The Latest Seymour Hersh Story

Seymour M. Hersh’s latest demonstration of his journalistic genius entitled “The Killing of Osama bin Laden” and published in the London Review of Books is a watershed event for a whole host of reasons. Chief amongst these many reasons is the fact that Hersh’s article clearly articulates and comprehensively proves through the use of unnamed US intelligence sources that the narrative that the US power structure sought to create and manage through its principle spokesperson of the moment Barak Obama, is nothing but a litany of lies. The purpose of such a litany of lies is to disguise the fact that US imperialism is a spent force on the stage of history that is more at the mercy of foreign powers both friendly, unfriendly, or neutral than the US power structure cares to acknowledge.

The revelation that Pakistan had captured bin Laden in 2006 in Eastern Afghanistan and held him under strict house arrest in the Pak military garrison town of Abbottabad to use as a bargaining chip with the US is a clear indication of the impotence of the US and its need to rely upon foreign intelligence services to do the job that the corporate run US intelligence industrial complex is no longer capable of doing. Despite the countless billions lavished on increasingly exotic intel technologies, the so called US intelligence “community” lacks the most basic assets needed to get the job done. That key critical asset that the US intel dinosaurs lack is the simple human factor that it has discounted at its own peril to the point where the US has become the world’s one dispensable power owing in part to this key factor. The same greed driven military industrial complex that retiring US president Dwight Eisenhower tried to warn the nation about has gotten its snout into the federal contracting business of a now largely privatized intelligence community that is driven more by a loyalty to the investors in such corporate enterprises than to the interests of WE THE PEOPLE.

According to the Hersh article the US/CIA only learned about the fact that the Pak ISI had captured UBL in 2006 when in 2010 a US embassy “walk in” had presented himself to the CIA station chief Bank. The “walk in” was a Pak ISI case officer by the name of Ismail Halyed seeking to collect the $25 million bounty that had been placed on UBL. Getting from this starting point to the actual murder of UBL by the US Navy Seals who in true gangster style were “offed” in Afghanistan a short time after the UBL raid in Abbottabad is what the article by Hersh is all about. The article is a 10,000 world piece that took me about twenty minutes to read but really needs to be studied to more fully appreciate the density of information contained in it.

The purpose of this article is not a rehash of the original Hersh article itself but more of a study of the implications of the article that remain pretty much unstated in spite of the 10,000 world length of the original article itself. A point needs to be made about the various unnamed US intelligence sources that are cited by Hirsh in his article and why such sources have to remain unnamed. Since the Obama regime has prosecuted more leakers of information that the public has a right to know about than any other president in US history, it goes without saying that any confidential US intelligence source that Hirsh cited by name in his article would have become the target of such official persecution/prosecution as many of the other US intel sources who have given information to journalists acting in the public interest and acknowledging the fact that the public had a right to know how US secrecy law was being used to hide the criminal acts of the national security state from the prying eyes of WE THE PEOPLE.

The most recent example of such malicious persecution/prosecution by the Obama regime is the case of former CIA case officer Jeffrey Sterling recently sentenced to three years in federal prison for giving information to New York Times journalist James Risen regarding the dangerously provocative CIA covert ops run against the Iranian nuclear program. Such covert ops carried out in partnership with the Israeli Mossad involved the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists. The fact that such an assassination program aimed at the citizens of another country that had violated no law and were acting well within the provisions of existing international law regarding such seemed not to matter at all to the world’s two principle outlaw nations. The name of this covert op was codenamed Merlin.

Once again we can see in the Merlin case the absolute dependence of US imperialism on foreign power in asserting its perceived national interests. The unstated assumption that needs to be made however is that if this is what supersized corporate greed can do to intel capabilities then one needs to ask the question what corporate greed can do to defense/war fighting capabilities? I am certain that the historical record clearly indicates that a needs driven defense always will defeat in the long run a greed driven defense/offense. The ability of US imperialism and the corporate state to play fast and loose with the lives of three hundred million American lives in its attempt at a showdown with Russia and China knowing full well what could be the result of such high stakes gambling is without a doubt the most closely held national secret.

