The United States of the Offended

Once again we see how feminism as an overarching ideology that doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the real day to day struggles facing working women and their families has subsumed to itself the right to dictate to colleges and universities what the teaching curriculum should be. Stigmatizing the great classics of Western civilization such as the works of William Shakespeare and others as mysoginistic is analogous to the Nazi defilement of culture in Germany that began after 1933.

The soveitization of American life under the influence of these pseudo leftists who have been peddling the politics of personal identity for forty years now seems to be reaching some sort of critical climax owning perhaps to the presidential ambitions of the would be feminist in cheif Hillary Clinton.

Its interesting that this idoltrous worship of woman that this ideology is sees the nude male form as something objectionable because according to the true believers it consitutes the art of fascism and is doubly objectionable because it suggests images of sexual assualt. The assault being mounted on our common mass consciousness by these feminazis is something that they seem to be genetically incapable of understanding. The idea of freedom must offend them. The question that posses itself as logical in this situation is why do they have the power to dictate to the American people what and what will not be taught on the campuses of American colleges and Universities.

The answer to that question is probably a lot less straight forward than the question itself because it has to do with class. In spite of the feminazi denial of such this ideology is a primarily class based ideology that has sought over the decades to blur class distinctions. Through the blurring of class distinctions the feminist ideology has sought to unite women across class lines in spite of their real class interests that are diametrically opposed. They prefer to refocus the ligimate anger that working class women have a right to feel about the existing social setup and to focus this rage not on capitalism itself but on the men most near to them, i.e. working class men who are themselves the victims of an evil and oppressive system.

The point needs to be made that Marx himself referred to the married woman of his day as “the slaveof a slave” and knew full well the social inequality that the women of his era faced. The social reforms of the 20th century did much to elliviate many of the injustices that working women faced. Such reform measures often reflected an understanding of the economic plight of women stuck in a male dominated society that itself was based upon the capitalist mode of production. In other words the movement for the equality of women itself was part of a larger mass movement of the times and not at all an overarching ideology based upon the idoltrous worship of woman as such.

American society is unque because unlike Europe and other parts of the world we have never had an aristocratic landowning nobility that passed titles down from generation to generation usually based upon the inheritance rights of the oldest son. As a result of that it has always been easy for the American ruling class to peddle the myth that America is the world’s first classless society. Access to and control over capital as opposed to any sort of a noble title is what determines class in America. Having what appears on the surface to be a classless society has given the US ruling class and its power structure the unique ability to posture and pose on the world stage in a propagandistic way that no other ruling class element ever could. The one exception to that rule was the beaurocratic class of economic and social despots created by Stalinism in the Soviet Union. This was one reason why the US ruling class and its governing power structure saw the USSR as such a seminal threat worldwide to American interests as well as its interests closer to home here in the imperial heartland.

Those days are long gone and it is now the US ruling class that finds it convenient and useful to add a Soviet style of politics, culture, and class rule to its already tried and true bag of tricks. We are not amused as we have seen this movie before and we don’t like the ending.

It was Carl Gustav Jung who made the statement many years ago that the real religion of America was the worship of woman. That was an astute observation on his part but quite typical of a man and a scientist of the mind who was capable of seeing what lay beneith the surface of any society and or individual. We should be grateful to Jung for his observation and seek to immunize ourself against all forms of pagan idolotry that could concievable cause an outbreak of a psychic virus based upon ideology as infected Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

Americans are differnt in that we do cherish our freedom more so perhaps than many other societies based upon somewhat different organizing principles. I don’t think that the average American woman (if there is one) sees the famous statue of David sculpted by Michalangelo or any of his other works involving the nude male form as an affront to women. However such an overarching ideology as the feminist ideology has become that would stigmaize all of Western civilization as overtly sexist and an affront to women constitutes not only a threat to the world but to the American woman herself who is fully capable of deciding for herself what is objectionable and what is not. She is most decidely not in need of an offical censor or any other self appointed party that lays claim to wanting to protect her. Such a “protection” racket maybe can not be made illegal but at least we can laugh at it which is almost as effective.

