The Singularity Is Already Here!

It’s good that those worthwhile writers, philosophers, and true artists of every type often if not usually have to face a lifetime of ostracism from the maddening crowd of mainstream mediocrity. These few are the people who actually have something valuable to say. The fact that such sensitive personalities have to suffer for their art or private truth only lends credence to the fact that the masses of asses who make up the mainstream of public opinion constitute in fact the kind of social reservoir of unfathomable ignorance that is a strategic asset for ruling classes everywhere hell-bent on enforcing their social dictates on as many unfortunate souls as possible. While these social tyrants can own the body, they can never fully control the minds of their respective industrial serf population the way that they would like to. The role of organized religion is paramount in this enterprise to rule over the minds of the industrial serfs on behalf of the privileged layer of society into which the wealth of the world has become increasingly concentrated over time. Indeed statistical evidence indicates that the wealthiest 1% on the planet who own and control most forms of capital are on their way to owning 90% of all the wealth on the planet. Such will be the case by the end of the 21st century if this centuries old social trend is not reversed.

The dire statistics regarding the warming up of the Earth environment due to human activity would seem to indicate that the 1% who will own and control 90% of all wealth on the planet will have to perhaps dedicate all the dying Earth’s technical resources to quite literally pulling their chestnuts out of the fire as the rest of humanity perishes. One has to wonder what kind of a new humanoid species this 1% will constitute if it is indeed lucky enough to use technology to survive the kind of global warming that will kill everyone else as well as many if not all of the world’s present animal and plant species unable to survive in such a pressure cooker environment.

According to Ray Kurzweil the author of the book The Singularity is Near scientists have proven that human beings are no longer evolving physically. The purpose of Kurzweil’s book is to prove that rather than humans themselves actually evolving it is the technology they produce that is evolving. There is a term for the way that this evolution is taking place at an ever increasing rate and that a point in time is coming when in fact humans will transcend biology and thus become something that we presently have no word for. A little bit of commonsense would seem to indicate that this new superman status will not be available for the masses who conveniently sacrificed their lives in incredible numbers to insure that the lucky 1% could become the new race of cyborgs that Kurzweil speculates about. Rather than speculate that this Singularity is still somewhere out in the future beyond our present event horizon, I would suggest to my readers that it has already arrived and is beginning its mission of shaping and determining the future in ways that are completely unimaginable to the average person who may in fact never have even heard mention of this state of the art term Singularity. The lucky few of Orwell’s “proles” who have seen and understood the implications bound up with the meaning of this term Singularity can only be dumbstruck by the possibility of such a reality.

If Marx was correct in his assertion that religion represented the great sigh of the oppressed what is to be made of this curious concept of the religious revolutionary operating of the fringes of society whose mission it might be to mobilize the vast unconscious mind of nature that extends its reach to all parts of the Universe as well as forming a time continuum of past, present and future. Jung referred to this as the space/time continuum and also claimed that all religious myths were based upon archetypes that can be best described as the basic organizing pattern inherent in nature and the Universe transcending both mind and matter. The name that he gave to this portion of the unconscious mind that was shared with all humanity is the Collective Unconscious. Be that as it may opposed to this vast technological leviathan of the ruling class however stands the only thing on Earth that has the power to oppose it and that is the bio-power of the masses. Sex is the engine of this bio-power and the reason why organized religion can be thought of as the “anti-sex international” whose sole purpose is to stifle this bio-power of the masses because of the demographic threat it posed and continues to pose to the superman project of the Earth’s various despotic ruling classes down through the ages and right up to the present moment. Their power increases in indirect proportion to their dwindling demographic numbers.