These are questions that are subsidiary to the Hersh article but nevertheless need to be asked in the public interest. Perhaps the most important fact established by the Hirsh article is the fact that UBL had been supported by the Saudi monarchy during his house arrest in Pakistan. The conclusions that one can draw from this fact as well as the wealth of information that is available regarding the support of the Saudis for Al-Qaeda and other forms of fundamentalist terror all around the world would seem to indicate that no doubt certain elements of the US national security state have always been well aware of this fact.

This partnership between the US national security state and Al-Qaeda has always existed and served a sort of duel purpose. Such a partnership in terror can be seen as extending to all other Wahhabbi inspired and Saudi inspired terror groups such as ISIS and such as were exploited by the US deep state to overthrow the government of Mummar Gaddaffi in Libya as well as the ongoing social catastrophe in Syria. Such maneuvers by the US and its conquered vassal states in the EU & NATO are part of the ongoing resource wars for what is left of the limited planetary oil and gas reserves that still exist. Some of these oil and gas fields are still in need of development in order to realize their potential. Nevertheless the world has entered the era of Peak Oil where no existing new sources of oil and gas have been or will be discovered so that in an effort to deal with the predicted collapse of Western civilization due to the supply collapse of oil, the nations of the West headed up by the planet’s principle imperialist power the USA , are on a global rampage to claim the limited oil and gas resources that presently still exist.

The fact that the majority of these oil and gas resources are located in the Middle East is the reason for the ongoing brutal US/NATO interventions that have produced the biggest humanitarian catastrophe since WWII. The fact that this humanitarian catastrophe is occurring right on Europe’s Southern flank explains the nature of the flight of these refugees from the affected conflict zones to Italy and other countries in the EU who were only too willing to be a part of the criminal enterprise of using war as an instrument of foreign policy in violation of international law or at the very least acting as enablers of the belligerent Western powers whose military interventions in Libya, Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere have created the humanitarian crisis.

How is all of this relevant to Hersh’s latest article in the London Review of Books? What Hersh demonstrates is that UBL had probably been on the Saudi jihadi payroll from day one going clear back to the Reagan/Bush/Casey at CIA regime that together with the al-Saud dynasty began the era of using Islamic jihadi extremism to subvert and overthrow any and all regimes internationally that stood in the way of this grand scheme of seizing by whatever means necessary the world’s existing oil and gas reserves. 9-11 was an event carefully planned out and executed by this regime within the deep state that included UBL and al-Qaeda.

After the execution of 9-11 UBL became a wholly expendable asset. While this dark secret may not have been known to the world public it was known to those actors in this scenario which is why five years after the events of 9-11 the Pak ISI was able to capture UBL in Eastern Afghanistan (probably Waziristan) and place him under strict confinement until 2010 when CIA in Pakistan finally learned of this through the so-called Rewards for Justice program that put on offer a $25 million bounty on UBL.

Hersh’s article also reveals the fact that by the time that CIA had through the Pak “walk-in” at the US embassy in Islamabad found out where UBL was hiding; he was a totally spent force without any kind of operational control over al-Qaeda indeed probably without any operational input at all given the nature of his confinement and the fact that his purpose as dictated by the needs of the deep state had been realized. Hersh’s contempt for Obama which comes out loud and clear in his article is due to the fact that the US covert mission employing Navy Seals to assassinate UBL in his Abbottabad secret house arrest location was conducted purely for political reason by Obama in an election year.

