Thug Culture Pt.III: The Aaron Hernandez Story

An aspect of the existential crisis of the American male seems to have been revealed recently by the shocking conviction of Aaron Hernandez of the New England Patriots for first degree murder. One is hard pressed to understand how such a living football legend as Aaron Hernandez with a yearly contract with the New England Patriots of $40 million per year would prefer a lifetime in prison in order to satisfy some primal blood-lust in exchange for what he already had, i.e. a ticket to paradise. In fact this particular murder that Hernandez was found guilty of was a drug deal gone bad involving probably a large quantity of marijuana. My source for this information tells me also that Hernandez had a long history of pot use going back to his days at America’s favorite party time University, i.e. the University of Florida in Gainesville. It was at UF that head football coach at that time Irvin Myer was know to cover up and deny any allegations of drug use by his star player. It is a known fact that Hernandez was an individual quick to pull a gun on anyone he got into a conflict with. Allegations of a person fitting the description of Aaron Hernandez threatening another person with a gun back in his UF days surfaced but were never fully investigated at the time of the incident.

For most people the shock in regard to the conviction of Aaron Hernandez for 1st degree murder is that they just don’t understand such a thing and the social atmosphere that may have been instrumental in producing this result.Common sense would seem to indicate that any normal person would be happy and willing to forego any such inclination to want to kill someone in exchange for the ticket to paradise that Hernandez had. That being said and acknowledged the operant term of art here is normal and to consider that perhaps Mr. Hernandez was really not normal at all but could conveniently pass himself off as normal as opposed to a person in the grip of a dangerous psychosis driven by primal obsessions that he was unable to control.

This may be one possible explanation for what seems the irrationality of such acts of violence that Hernandez seemed driven to commit. The other possible explanation is that according to my sports source both of Aaron Hernandez’s parents were gang members at one point in their lives and it is possible that such membership may have actually been active and continuing. It’s this author’s guess that the nationally based gang in question that began in Chicago that then branched out to other US cities with a large Hispanic population was the famous (or infamous depending on your point of view) Latin Kings.

Being an integral part of such a sub-culture may have detached Hernandez from the normal kind of everyday thinking process that goes by the name of common sense that would lead most rational human beings to conclude that a $40 million/year contract with the New England Patriots was not worth jeopardizing for the sake of being loyal to a nationally based street gang that regularly associates itself with such criminal enterprises as drug trafficking and/or racketeering. The chump change made from such a sleazy enterprise could in no way equal the $40 million/year ticket to paradise that Hernandez already had. The things that draw people such as Hernandez into such criminal enterprises often are so compelling that common sense and ordinary logic go by the boards as a new and more dangerous set of calculations enter the picture driven by questions of personal loyalty and the blood ties well known to those with some knowledge of the ways of the LCN, i.e. La Cosa Nostra and other such ethnically based crime entities.

The fact that such people as Hernandez can indeed be driven by the force of the irrational and/or gang loyalty that in effect destroys their lives by basically negating any concept of free will governing such acts was attested to in the forensic research in the field of psychology conducted on Jeffrey Daimler just prior to his murder inside a prison lockup. Daimler’s personal narrative related how his obsession with killing and dismembering small animals so that he could examine their inner workings developed into an overpowering urge to do the same with human beings. Daimler stated in one of these interviews that eventually this obsession became something that he no longer had any ability to control but that in fact it was the primal obsession that like some demon had taken control of his life so that in essence he became nothing more than an observer in the grim spectacle that passed for his own life. Mr. Daimler in the final days of his unfortunate life claims to have found salvation in Christ so perhaps in his final days he was finally released from the grip of the demon of obsession that had ruled his life for so many years and rode him like a rider rides a horse to the gates of Hell. Perhaps for a few days or even a few weeks Jeffrey Daimler was finally at peace as a result of finding a new positive obsession to replace the negative obsession that had ruled his life in such a deterministic way.The same kind of sadism that Daimler indulged himself in and became addicted to could also be a factor in Hernandez’s possibly gang related murderous behavior. Sadism would be a factor in both of these options.