Actually it’s the starving artists associated with each and every authentically creative human venue that are the real religious revolutionaries in that they represent a truth about things that the establishment finds it unacceptable to express. The pre-programmed masses of asses that constitute the reservoir of ignorance that the ruling class and its governing power structure depend upon to disrupt the lives of those few creative talents swimming against the prevailing cultural mindset serves the key strategic purpose of denying legitimacy to such counter-culture figures. Often the assignment of a psychiatric diagnosis can be used to effectively serve such a purpose. This is not a new social phenomenon but merely one that is poorly understood, consciously undervalued in terms of the impact that it has on the lives of those creative talents so stigmatized, and little reported on for a whole host of social reasons which would include the two mentioned above. The decline of the real value of the arts to instruct and enlighten under the influence of such mediocrity as holds sway today is the natural result of the kind of stupefying self censoring that the successful writer or artist has to engage in for the sake of that very success that is the supreme justification for the kind of life deadening mediocrity that presently holds all potentially creative acts within its deadening grip.

Advancing the interests of women and minorities became the official mantra of America’s ruling class a long time ago in an effort to portray the reactionary nature of Americanism as something “progressive” in spite of the obvious abundant facts that clearly indicate the opposite. The era of the happily dead white European male was at hand as women and “people of color” moved into leadership positions and took control of things. While there is no doubt some real social justification for the advancement of such a potentially far reaching social, cultural, and political agenda; the basic underlying material motive in advancing this so called “progressive” agenda fails to get reported on or even considered which under capitalism is driven economically by the need to reduce the cost of labor to employers by replacing high cost male workers with less costly female labor and using the affluent, comfortable, and satiated civil rights mafia to create the illusion of African-American equality and success. Such a discussion of these new cultural realities however covers old territory that has already been much discussed in my former articles bearing upon this subject but repeating it again within this particular context is useful. The labor thus employed by the capitalist employer is referred to as the organic component of capital needed to run any particular business enterprise.

It’s the highly advanced state of the technological tools of mass persuasion and deception that has enabled the kind of instantaneous brainwashing of the masses to take place as we see today. It is not just the science of propaganda as discovered and perfected by Sigmund Freud’s son in law Edward Béarnaise that forms the basis for this but the overall immensity of the technological achievement that has enabled it. Everything from space based satellites to the latest fiber optics cables to high speed computing to a whole host of other technologies form the backbone and basis for the Singularity that is already here and rapidly determining the shape of things to come in a way that will be permanent with no going back to the way things once were.

While the Singularity of Kurzweil may have a lot in common with the noosphere of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the Singularity that is already here has nothing to do with either of these manifestations of technology as the supreme good. Indeed the very idea of technology in and of itself being the supreme good as opposed to a mere tool is both an exercise in idolatry and a manifestation of evil that goes unnoticed hence increasing its potential for malevolence geometrically. According to the basic tenants of historical materialism the whole of human history and what defines humans as being different from the rest of the animal world is the human ability to use tools, i.e. technology to meet the need for food, clothing, and shelter as well as the instruments of aggression and war. The proponents of what has been referred to as Psycho-History best exemplified by Freud’s biographer Ernst Jones in such works as Psycho-Myth,Psycho-History would argue along with the Jungians that not only tool making but consciousness itself is the liberating and determining force that has determined what it means to be human. This discussion has a curious what came first the chicken or the egg aspect to it that can only be resolved through the use of the kind of dialectical thinking and theorizing that Jung himself was responsible for by way of polar opposites being just the two end of one reality that the human mind owing to its limitations finds difficult to entertain simultaneously as two dynamic opposite aspects of one unified whole.

An understanding of human pre-history and the innate equality that existed in the early hunter/gatherer societies shows how whatever tools that existed were shared amongst the members of the tribe but as the centuries of the late Neolithic period wore on an unequal amount of wealth began to accrue to those special families that maintained control over the most efficient and productive tools used for agriculture and the hunt thus beginning the era of class based societies that has continued on down into our own era. This ability of the ruling class structure to maintain control over the most advanced technology marks the defining characteristic of all class based societies. In our own time the unluckily born 99% of the human race that forms the basis of the labor commodity that does all the meaningful work has in fact become merely the appendage of the machine controlled by the most advanced technology of our era. No reflection of this sober fact can be found in Kurzweil’s Singularity, however such is the defining characteristic of the Singularity that is already here and wrecking havoc with the human race due to the inability of the masses to understand and come to terms with this savage reality.