It was probably the perceived success of this mission that guaranteed Obama’s re-election. Hersh’s article also makes clear that the phony narrative of the Hollywood film “Zero Dark Thirty” in which both the Pentagon and CIA cooperated so closely with the Hollywood director Kathryn Bigelow and writer Mark Boal as to blur the lines in regard to who was really in control of the production. Such however is the essence of all propaganda and no one excels better at this than Hollywood which is why such a film industry lawyer as Leon Panetta was named CIA head by Obama in the first place! The role of Hollywood as “the Great Harlot” of biblical proportions that is always willing and able to establish the official narrative on demand has been only superficially investigated by some journalists, historians, and scholars of equal value to Hersh owing to their personal commitment to delivering the truth to their readership.

The curiously interesting false narrative that the film “Zero Dark Thirty” seeks to establish in the audience’s mind is worth examining for its political content alone. The story line is based upon the exploits of a certain young attractive CIA case officer who oversaw the torture of a so called “high value internee” at one of CIA’s secret prison sites at Baghram Airbase in Afghanistan. The actual name of the case officer in question who did indeed exist was Frances Bukowsky who took such sadistic pleasure in seeing these so called “high value internees” tortured that she actually flew from the USA to either Pakistan of Afghanistan to observe one of these torture sessions in spite of the fact that she was not involved in any way with the case and had to good reason to be there. She was only there to get her cookies off by way of watching one of these torture sessions that in all probability involved Kalyed Sheik Mohammed or simply KSM as he was referred to in all official documents.

Frances Bukowsky worked directly under the authority of Anne Michael Casey the grand-daughter of the legacy employee and former DCI (Director of Central Intelligence) William Casey. Curiously enough it was Casey during the presidential tenure of Ronald Reagan that began the CIA policy of using Saudi supported jihadists to fight against the Soviet installed government in Afghanistan thus opening a Pandora’s Box of Islamic extremism that the world would have to deal with well after the Casey era at CIA. The name of one of these Saudi and CIA supported jihaddis was Osama bin Laden who was the son of one of the wealthiest men in Saudi Arabia who was very closely connected to the ruling dynasty. It was the bin Laden Construction Company owned by Osama’s father that had been given the mega-billion dollar contract to remodel and build nearly all of the holy sites at Mecca including the Grand Mosque so as to better accommodate the vast sea of humanity from all parts of the world who flocked to the holy sites of Mecca in order to do the yearly Hajj. It is required that every Muslim do Hajj at least once in his/her life.The bin Laden Construction Company profited enormously from this requirement of the faith as well as the faith that the al-Saud dynasty had in the family of Osama bin Laden.

Still the question remains as to the nature of the political line that the producers of “Zero Dark Thirty” were tasked with by way of the creation of the false narrative based upon the story line that this highly attractive and hyper aggressive female case officer Frances Bukowsky’s dedicated hard work had enabled the interagency task force to find bin Laden through the so called “messenger” that they more or less pulled out of their asses for the sake of creating the kind of false narrative that would be highly serviceable to the Obama White House as well as those elements of the national security state that were already deeply enmeshed in this affair and therefore had the greatest need to come out of the whole bin Laden affair as heroes rather than the true and undeniable villains that they know themselves to be.

In my humble opinion and readers can take it for what they think it might be worth the propaganda motive at work in “Zero Dark Thirty” had a lot to do with what some experts on CIA and the overall intel “community” have referred to as the feminist clique at CIA headed up by William Casey’s grand-daughter Anne Michael Casey. The goal was to create a film narrative of strong determined women in positions of power “doing a man’s job” but doing it better, smarter, and more efficiently than any swinging dick could do. This was the real propaganda message of “Zero Dark Thirty” aside from the false narrative that had been created out of the power structure’s sheer need to further mystify the bin Laden story so as to hide their own ineptitude and criminality.

It has all worked pretty well up to this point in spite of minor rumors from minor league players such as myself who have become permanently ghettoized in the blogosphere. It’s easy to discredit such minor league players by merely labeling them “conspiracy theorists” as if real life conspiracies did not in fact exist! It was the big megaphone of a world renown Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist of Hersh’s stature however that needed to put paid to the illusions of the unelected members of the deep state that they could forever keep the false narrative about bin Laden in place and therefore shield themselves from the results of their ineptitude and outright perfidy!