No one shed any tears for Jeffrey Daimler except perhaps his immediate family and it’s entirely possible that owing to the gruesome horror of his crimes that they too remained dry eyed. The forensic research conducted on Daimler was perhaps a rare opportunity to acquire a base of knowledge that could be useful in the future for better understanding such pathologies. It strikes me that Aaron Hernandez may possibly be a person with a similar pathology bought on as a result of a similar type of obsession that determined his behavior and ended any free will that might have once existed in his life. There are multiple murders that Hernandez has been indicted for in the New England area and other cases where he is a suspect. Such a case as Hernandez’s is an outlier on the Bell curve of personal violence that is a required pre-requisite for any aspiring pro football player.

The fact that such a commitment to violence against others is a basic requirement for employment is not unique to the profession of NFL football. Indeed based upon all the video evidence that is now available, the job of cop would seem to require such a commitment to a willingness to do harm to others. Soldering in the military would seem to be another example of this basic sadistic impulse and need to do harm to others so that one can feel good about one’s self that provides many employment opportunities for US citizens and non citizens lacking other options. With the gang mentality the idea of the “other” serves as a convenient justification for an ethnocentric point of view that in actual fact probably does more physical harm to its own ethnic community than to other such communities.

The fact of the matter is that these are not just isolated cases of something that the rest of the population is exempt from but an integral aspect of contemporary American life that seems to bring out the worst in people and most especially males. Why males? It would seem that the only rational answer to this question is the fact that this is so because of the way that males are socialized in this society which is not really all that much different from most other aggressive militaristic societies that place a high premium on war as a means of enforcing the national will on other nations and peoples. The fact that militarism can so warp the national character of any nation so dedicated to war as the principle enterprise of the nation has already been attested to by history as well as the sociology of such cultures.

Hernandez’s personal misfortune of having parents loyal to the creed of the Latin Kings and/or one of its more violent offshoots can almost be seen as a kind of disability that he was born into and that shaped his life in a manner not conducive to the kind of success he could have known otherwise. Blaming one’s parents for one’s own mistakes or poor choices in life has become something of a national pastime but in the case of Aaron Hernandez such blaming or rather assignment of responsibility may be warranted and reasonable. It’s probably safe to say that gang members do not make the best parents and that their personal values would indeed be imparted to their children especially boys who figure quite “large and in charge” in all such ideologies based up violence and sociopathic ways of being a real man. Its seems to me that today’s thug culture requires that boys be brutalized and physically and psychologically abused by other males in order that they will turn out as the hyper macho thugs the culture requires in order to fight its wars and fill its prisons.

The fate an ancient Assyria seems to be a perfect example of this but unfortunately one that other nations and peoples did not learn from but rather sought to emulate. The Assyrians were like the Spartans that followed in a later era, a nation and people totally dedicated to war who as the Bible records conquered much of the ancient world centered around Mesopotamia with Babylon as its ancient cultural and religious center that stretched to the eastern Mediterranean coast and the Levant. They overran and took captive the people of the ancient kingdoms of both Judea and Israel the latter of which was never to appear again except in the later half of the 20th century. The fact that there are many scholars and historians who question the association of the present day state of Israel with the ancient Kingdom of Israel that existed for a relatively short period is a scholarly controversy that is well known and established. The point is that there were two Hebrew kingdoms in the ancient world, one was the Kingdom of Judea that was the largest and most viable that reappeared a couple of centuries later under Roman domination in the second and first centuries B.C. E. and the smaller less viable Kingdom of Israel that disappeared forever.

The Assyrians took the captive Hebrew population to Babylon where they remained for a number of generations until finally repatriated by the Persian King Cyrus the Great. The Book of Daniel is said to have been written during this time of the Babylonian captivity. The fate of many displaced ethnic communities in America today seems a mirror reflection of this phenomenon. This is especially so with the Puerto Rican community that exists in such cities as New York where the Latin Kings have their largest membership. As the second link above (an article from the Orlando Sentinel) indicates the Latin Kings are the largest and most active gang in Central Florida were Aaron Hernandez spent his college years at UF.

The curiously instructive fact however is that present day Israel seems to have the same demographic problem that the ancient Assyrians had and is emblematic of all such societies that reject the free love mantra of the 1960s anti-war movement to “make love not war” and win their battles that way but rather prefer the opposite formulation of “make war not love.” The demographic problem is that such societies dedicated to war exhaust their supply of available manpower thus having to forfeit their former empires and even their very national existence as was the case with the ancient Assyrians who exist today as an Orthodox Christian community in very small numbers in the war torn villages of Syria

It may be somewhat erroneous to put present day pseudo- Israel into this mold as it lacks the kind of real independence as a state or nation that is required for such empire building. It’s even possible to suggest that a new Babylonian conquest has taken place under the aegis of global capitalism and sees in Israel a mean to an end in the Middle East that would have no problem with sacrificing countless Jewish lives to attain its goal. Indeed the unconsciously used term “State of Israel” seems to suggest its real status as the 51st state of Union, thus implying the truth of the matter in a completely unconscious fashion.