We are being melded with the technologies controlled by a ruthless ruling class for the benefit of their further enrichment. Thus we are fast becoming cyborg entities complete with implanted manufactured body parts that form a curious counterpart to the thinking machines that have done away with the need for a brain on the part the industrial serfs that form the basis of the labor commodity. Such a tendency of modern day capitalism to produce such a reality is probably more on display in the world’s present foremost industrial giant China that functions as the de facto backbone of global capitalism. Curiously enough it may be the various religious traditions that exist in China today that offer the best hope for the restoration of some limited form of humanity back into the cycle of production that produces the same kind of alienated individuals as those that exist also in the West along with the flood of biblical proportions of manufactured goods headed to the markets of the West. East is the new West as China ships goods to its largest overseas market, the USA.

Marxism/communism/socialism can also be seen as the great Westernizing cultural force that has displaced the previous traditional civilization of China that dates back to the late Neolithic Period. The surplus value, i.e. profit from this hybrid “socialist”/capitalist setup presently accrues to the new class of billionaire businessmen connected with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) whose Wall Street counterparts own and control the so called “Democratic” Party that formerly was the party of the slave owing ruling class of the Anti-bellum South. Today the misbegotten mandarins of this ruling class social institution posture and pretend to be the so called “party of the people” (as does the CCP) as they prepare for war against both Russia and China as well as any and all comers who refuse to accept the establishment of the US empire of chaos based on the use of war and military aggression as a means to insure dollar dominance and stability.

While it’s true that the 20th century’s most important historian Arnold Toynbee claimed that the civilization of the West would absorb all the other remaining civilizations left on Earth that had not already come under the influence of the West; the utter perversity of the times would seem to indicate that it’s the Western business model being pursued by China that may ultimately rule the world through the medium of the kind of soft power that China presently uses to spread its increasingly global influence. The enormous concentration of capital into the hands of both the new class of private billionaires and the sovereign wealth funds of the state has given China the ability to assert the kind of influence globally that can and probably will put paid to any illusions that the slightly deranged US ruling class has of establishing a “New World Order” based upon their social, economic, and political demands that constitute the worst of what the geographic West has to offer in contradistinction to what the modernizing and profit generating BRIICS have to offer.

Technology alone and of itself as the greatest good as opposed to the mere tool that it should be constitutes as I stated above an unchallenged form of idolatry that constitutes the real religion of the times but most especially for the world’s various ruling classes who see in technology the means to pursue their objective of world dominance at the expense of any and all rivals. That the laboring masses have been swept up into the temple of this new pagan religion hardly needs to be stated but it is that “great sigh of the masses” in the form of their innate religious ideals and archetypes that may spell the difference between success or failure for the Superman Project and the final restoration of humanity and human values to the capitalist cycle of production that is in need of a serious overhaul at a very minimum and/or total abolition.

Examining as well what some people have called the limits of reason which in actual fact may have no limits; it may be safer to suggest that our confidence in reason has been shaken by the ability of the irrational to intrude in the course of human events and shape history in an entirely different and negative direction than would have been the case if pure reason had ruled the day. Nowhere in the course of modern history does this trend become more obvious that in the eruption of the savage barbarism of National Socialism in Germany and somewhat similar fascist models in the rest of Europe that produced the social catastrophe of WWII. It is this ability of the irrational to intrude into the course of everyday human events that needs to be managed in a rational way so that the positive side of irrationality can be harnessed and exploited for the general good of all. Indeed it is the creative impulse of scientists, artists, inventors, and all others engaged in some sort of Promethean creative enterprise that comes from this positive side of the irrational that in effect constitutes the innate mind of nature hidden deep within the recesses of our own unconscious mind.

This hidden mind of nature that operates outside the bounds of technology and can never be controlled by it can only be liberated and harnessed to do positive things through purely human methods that can and should be developed by psychologists and others whose function it is to better understand the human mind as well as the very concept of mind. While rationality represents the finest fruit of the conscious mind, the finest fruit of the unconscious mind is a Dionysian fruit that is both poisonous and efficacious depending upon how it is properly seen and understood. The fire that Prometheus steals from the gods can be used to destroy or to provide warmth, comfort, and other benefits if properly handled and understood. Fire as a symbol of the power of the gods in turn is merely a symbol for the innate power of the unconscious mind of nature that resides within us all but can only be successfully accessed by the blessed few who understand and respect this power of the gods, i.e. mind of nature within us that Jung called the Collective Unconscious.