So in its essence the feminst ideology really represents not a step forward but a return to the ideology of the Puritans who had an ultimately perverted attitude toward human gender issues and sexuality. The imagined threat of rape posed to white women by the native tribes of New England served as a convenient justification for their eventual extermination. Anyone unfamiliar with this era in early American history is in for quite a surpise in the way that the rape myth was assidiously expoited to create a climate of fear and mass anxiety amonsgt the Puritan population that could only be assuaged by the mass exterminations that ensued in its wake. Fast forward a couple of hundred years to the period of reconstruction in the defeated South after the civil war and the student of history will see those illustrious white knights of the KKK embracing a similar form of chivalrous galantry aimed at protecting southern womanhood from the oversexed and lacivious freed African American former slave. Such was the nature of the ideology of the KKK in that like its present day feminist counterpart,the supposed need to protect women from the oversexed African American male freed slave was used to justify a hundred years of lynchings and other forms of associaited terror.

Let’s not be so confused again today. Full and complete social equality for women has nothing to do with a class based ideology that ultimately fosters hatred and resentment toward another class of victims of the capitalist system. The women that I have come to know and love over the course of my life are much stronger and healthier than the feminst ideologues would have us believe that they are. They do not need some over-arching class based ideology that puts the blame for existing social injustice other than where it belongs, i.e. on the capitalist system itself.

The patriarchy that reasonable feminists sometimes legitimately rail against is something that at one point in human history was more or less a historical necessity. Today such forms of gender based social organization no longer serve any legitimate purope. On that we can agree. Where I have to part company is when the whole issue of assigning blame for past historical injustices comes into play. There can be no justification for blaming anyone living today for past historical injustices be they real or imagined. Blame can never be a part of any kind of a truly progressive solution because it creates an understandable resentment on the part of those who have to bear the weight of such an unjust stigma.

And so the cycle of pain and resentment can never end based upon such a formula but given the nature of the times we live in such is the recipe that the American ruling class has concocted not in the interests of full pay equity for women or any other practical matter effecting the real lives of real women. Rather the power structure has tilts toward a Soviet style of rule under the Democrats because it knows full well that such methods work in terms of psychologically disorienting the working class and thus disimpowering it.

Working women today have many just demands for fairness that still remain unaddressed. They will not find relief from these injustices by embracing an over-arching ideology that basically only serves the established class by creating futher male resentments. Only by partnering with men in a non ideological sort of way that shares one common goal for all can these basic injustices that both women and men face be ultimately resolved. The abolition of all forms of class rule and the abolishion of capitalism itself is the one and only way forward for humanity.

It is happening now. It is happening all over the world as people are beginning to rise up in a new round of the global revolution that began in the 1960s but was shut down and put into dormancy by the brutal actions of various centers of ruling class political power. The Earth is starting to wake up and humanity is preparing for the final showdown with the last and final road block to their ultimate liberation. Its time to join the revolution by freeing your mind from all forms of resentment and/or hate based upon the kinds of historical injustices that happened ages ago and are constantly peddled by the power structure in an effort to ignite working class strife.

Just say no to blame and yes to the Permanent World Revolution that is happening all around us. A better world is in process but can only happen through cooperation and loving acts of kindness.


About charlesknause

I was born in Camden, N.J. (now the poorest city in America) in 1950 and grew up in a beautiful old Victorian town in South Jersey called Collingswood. I now live in Ormond Beach, FL where the weather suits my spirit. My personal life was impacted at an early point in my life by a psychiatric diagnosis that changed my life and put me on the workers scrap heap. I have refused to accept such a miserable fate and today consider myself a social activist dedicated to changing the way that people who have been diagnosed with a serious psychiatric disability are perceived by society and the people in their community. I have a B.S. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida and 18 graduate credits in Mental Health Counseling from Stetson University in DeLand, FL as well as 24 graduate credits in an MSW program at UCF. I am a member of the Volusia County Behavioral Health Care Providers Consortium where I function as an advocate. I am a daily reader of the World Socialist Website and an occasional contributor.
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