Present day Israel dominated as it is by European Ashkenazi Jews is very much like the Prussia of the 18th & 19th centuries where Prussia was a cat’s paw of British imperialism in Central Europe hoping to dominate the European scene though an alliance with Prussia.. Indeed the Prussian military training and tactics were so superior to what existed in the rest of Europe that the crowned heads of state from all over the continent sent the best of their officer corps to study in Prussia in a similar kind of way that Israeli military and security methods have achieved such notoriety in our own day. Present day pseudo- Israel is an American cat’s paw in the Middle East that US imperialism exploits in an effort to exert influence in an efficient way given to the kind of cost/benefit analysis that goes into such calculations. Such use of a foreign entity by the dominant world power of any given era is not in the interests of the foreign entity for a whole host of reasons chief of which may be that any such an entity ends up becoming the kind of permanent garrison state that both Prussia and Israel became.

Naturally the question that one should ask about this point in the discussion is how does any discussion of Jewish history past or present have any relevance to the original discussion regarding Aaron Hernandez and his present plight. The relevant connection is that the Puerto Rican population held captive to the laws of capitalist economics in America’s largest cities shares a similar fate in the present era to the fate of those captive Hebrews taken to Babylon by the Assyrians based upon the functioning natural laws that governed the workings of the various slave economies of that era. The wage slavery of capitalism as the ultimate refinement of the former slave economy holds the Puerto Rican working class as exiles from their own homeland in the iron grip of a similar type of economic necessity as that imposed by the ancient Assyrians on the exiled Hebrews who became know as Jews as a result of the Babylonian exile and their association with Judea the former kingdom that they had been exiled from.

People put into such a position by the dominant ruling class elite of any empire will be thrown upon whatever inner resources they may have in an effort to survive and prosper. The Latin Kings are one answer no matter how undesirable it may seem to outsiders of the need of the exiled Puerto Rican working class to defend its interest in an often hostile land and social system. This is the social and cultural reality that young Aaron Hernandez’s grow up with and in turn hand down to their own children. If unban gangs such as the Latin Kings seem like such a terrible thing to outsiders it is only because they have never seen such a reality as Puerto Ricans are confronted with from the inside which in this case is the only side of the discussion that is relevant.

The reason why the Rome of the 1st Century B.C.E. had to expand itself into an empire that basically included all of present day Europe was because of the fact that its never ending wars continued to exhaust all available manpower to the point that new resources of manpower were needed to defend the already existing borders of the republic and then the empire. Such is the nature of military victories on the field of battle anywhere in that they are like the old Chinese adage has it that it’s easier to catch a tiger by the tale than to let it go!

So in a way Aaron Hernandez is merely a product of his times. He had the misfortune to get caught but more importantly the misfortune to lack any personal insight into the nature of his personal obsession with the gangster like violence that determined his life and rode him like a spirited stallion to the gates of hell where he will spend the rest of his unfortunate life. The disfunctionality and sociopathy inherent in the roles males are encouraged by the war culture to play end badly for those unable to reject this thugism and choose freely to adopt a healthier and less costly persona for themselves and the society. Such an obsession with the kind of interpersonal violence that the thug archetype required ruled out for Hernandez whatever free will might have existed in such a life. Devoid of the kind of insight needed to confront one’s inner demons in a constructive and healthy manner the archetype of the thug that has existed and unfolded down through the ages comes to claim the life of the individual whose life it envelops and devours.

It’s another American tragedy whose purpose should be to instruct us in regard to what we are lacking in as a society and what we obviously have too much of. As one of the greatest historians of the Western world once put it- “The cheapest commodity on Earth is military valor.” That’s just another way of saying that tough guys are a dime a dozen. What’s not so common and is not encouraged by the permanent garrison state that America has become are the kinds of pro-social behaviors and roles that men can assume in adult life if such behavior is encouraged by the parents. Being raised by two parents who were both gang members and honored rather than rejected such a code of behavior meant that the future for their child became highly problematic. It was C.G. Jung who stated that some people have a genius for evil. This was obviously not the case with Aaron Hernandez who turned out to be all too human in this regard than the promising genius that maybe he thought that he was!