In our own era these blessed few are all too often those that the system puts some sort of a psychiatric label on and discards in the hope that such out liers on the Bell curve of normality will never have to be dealt with again. Not that I would want to make the suggestion that every person with a legitimate psychiatric disorder is some sort of genius type, but rather history is rife with legitimate geniuses that have to deal with the burden of being social outcasts of some sort owing to the nature of their genius that those ignorant and socially backward souls in their immediate social environment feel ill at ease with.

This dis-ease of the ignorant and talentless with the many varied forms of latent genius in their midst can only be a perverse form of social jealousy in regard to their lack of such that mobilizes the sadistic impulses in such people and the ever eternal need for an institutionalized form of scapegoating that these sadistic drives of the masses of asses can focus their abuse on. According to Freudian theory it is the suppression of the normal and healthy sexual response that in the psychical personality becomes transformed into some form of sado-masochistic behavior. According to such Freudian theorists as Wilhelm Reich it is the unhealthy effect of organized religion that he calls “the anti-sex international” that produces this warping and disturbance of the personality.

The evidence suggests that there can be no real revolution involving the masses overthrowing the various systems of oppression that they live under without a sexual revolution that takes into account the damage that organized religion does to the healthy human psyche as a result of the sexual suppression that it is responsible for. In some ways we are living through an era where such a thoroughgoing sexual revolution seems quite possible which is case in point why the police agencies of the state are solidarizing themselves with the social force of organized religion as the “anti-sex international” to spread mass fear and hysteria especially amongst the most backward elements of society regarding the sexual molestation of children while also promoting the image of man as rapist and threat to women that constitutes the kind of misanthropy never seen before in all of human history. This crude exploitation of sex by the state for the purpose of terrorizing the masses is new to history only because the technological means to carry out such a mass propaganda campaign based on such fears has never existed before. Once again however in regard to this particular agenda there are legitimate public health issues at stake in regard to some of these matters that does need to be considered as a reasonable justification for the state intervening and regulating certain forms of sexual contact. The need to control the AIDS epidemic would be case in point for the need for such intervention by the state into the sexual behavior of the public.

But the Singularity that is here already is creating such havoc with people’s lives precisely because its very existence is unnoticed and hence unexamined by the very selfsame public whose very lives are at stake in regard to this Superman Project and that the power structure plays like “a harp from hell” for their own amusement, content in the realization that their labor commodity is incapable of understanding what is at stake because of the limitations of their working class viewpoint and failure to understand the nature of their own marginality. Such an unflattering but real picture of themselves as a mere commodity is more than the over developed ego of our age can accept. The various cults of narcissism such as the highly decadent physical fitness cult creates a false sense of reality in the minds and spirits of its adherents whose unhinged overblown egos vie constantly with one another in an increasingly pathetic social contest that has no winners but only losers. This is what passes for a social life in America today.

Thug culture in the form of the activity called body building has become the total obsession of the American male who is presently in a deep psychological, moral and spiritual crisis. This may be owing to a large extent on the dominant culture’s total obsession with what is perceived as the ruthless and insensitive advancement of women in all spheres of life at the expense of what had been considered exclusively male privileged areas. Now males compete in muscleman beauty contests on the big stage and the little stage which is real life. Such is the highly damaged and dysfunctional human material that makes up the rank and file of the US military ever in need of man and woman power for its many wars of choice and aggression carried out in violation of international law. Such ongoing wars of aggression that are being waged are mainly taking place in the Arab/Islamic world in order to secure oil and gas reserves for the foreseeable future that is no real future at all just more of the same eternal sameness that marks the decomposition of the societies of the West at the same time as these seek to establish their thuggish dominance over other nations through the use of military aggression and war.

