Out of the Shaddows of Darkness

A power structure in the grip of psycho-sexual sadism and madness is what the recent report regarding CIA & DOD’s use of torture and rendition at its worldwide black sites reveals. This report by the Physicians for Human Rights report can be accessed using the following link:


One gets the picture after reading this report of a ruling class and its governing power structure that has taken leave of its senses and departed down the dark road of  psycho-social madness and denial of such. Left untreated it will lead to its ultimate breakdown and dissolution. There are a myriad of ways that this ultimate rendezvous with fate can occur and it does no good to dwell extensively on the particulars of this right now.

Suffice it to say that the report makes clear that the real arch criminals in this matter are the allied so called “mental health” professions that have been in the business of inflicting pain that amounts to torture on generations of Americans who were deemed to be somehow less than “normal” in regard to their so called “mental health” status. We know today that there is no such thing as “normal” due to the tremendous amount of variation within any given population. “Normal” is just the social construct that these predatory professions invented in order to interject themselves into the lives of countless millions and wreck havoc with the millions of lives so affected.

The medical and “therapeutic” atrocities that these professions are responsible for involve but are not limited to the mass incarceration of millions of Americans in an internal psychiatric gulag system that has since that time been somewhat disbanded and done away with owing to the all to obvious human rights issues that this internal psychiatric gulag system presented to the would be masters of the universe in their mad pursuit of total world domination at any and all costs. The destruction of a person’s higher brain functioning bought about by severing the neural connections to the frontal cortex turned millions of perfectly healthy human beings into vegetables. This medical atrocity was referred to as a lobotomy or an “ice-pick lobotomy” because the instrument that was inserted into the patient’s nasal cavity to accomplish this atrocity resembled an ice pick.

There is such a myriad of atrocities that were perpetrated on this captive group of human beings that one hardly knows where to begin in describing this absolute chamber of horror. Patients who bit staff or other patients on more than one occasion had all their teeth forcibly removed. The more restrictive floors of most mental institutions in America presented a ghastly and ghostly population of living toothless human cadavers. The main reason for permanently interning such a population for life was because they were so completely damaged as human beings that they would never be able to function as normal human beings again in spite of the fact that most of this population was rendered to the tender mercies of these “professionals” in perfectly good working order. The only thing different about them was the fact that they had had some sort of psychiatric label put on them that enabled society see such a population as somehow less than human because of the stigma related to the purely social construct of “mental illness” as something real that could be “treated” and “cured” by psychiatric and psychological witch doctors.

Another medical atrocity that is still being sold and administered by the psychiatric profession is ECT: electro-convulsive therapy. This so called “treatment” for depression is still the largest money maker for the psychiatric profession in spite of the fact that there is absolutely no reliable scientific proof for the efficacy of ECT. When pressed in regard to a total lack of proof or clinical studies regarding the efficacy of this barbaric so called “treatment” the psychiatric witch doctors always respond with the standard APA: American Psychiatric Association approved response that even though there is no scientific proof for the efficacy of ECT and they themselves, i.e. the psychiatric witch doctors can’t explain how it work they have seen numerous cases where it has worked. In other words lacking all scientific credibility these witch doctors offer up mere antidotal evidence as to its efficacy in spite of the fact that there are mountains of clinical studies that prove conclusively that ECT damages the brain.

It was actually the Reagan administration that began the process of closing down and disbanding the psychiatric gulag system because its all to obvious human right abuse of millions of the US’s own citizens greatly impeded the power structure’s attempted use of “human rights” as a political weapon that could be cleverly and gamely exploited in the foreign policy arena to subvert and overthrow those legitimate governments overseas who refused to bow down and kowtow to US dictates. Chief amongst these refusnik nations refusing to bow down to US suzerainty was the former USSR that had its own internal gulag system that had been extensively written about by the Soviet Russian author Alexander Solzhenitsyn who rapidly became the darling of the West until he discovered too late in his career that the West was not all that it was cracked up to be in terms of the propaganda that it presented to the rest of the world in the battle to defeat the USSR in the so called Cold War. The Stalinist system posed as the pole of the supposed working class resistance that it never was to the domination of global finance capital that the West had become.

In his landmark book entitled IDEOLOGICAL TOTALISM by Robert J. Lifton a psychiatrist by training was ostensibly employed by the USAF as a cover for his CIA brief which was no doubt extensive. The year was 1950 and CIA was deeply interested in what China and North Korea were doing with westerners as well as US POWs. Information had gotten out that the Chinese were employing a new interrogation technique that came to be known as “brain washing.” The Hollywood movie “The Manchurian Candidate” staring Frank Sinatra was a popularization of this that distorted the real significance of why as far back as 1950 CIA would be so very interested in learning to manipulate human consciousness and memory based upon the scientific development of a specific set of highly advanced protocols that any thug in uniform could conceivably apply and get the results guaranteed by the protocols.