For Sir Arthur Gibbon as the Paymaster General of the British Army in the 18th Century caught up in the skirmishes of the day needed to establish the world’s first truly global empire perhaps such cynicism can be seen for what it really is, i.e. a subtle but astute observation about the one aspect of male behavior that all belligerent and war like societies produce too much of for their own good but which is nevertheless a commodity that can be purchased at a price and often at quite a low price indeed owing to the fact that tough guys are a dime a dozen and the “cheapest commodity on Earth.”. At least Aaron Hernandez was able to gain and then lose a vastly inflated sum of $40 million/year for the kind of violence his sports profession demanded.

“Only in America” one could say but are we really as unique as we pretend to be? Aren’t these really the age old problems regarding the ability of some males to emerge from even the most highly civilized societies of their era as mere brutal beasts that thrive on violence and the killing of others because this is what a thug does and this is what he does to get the kind of respect that is driven by fear in the population that he infects? The demons that posses such men are part and parcel of Jung’s archetypes that take possession of peoples lives who lack the kind of personal insight needed to combat such inner demons. According to the unwritten rules that govern the kind of thug culture that is more prevalent in America today than maybe anywhere else or at any other time in our history, to seek professional help for such a condition is a sign of weakness that can not be tolerated and would naturally be challenged on the street by all the “made guys” and wantabe gangsters ever in need to demonstrate their own machismo at the expense of another thus proving correct the ancient Roman assertion that “man is a wolf to man.” This is what thug culture is all about! In other words the only sin in such a culture is the sin of “weakness” that can be demonstrated by way of not honoring the stereotype/archetype and acting in a non thuggish way. Such behavior is an unforgivable sin that instantly condemns the weakling/sinner to whatever punishment the group desires and thinks would be either a hell of a lot of fun or just appropriate for such a breaking of the gangster code.

What do you say about such people other than the fact that the world would be much better off without them and perhaps the civilized amongst us can find a civilized way to eliminate such genes permanently from the human gene pool. Invented war in such highly contested zones of the Earth as the Middle East could conceivable supply the need and/or justification to deal with the over supply of military age thugs in the global population stock and thus make the world a happier and safer place for the rest of us. Perhaps the logic of such a solution is indeed even a traditional way to deal with such a demographic issue in a way that history and the rest of the population have never really caught on to or understood? Perhaps its just nature’s way of ridding humanity of the locust plague of thugs that can come to infest any given society at any given time if not appropriately and expeditiously culled from the population. War has existed since time immemorial; is it possible that it has served as a kind of population control method for getting rid of a certain segment of the male population that the society had no use for and would be better off without? Pardon me for asking such a tactless question but the essence of freedom of inquiry means that such questions have a right to be asked.

Social science is something that America is allergic to. It’s only the physical sciences that are actually considered to be sciences in America today. The value of the social sciences have been not only neglected but denied time and time again by the propagandists of the system. The present crisis of the American male writ large on the evening news by way of a constant parade of ever more bizarre acts of self destruction needs to be looked at from the standpoint of the existing social sciences that can give answers to all concerned in how to deal with this present social crisis in a sane, practical, and humane manner that reflects not only who we are as a people but who we wish to become.

Violence the tool of the thug is something that is endemic to American life today but it is something that resides within the social structure of all class divided societies where there is an overriding need to subject one particular class to the tyranny of another. Today it is the working class world wide that is suppressed by the internal police forces of the state as well as other often quasi-legal entities such as that status enjoyed by the KKK in the post-reconstructionist South or the infamous “Black and Tans” that the British used to violently suppress all talk of independence in Ireland following the Easter Uprising of 1914 in Dublin. States were the ruling class has an empire to defend such as Brittan in the 18th & 19th centuries as well as America in the 20th & 21st have a greater need to exert violence in the various colonial possessions as with Brittan and in its global neo-colonial empire as with America.