Now the worm has truly turned against them and the response of the ministry of truth that pretends to be this non existent institution called “the free press” is just to ignore the Hersh story and its aftermath as best as they can. This is just standard operative procedure on the part of the ministry of truth when the public narrative about anything that they have put into place begins to unravel at the edges and thus threaten to expose the whole litany of carefully constructed lies that went into the creation of the ever important false narrative. Another thought that is highly relevant to this discussion of resource wars and the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe taking place in the Arab/Islamic world blessed as it is with the curse of oil is the never ending discussion regarding the assumed fact that it is Israel that is the principle cause of instability in the Middle East as opposed to Saudi Arabia, a country that has been flying for so many years in spite of its toxic nature under the radar of world public opinion owing no doubt to the almost incalculable influence of the oil and gas industry.

It is the fossil fuel industry that has partnered with the tribal mafia that claims ownership of Arabia that is responsible for using fundamentalist Wahabbi extremism to subvert and overthrow those secular powers in the Middle East and elsewhere that refuse to cow tail to the demands of the unholy alliance fossil fuel industry and the tribal mafia that rules Arabia. This may not be a fact that was precisely stated by the Hersh article but it is an absolute fact and Hersh’s article gives credence to this fact by way of indicating Saudi financial support for UBL.

The problems related to America’s 51st State of Israel have more to do with other things that have nothing to do with the unknown unknown inherent in the new reality of Peak Oil and the stark facts of life revealed through intensive super computing modeling studies at such places as Los Almos indicating the inevitable collapse of the world economy and our oil based civilization when the oil and gas well are finally exhausted which may be sooner than anyone expects. The whole purpose of the US/Western policy of using war as a means of putting these dwindling oil and gas reserves under the control of European and American corporation is just to give the West a little bit more time to adjust itself to the post fossil fuel era than the rest of the world will have.

Is that little bit of time to adjust really worth the price that is being paid already and which will continue to escalate maybe geometrically as time goes on? That’s a question that WE THE PEOPLE have an obligation to ask our elected misleaders as well as those members of the unelected power structure vested in the apparatus of the deep state that is the real determiner and decider in regard to these issues at hand. The sleeping giant of world politics, i.e. the American working class is indeed beginning to wake up from a long period of inactivity. The national uprising in cities all across the nation in response to the murder by the domestic arm of the deep state, i.e. police departments of the innocent unarmed youth of the nation is a rebellion/revolution in the making and demonstrates what can happen when the sleeping giant is disturbed and begins to awaken.

Never mind the fact that the trusted servants of the power structure in the African-American community who have profited enormously in the past from their exploitation of social strife are once again on the scene and trying to racialize this rebellion/revolution past the point of recognition so as to keep it from spreading to the larger mass based culture. The class based nature of police oppression of the working class has to be acknowledged by both the African-American community as well as the larger mainstream culture if this revolution in the making is going to fully reach out to the entire American working class and thus succeed in its mission. Let it be so! The Hersh article is just another nail in the coffin of a vile and perfidious power structure whose days of glory (and gory) are at an end! A new day in dawning in America as the sleeping giant of world politics begins to stir and awaken.


About charlesknause

I was born in Camden, N.J. (now the poorest city in America) in 1950 and grew up in a beautiful old Victorian town in South Jersey called Collingswood. I now live in Ormond Beach, FL where the weather suits my spirit. My personal life was impacted at an early point in my life by a psychiatric diagnosis that changed my life and put me on the workers scrap heap. I have refused to accept such a miserable fate and today consider myself a social activist dedicated to changing the way that people who have been diagnosed with a serious psychiatric disability are perceived by society and the people in their community. I have a B.S. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida and 18 graduate credits in Mental Health Counseling from Stetson University in DeLand, FL as well as 24 graduate credits in an MSW program at UCF. I am a member of the Volusia County Behavioral Health Care Providers Consortium where I function as an advocate. I am a daily reader of the World Socialist Website and an occasional contributor.
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8 Responses to The Latest Seymour Hersh Story

  1. anation61 says:

    Thank you for your questioning spirit. Have been fitfully sifting through the lies myself for many years and found your analysis quite helpful in distinguishing between the contrived and superficial values controversies (religion-, race-, and gender-based) promulgated by the “deep state” (to keep the working class divided from itself), and the true, concrete and material cause of our current global condition – economic (and therefore political) power derived from oil. This makes a lot of sense and connects a lot of dots.