If you fast forward 50 years to 2001-2002 and what the state of memory manipulation and consciousness studies had revealed it would be that through the application of a specific set of torture protocols a subject could be made to believe that indeed he had been present when a top Al-Qaeda representative met with Saddam Hussein or any such rubbish that was needed to justify a particular administration line in regard to what their war policy was going to be whether the rest of the world liked it or not! It was this need to construct this false narrative about Saddam Hussein having links to Al-Qaeda so that the US war of aggression against Iraq could be prosecuted that was a major part of the enhanced interrogation program. The attorneys for the Bush CIA new that they had to produce false information that would prove exculpatory in regard to the exposure that they faced to being labeled war criminals and thus theoretically prosecutable on that basis.

Another aspect or reason for the torture program was to destroy any direct or even indirect links that existed between the US national security state in the form of the Bush CIA and the actual 9-11 hijackers. If false memories could be successfully implanted then it is probably much easier to remove or scrub real memories from the brain of any and all internees who might be able to testify and present evidence of the Bush CIA’s involvement or sponsorship of the terrorist attacks of 9-11 that ushered in a new era in US history where Constitutional norms were pushed aside in favor of a military directed national security state that became a law unto itself and that used secrecy as a way of making sure that the public never had access to the real facts regarding 9-11 and the actions of the national security state itself. This new reality gave the president all authority to wage war without consent from congress and in violation of the Constitution. The president in turn became nothing more than a public relations figure whose actions were determined by the national security state.

There is still a lot of mystery surrounding the extensive academic research at such places as McGill University in Canada that have been well documented and elsewhere where such memory manipulation programs were developed through years of study in conjunction with CIA under the codename MKULTRA. There is still a lot that is very unclear as to what the real nature of this secret mind manipulation program was all about. One thing that is ABSOLUTELY clear is that many years of extensive and highly secret academic research has gone into showing thugs in or out of uniform precise protocols to be employed in order to get signed confessions from the victims of torture who have been implanted with false memories by this program so that they can never recant because the implanted false memory stays with them for life.

Being able to actually implant false memories into the mind of any particular subject has huge operational value for CIA. The ways and purposes of such can then be as varied as one can possibly imagine and involve things that would seem highly unlikely under a normal set of circumstances. The fact that the psychological profession is willing to lend its expertise to human debasement is no small aspects of things but just part of the larger pattern and cultural matrix of cruelty that this profession was been immersed in for many years.

I agree with the article from the World Socialist Website to which I have provided a link in the first paragraph and think that they have suggested a truth about this CIA torture program that no one else has suggested and that a certain aspect of it was indeed to use these human lab rats for research purposes as well as all the other main purpose of forcing subjects to make false confessions based upon their own false memories of events, people, places, etc. that could then be used to justify Bush 43’s war policy.

The latter of these two purposes served the immediate political needs of the Bush White House. The former was just a convenient way to advance the dark science of false memory syndrome invented by CIA paid academic researchers. The research opportunity provided by the secret rendition program and the various CIA black sites around the world presented a unique opportunity to further this research and its overall knowledge base that CIA had begun many years earlier. The psychological consulting firm hired by CIA Mitchell Jesson was paid $81 million plus an additional consulting  fee of $1500.00/hr.for actual onsite work overseeing the physical, mental, and emotional torture inflicted on that population of DOD kidnapping victims held at Gitmo and the other DOD/CIA black sites. Such cruelty only underscores the depraved nature of the psychology profession as well as most of the other allied mental health professions whose first loyalty has always been to the state as opposed to the clients and/or patients whose interests they ostensibly claim to put first above all other considerations.

The legally required responsibility to inform on their clients/patients to the police is referred to in these professions as the “duty to inform.” The psychological and mental health counseling profession as well as the social work profession has never ever fought to maintain their right to put the interests of their clients/patients first; rather they have been only to happy to fall into line and accept the role demanded of them by the state that they become police informants. As someone who was in a graduate mental health counseling program as Stetson University in DeLand Florida, I can attest to the fact that students who in any way question this policy of putting the interests of the state/police first and the interests of clients second will be quickly removed from such a program under the guise of some convenient excuse that provides convenient cover for the real reason for removal. Open and free academic debate and dialogue regarding this matter is something that this profession is not willing to allow and any and all who would in any way question its priorities can be conveniently labeled as being “mentally ill” in order to deter inquiries into the dark side of this profession.

