paternal grandfather who was a Trenton New Jersey police lieutenant. Such a legacy as this still survives to some extent in the generally racists attitudes that not only some cops exude but members of the general public as well who are sympathetic to the White supremacist Klan ideology.

It’s my understanding that the KKK was quite active in the manner described above in the St. Louis area as well as such mid-Western states as Missouri and Ohio. There were a fair number of American presidents who were secret KKK members. Woodrow Wilson, Warren G. Harding, and Calvin Coolidge were all secret KKK members. This is how the US ruling class through its governmental power structure institutionalized racism in America not because capitalists had an inherent dislike of African Americans per se, but because it made perfectly good business sense to institutionalize racism in America. The kinds of super profits from investments that the American Wall Street financial elite demanded could only be made possible through having such a particular class of highly super-exploited workers who would be forced by the economic circumstances foisted upon them to work for significantly lower wages than their White/Euro American counterparts thus having the overall effect of lowering wages across the board for all workers which as anyone schooled in such matters knows to be the ultimate wet dream of the exploiter class! Wage slavery has replaced chattel slavery but the lingering affects of chattel slavery still held great benefits for the American capitalist class through the mechanism cited above. Since most (but not all) African American labor was unskilled this factor of racism driving down wages did not apply equally across the board to the highly skilled trades and professions where a kind of privileged labor elite tended to develop in certain key areas and that protected its turf through the implementation of such decidedly racist all white labor unions that were confederated under the banner of the CIO-Congress of Industrial Organizations.

The history of race in America represents one vast ongoing national tragedy that will only change once the mainstream culture realizes that race itself is a social construct that has no biological foundation. It has only a social foundation based upon phenotype, i.e. amount of skin pigmentation that varies greatly. Such a wholly artificial social construct has made up of the weight of this tragic history that still is with us to this very day. Sad to say ideas related to white supremacy have even been inculcated into the personal psychology of many African Americans who unfortunately have been conditioned to accept their our inferiority in the face of the white supremacist outlook and mindset as well as other sorts of subtle ideation regarding African Americans domination of sports that is equally based upon a kind of racist reasoning going back to slave times ideas regarding the selective breeding techniques that these myths suggest that slave owners engaged in for their own benefit.

Such ideas as these can only be overturned and thoroughly rooted out through the use of the same kind concept regarding a thoroughgoing cultural revolution that Mao had in mind for China but which was sadly led astray through the influence of unhealthy extremist attitudes that bought serious damage to Chinese society in their wake. Nevertheless the need for a cultural revolution to take place in conjunction with a real social revolution that overthrows the formerly oppressive means of production or rather liberates them can not be minimized. Americans to some extent have been exposed to certain contemporary cultural influences that would appear to constitute such a cultural revolution in one sense but one that has never reached into the real bastions of power in America and the Western world more generally that the US ruling class fancies itself the head of. We are now only in the earliest stage of a New American Revolution that is being spear-headed by African Americans with much White/Euro American support that will quite possibly only grow larger in time as class disparities between the ruling class (and their governing power structure) and the working class made up of all races and ethnicities increases and so called racial disparities seem less important to these new factors of wealthy inequality and the fascist national security police state that is determined to oppress the entire working class but not equally across the board given the nature of race and its toxic history in the politics of our era were the politics of personal identity can be deployed very cleverly by the ruling class and its governing power structure to weaken and divide the working class along racial, gender, and lifestyle lines.

This uprising in over 100 American cities will become a revolution that is stillborn if the so called self appointed leaders in the African American community over racialize the police state national security dictatorship that all working people have to contend with past the point where the invitation to join the uprising seems more like an exercise in self hate for the White/Euro majority than the I am my brother’s keeper kind of mentality that can unite us all within the bonds of our common humanity and the common threat that we all face. This is a matter of the right tactics and strategy being applied to any given pre-revolutionary situation such as the one we are now confronted with.

This will be no easy task to refine and accomplish and is something that only the right kind of working class leadership at the national as well as at the local level can hope to accomplish. Such a leadership of necessity must be a leadership that leads from behind owing to the personal security risks that any such leadership takes on once its very existence is recognized by the power structure whose job it will be to eliminate it.

The irony of the situation is such that even though African Americans are indeed the undisputable vanguard force of this uprising and possible revolutionary situation if the present leadership cadre fails to give the larger working class population a reason to join with this vanguard this uprising will spawn a revolution that is stillborn and that will produce nothing of what is needed to end the oppression that African Americans face as marginalized workers in a social system ruled by Wall Street globally based finance capital that is able to continue to play us all “like a harp from hell” based upon the never ending exploitation of the one social construct invented in the late 17th century that holds us all in a form of serfdom that is unique to our own age. It is a bondage nevertheless that is still very real because of the stereotypical roles we find ourselves forced to play that this “harp from hell” imposes upon us all irrespective of the fact that our inner humanity knows that we can all do better and thus rise to a new common height of mutual understanding that will put paid to these evil demons from our common past.

To use and overworked term a defining moment in history is upon us as a result of the hyper rapacious nature of the American form of capitalism whose political state has refused to indict and bring to trail the very Wall Street bankers who nearly destroyed the world economy. The state has rather rewarded such moral hazard generously by handing trillions of dollars of taxpayer funds to the Wall Street criminals at the same time that New York City cops strangle to death an African American husband and father for allegedly selling individual cigarettes on the street near his home. A justice system does not exist in America today; rather a criminal justice system exists whose only function is to brutally suppress 99% of the population out of well founded fears that the “sleeping giant of world politics has indeed woken up and is about to strangle them to death as their cops did to Eric Garner.

If history proves anything it proves that power concedes nothing. Power must be seized and utilized to liberate the broad masses of people in this country who have suffered for too long a declining standard of living, threats to their survival based upon threats of a potential new world war with Russia and China, as well as the ever present threat of climate change bought on by the lack of any coherent policy to deal with Global Warming. For African Americans it is all of the above plus the brutal racism that they have been forced to accept for innumerable generations. So it is obvious that the end game is in sight but it is not going to be easy or pretty.

The whole world is indeed watching and holding its collective breath because it senses correctly that “THE PEOPLE UNITED CAN NEVER BE DEFEATED.” No one understands this fact better than the capitalists themselves and their governing power structure paid as it is to create and reinforce the kinds of social divisions that are needed in order to maintain class rule in America today. We have an obligation to history and to ourselves to make sure that this possible revolution is not born stillborn but gives life to a new age with billions of new possibilities that can only exist in the kind of world it is now within our common means to create.

May it be so!

Note-this piece was originally posted to Open Salon on 12-06-2014


About charlesknause

I was born in Camden, N.J. (now the poorest city in America) in 1950 and grew up in a beautiful old Victorian town in South Jersey called Collingswood. I now live in Ormond Beach, FL where the weather suits my spirit. My personal life was impacted at an early point in my life by a psychiatric diagnosis that changed my life and put me on the workers scrap heap. I have refused to accept such a miserable fate and today consider myself a social activist dedicated to changing the way that people who have been diagnosed with a serious psychiatric disability are perceived by society and the people in their community. I have a B.S. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida and 18 graduate credits in Mental Health Counseling from Stetson University in DeLand, FL as well as 24 graduate credits in an MSW program at UCF. I am a member of the Volusia County Behavioral Health Care Providers Consortium where I function as an advocate. I am a daily reader of the World Socialist Website and an occasional contributor.
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