The crisis of the American male is no laughing matter although it is probably quite health promoting to be able to laugh at the pretentions of this breed of domesticated tomcat who concentrates on building up his biceps while the real men of the Arab/Islamic world build up their brain power for the ultimate contest ahead that will be both personal and political in every sense imaginable. The Arab youth who sees nothing but a sea of human suffering around him caused primarily by America and the West more generally is in the process not of training his muscles but his spirit for what may seem like the final days ahead. The character of such manhood can not be mocked and is an assurance of the fact that sooner or later their will be hell to pay by the self content masses of the West who have allowed their ruling classes and elites to write bad checks in their name.

If my later remarks seem quite off topic when considering the opening few paragraphs of this essay it is because the weight of these latter paragraphs hang so heavy on my mind and will most certainly put paid to all the illusions that the West has about itself in regard to its delusional thinking that it has anything useful of offer the world other than the kind of never-ending wars of aggression that we have already seen too much of and the kind of social decomposition and breakdown that personifies the internal workings of societies in the West that have not only lost their own way but their very souls that they can never recover.

Marx defined the state as “an armed body of men” and it is this armed body of men and women that has now turned its guns with increasing frequency on the American people themselves thus proving for all to see that any government that begins attacking its own people with the weapons of war has lost all legitimacy and is merely marking time before its ultimate fall and dissolution. Such is the standard rule of history that can be applied to our present situation here in America today. The purpose of all the infotainment falderal that seeks to pass itself off as legitimate news and journalism is to disguise this solemn fact from the minds of the public as best it can in spite of the fact that this changes things not one whit for the day of destiny has been appointed as it was for the Empire of Rome in its final days. If there is hope that hope resides within what Joseph Campbell called “the creative hero” who gets very little real consideration in such a mass driven polity as we find ourselves in. In regard to this phenomenon the final paragraph of of Campbell’s memorable work The Hero With A Thousand Faces is worth quoting.

The modern hero, the modern individual who dares to heed the
call and seek the mansion of that presence with whom it is our
whole destiny to be atoned, cannot, indeed must not, wait for
his community to cast off its slough of pride, fear, rationalized
avarice, and sanctified misunderstanding. “Live,” Nietzsche
says, “as though the day were here.” It is not society that is to
guide and save the creative hero, but precisely the reverse. And
so every one of us shares the supreme ordeal- carries the cross
of the redeemer- not in the bright moments of his tribe’s great
victories, but in the silences of his personal despair.

Such is the definition of the real superman who comes to us as the son or daughter of the working class capable of seizing fire from the gods and lighting the fuse of a new revolution as Lenin and his cohort were the Iskra that lit the fuse of the October Revolution of 1917 in Russia that changed history. Technology can never be and end in and of itself but is merely a tool that serves the greater goal helping us of realize the ultimate nature of our humanity in all its myriad possibilities and dimensions. If and when technology is liberated from the closed set of social strictures imposed on it now in the service of profit; it will have the power to liberate us from the chaos and dislocation of the present era and bring order once again to a troubled and nearly broken world living on the edge of an abyss. The role of Cambell’s “creative hero” may be one key to this whole enterprise but so is the realization by the world public of their call to duty and need to respond to the message of the creative hero. Such constitutes no doubt the ying and yang of history ever in motion and moving upward and onward to we know not what.


About charlesknause

I was born in Camden, N.J. (now the poorest city in America) in 1950 and grew up in a beautiful old Victorian town in South Jersey called Collingswood. I now live in Ormond Beach, FL where the weather suits my spirit. My personal life was impacted at an early point in my life by a psychiatric diagnosis that changed my life and put me on the workers scrap heap. I have refused to accept such a miserable fate and today consider myself a social activist dedicated to changing the way that people who have been diagnosed with a serious psychiatric disability are perceived by society and the people in their community. I have a B.S. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida and 18 graduate credits in Mental Health Counseling from Stetson University in DeLand, FL as well as 24 graduate credits in an MSW program at UCF. I am a member of the Volusia County Behavioral Health Care Providers Consortium where I function as an advocate. I am a daily reader of the World Socialist Website and an occasional contributor.
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