My own personal life experiences have enabled me to see these so called allied mental health professions from both ends of the microscope. As a patient in a county run psychiatric Hospital in Lakeland New Jersey for one month under a voluntary commitment but on a locked ward I was forcibly held down by the staff and repeated raped/sodomized with some sort of sandpaper covered broom handle like device. Both male and female staff gleefully partook of this horrid event/spectacle laughing and joking to themselves as I struggled to free myself from their grasp. The purpose of such behavior on the part the thugs and nursing staff was to demonstrate that your life was no longer your own; it now belongs to these ghouls to do with as they pleased. My views regarding human nature and the human capacity for evil changed dramatically as a result of this experience and other such experiences related to having a psychiatric label placed on me that essentially denied that I was a human being like other people. I had become for these people something less than human whose fate was solely held within their sadistic hands. All of this was done under the supervision of psychiatrist, psychologists, mental health counselors, and social workers whose personal incomes were tied to the continuation of this psychiatric gulag system.

Its just a very small step from this to these professions essentially running the various CIA black sites where torture became standardized for the purpose of serving the needs of the national security state. The outright lying, deceit, and double dealing of these professions became apparent at a later stage of my adult life while attempting to pursue graduate degrees in two separate masters level programs. The first of these programs was as mentioned previously a graduate program in mental health counseling leading to an M.A. and the second was a master of social work program at the University of Central Florida leading to an M.S.W. degree. People with the latter of these two degrees can obtain licensure as licensed clinical social workers who can work on their own as therapists which had been my intention after leaving the mental health counseling program at Stetson and enrolling in the M.S.W. program at UCF.

I had graduated from UCF with a degree in clinical psychology and applied to a follow on masters level program on the same campus in psychology. I felt that it was important for me to divulge the fact that I myself had once been in treatment for the crime of being less than normal without feeling any need to tell my whole story which seemed to me at the time to be not appropriate to the circumstance of applying for acceptance into this masters level program in psychology. This was a big mistake! I was to learn later as I worked my way through these three separate professional domains that rank hypocrisy was the key factor that united these so called “helping” professional as they now chose to call themselves in spite of the vast mountain of evidence that they constituted a modern day inquisition. The secret unwritten rule of the order was that anyone who had ever been a patient as a result of having had a psychiatric label placed on them was ineligible for membership in this club of “helping” professionals. Such behavior would be akin to the medical profession deciding that anyone who had ever had any kind of a diagnosable illness from the common cold on up could not be considered to become a physician by the nations medical schools. Such behavior on the part of the educators shows clearly that when it comes to mental illness we are not dealing with anything real or specific but with a mere social construct such as the social construct of race that enabled America to become a slave state. Slaves were not fully human as all the legal codes of both North and South indicated so therefore the fate of African Americans rested solely in the hands of their so called masters. This is the only real way that the concept of “mental illness” can be understood, i.e. as a social construct created by the society to dehumanize a whole portion of the population and to act as scapegoats for the sins of that society that could be conveniently projected in the Jungian sense on those unfortunate enough to have to carry the stigma.

In the light of such a history devoid of any real sense of humanity and acceptance of others its only as natural as falling off the proverbial log for such professions already engaged in mass oppression to begin specializing in the same kinds of outright kinds of torture that characterized the Inquisition in Europe. Indeed I would argue that these two socially constructed realities are perfectly analogous.


About charlesknause

I was born in Camden, N.J. (now the poorest city in America) in 1950 and grew up in a beautiful old Victorian town in South Jersey called Collingswood. I now live in Ormond Beach, FL where the weather suits my spirit. My personal life was impacted at an early point in my life by a psychiatric diagnosis that changed my life and put me on the workers scrap heap. I have refused to accept such a miserable fate and today consider myself a social activist dedicated to changing the way that people who have been diagnosed with a serious psychiatric disability are perceived by society and the people in their community. I have a B.S. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida and 18 graduate credits in Mental Health Counseling from Stetson University in DeLand, FL as well as 24 graduate credits in an MSW program at UCF. I am a member of the Volusia County Behavioral Health Care Providers Consortium where I function as an advocate. I am a daily reader of the World Socialist Website and an occasional contributor.
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3 Responses to Out of the Shaddows of Darkness

  1. babylovett says:

    Good article.

    Psychiatry is a huge con game but useful to exert repressive power over individuals and population groups when called upon. And to offer false “cures” in the form of SSRI medication which they dole out like candy.

    Some good writings on this have been done at:


    • Thank you for your interest in this subject and the effort involved with reading such a lengthy piece. There is hopefully a movement afoot to either reform or abolish altogether the DSM (Diagnostics & Statistics Manual) that has to be used for third party billing purposes. At least that was the scuttlebutt going around when I was in the LMHC MA program at Stetson. Thankfully, I have been able to enroll in a Ph.D. program in Psychology at Keiser University in Ft. Lauderdale which is an all online program. The only thing that I can say in regard to the APA is what was contained in the wsws.org article. It needs to be reformed and/or abolished and those responsible for involvement with creation/use of the torture protocols prosecuted for their crimes. Psychology as a science is basically neutral as are all the sciences. It is the way that they are either used or misused that deserves our steadfast attention.

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