    • I appreciate your interest in the topic. I am new to having had a blog for about 5 years with Open Salon. Salon Magazine shut down Open Salon so I have re-posted the articles/stories that drew the most interest to Word Press. I am still in the process of learning the process here at Word Press so I appreciate your interest. There is still a little bit or further research that I may do in regard to this story and will update it when I am able to.

      We are indeed living at the end of an era which is of course the era of oil and the cheap supply of such. If all the money that has been and continues to be spent of wars overseas and war fighting in general had been allocated to funding the development of new renewable and clean energy source the world would be a much safer, healthier, and happier place. Eventually it will have to come down to this sooner or later. That is the good news.

  2. This is a link to an interview that Seymour Hersh just gave to the Real News Network from Baltimore MD.

    There is a lot of fresh information in this interview that was not included in the original article that appeared in the London Review of Books.

  3. Here is a link to an article that can be found on a website calling itself “The Memory Hole” that strikes an oppositionist pose to Hersh’s article-
    The article and the website itself have little credibility with me personally. I consider such hyper conspiratorial driven to be a waist of ones time to read and/or consider. I am posting this link merely for informational purposes.

    • anation61 says:

      Didn’t follow this link, but I’m aware of the theory promulgated by reactionary pundit Alex Jones (and others) that OBL died in Tora Bora in 2001 due to complications from Marfans Disease. Apparently, his source for this story was a former Deputy Assistant to Cyrus Vance, Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik (Peace-nik! Someone has a sense of humor), and was allegedly supported by people like Benezir Bhutto, former Prime Minister of Pakhistan. For more of the details, go to:

      but I discount this analysis as extreme reactionary conspiracy paranoia motivated by score settling and pro-militarism.

      Sy Hersh’s analysis, however, seems much more well-argued and plausible (to my ear, at any rate.)

      It’s been interesting to see the complete lack of interest from the mainstream media in the last week, since the article was published. It’s like it simple doesn’t exist. yet another example of the mainstream media’s selective memory/attention.

      Thanks again for your thoughful analysis and good luck here at wordpress.

  4. Yes, I am not a fan of Alex Jones for the same reasons as yourself. Did you get a chance to see the interview that Sy Hersh did with the Real News Network in Baltimore. I posted it in the comments section as a comment under my name. His interview did clarify a few things that I had sort of mis-read from the original article. Chief of these would be his statements in Real News interview of his great respect for Obama that I found to be quite excessive.

    Thank you for your interest. I am happy to be at but have had some problems editing this most recent article. Every time I used the edit function at the bottom of the page, all the paragraph separations were lost and I had to reformat the piece.

    Other than that I would say that I am a happy camper so far although I has readership numbers well into the thousands for many of my postings to Open Salon and even at the worst readership in the hundreds. I wonder how long it will take me to build up such a readership here at wordpress.

    Open Salon could be a very nasty place however with lots of trolling and bad feelings created by such which is probably why Salon Media Group shut down their server for it.

  5. By way of a final comment on the Seymour Hersh story I would like to make a somewhat studied conjecture that Hersh’s primary retired high level intelligence source was/is Richard Clarke Bush 43’s & Obama’s first counter-terrorism chief. Clarke before retiring from his White House position had served on the NSC (the National Security Council) for many years and worked closely with CIA, the Pentagon, and what is referred to as the inter-agency group.

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