A coarsening of life ensues in such countries due to the need of the ruling class for suitably socialized individuals willing and able to commit acts of violence against an innocent civilian population that serves the interests of the ruling class in helping to maintain an empire. At the same time in enables the appropriately socialized individual with the appropriately warped personality structure to indulge his or her sadistic fantasies and inclinations on a helpless and prostrate foreign people who have suffered the misfortune to fall under the iron heel of the Western oppressor. India would be case in point with the British Raj while an even more prostrate and desperate Iraqi population could be emblematic of the deranged nature of American imperialism something that can never be leveled at the British who were above and beyond all else totally rational in their application of power within their empire at least until the final days in India when a mild case of insanity did occur but nothing that can truly matched the completely unhinged nature of US imperialism in such places as Vietnam and in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere as decomposition began to set in as well as the derangement that has personified US imperialism in the second decade of the 21st century.

The tragedy for the American working class is that it has allowed itself to become identified with the deranged mis-leadership of the American state in such places as the Middle East. Just as working class whites, i.e. Euro-Americans have allowed themselves to become identified with the brutal and systematic oppression of African-Americans at the hands of police departments across the country there is a vital need for the all sections of the American working class to stand up and be heard in regard to these matters if it ever hopes to escape the verdict of history which could conceivably be quite severe without such an unequivocal disavowal.

Gangs such as the Latin Kings function as the only means of self defense that an oppressed population has at its disposal and it is an aspect of a certain kind of innate genius on the part of any oppressed minority living in the “Belly of the Beast” today that it has been able to invent such a resource out of sheer desperation and utter necessity. This is something that white America as well as Anglo-America can never understand except for those very few who have chosen sides in this conflict of interests acted out on the mean streets of urban America and have been witnesses to the kind of oppression that minorities have traditionally faced at the hands of big city police departments.

The way that boys and men are socialized in America has always been a mirror reflection of the needs of the US ruling class for the kind of rank and file personnel at the street level to act as agents of the state in suppressing the very working class population that these “running dogs” of the capitalist state sprang from. The psychological need for the “running dogs” of the capitalist state to see the working class population that it is their job to oppress as wholly “other” is exemplified by the kind of highly systematic desensitization that occur to all things human in their training. Urban police forces are just the occupying armies of the state that the power structure inherent in the deep state feels is necessary to maintain control in such marginalized areas. Such militarized force is a reflection of the power structures sense of insecurity in such times as these due to such vast disparities in wealth that now exist. If there is one consistent lesson that history has taught us; it is that all such vast disparities of wealth as exist today as well as in the past create the necessary conditions for the sort of social explosion of the masses that goes by the name of revolution no matter where it is to be found or where it has occurred in previous eras.

The US ruling class and its governing and appointed power structure is thus preparing itself for the inevitable showdown with the American working class. In pursuit of this the unelected elements of the deep state who are the real day to day rulers of America are already prepared to carry out the same kinds of mass atrocities and acts of genocide that it has already carried out overseas in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and all the other nations and people who have become subject to US wars of aggression carried out in defiance of international law for the purpose of establishing a the kind of global empire that Wall Street and the banks are demanding.

To think that the American people themselves will be on the receiving end of such military violence that other nations and peoples have been subjected to does require not a leap of faith but rather a leap of knowledge in regard to what the purpose of the capitalist state really is at a time when the world is descending into greater chaos than has ever existed before in the modern era. Such global chaos as we are witnessing today is merely symptomatic of the decomposition and decline of capitalism as a social system that once had merit and was the greatest engine of wealth creation that the world had ever seen. Those days are now forever over and nothing can resuscitate the corpse of global capitalism as it putrefies all around us.

This purification is like a disease that spreads to everyone and everything that comes into contact with it. Such purification helps to explain the bizarre and pointless actions of such a jejune individual as Aaron Hernandez and all the other professional football fuckups whose debased actions pass for the news of the day for a society that is rapidly losing all contact with reality.


About charlesknause

I was born in Camden, N.J. (now the poorest city in America) in 1950 and grew up in a beautiful old Victorian town in South Jersey called Collingswood. I now live in Ormond Beach, FL where the weather suits my spirit. My personal life was impacted at an early point in my life by a psychiatric diagnosis that changed my life and put me on the workers scrap heap. I have refused to accept such a miserable fate and today consider myself a social activist dedicated to changing the way that people who have been diagnosed with a serious psychiatric disability are perceived by society and the people in their community. I have a B.S. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida and 18 graduate credits in Mental Health Counseling from Stetson University in DeLand, FL as well as 24 graduate credits in an MSW program at UCF. I am a member of the Volusia County Behavioral Health Care Providers Consortium where I function as an advocate. I am a daily reader of the World Socialist Website and an occasional contributor.
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