The Military Police State Architype

There is an epidemic of police violence against the American people that has reached such a level of concern for the imperialist plutocrats because if left unchecked may provide the spark for a social explosion much bigger than anything seen to date. That would include the so called “riots” of the 1960s when Black America rose up in open revolt against their ghetto-ization in the major cities of the US. This ghetto-ization of Black America was something that was rarely noticed by the mainstream culture and never really reported on. There was at that time a definite sense of “out of sight- out of mind” in regard to such things as this that formed the basis not for the so called “riots” as the mass media tried to define what was in fact a series of urban uprisings all across the nation driven by the basic survival needs of the African-American population faced as it was with the daily onslaught of an occupying army of police in their midst.

The sole purpose of this urban army of occupation was to serve and protect the social, economic, and political interests of America’s ruling class thus proving the correctness of Marx’s formulation that the state in its most basic form was nothing more than an “armed body of men.” The sole purpose of this “armed body of men” was to hold in check and suppress the interests of the American working class regardless of race, religion, ancestry, or political affiliation because this is what the capitalist social set up required in order to continue the appropriation of surplus value at the expense of the American working class. This highly sophisticated and obscured survival of the ancient slave system of ages past was euphemistically referred to as “the free market,” meaning that workers were “free” to sell the only thing that they possessed that was of value to the capitalist at whatever price the capitalist deems was a fair rate of exchange. The capitalist is free to pay the worker only a portion of the value that his/her labor creates and keep the rest for him/herself. This is how all profits are made under the capitalist system, at the point of production where the laboring masses can be freely exploited with the greater part of the value that their labor creates going into the pockets of the capitalist.

The advantage that the original slave system gave to the American capitalists in the industrial North and to the Southern land owning aristocracy was what differentiated America from all the other capitalist states in the world but the economy of Western Europe also benefited enormously as a result of the system of slavery that conveniently existed offshore in the Western hemisphere. Once again it was “out of sight, out of mind” for the ruling families of Brittan, France, Spain, Portugal, Holland, and all the other nations of the West who in effect fed off of the slave system like vampires in the night. Far and away the greatest portion of this value made from the blood and bones of African slaves accrued to the financial, industrial, and agricultural barons and baronesses of America, the Novis Roma of the modern era. The ability of the US ruling class to establish a Pax Americana in the post WWII era follows directly from the long chain of events that began with chattel slavery in colonial and pre-civil war America as well as the extermination and genocide of the Native Peoples that existed in the millions prior to the arrival of the European settlers in the so called “New World” that had always existed.

Whatever pretended moral status that the US ruling class had been able to take on in the post WWII era that seemingly gave it this sense of moral authority following the defeat of Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan in Asia could only be conceptualized as a result of the suppression of all facts related to the true history of the evolving American global empire. The myth of American exceptionality was conveniently used to supplant the truth in a way that was both cynical and eminently successful. The erroneous idea that history did not matter and that America was the world’s first ahistorical society has been the common currency of the culture since the day that the very first known KKK sympathizer entered the White House in the form of Woodrow Wilson of the so called “Democratic” Party and found a convenient way to insert American imperialism into the purely European conflict that we know as WWI.

Such an entrance to the biggest and final stage of world politics driven by war as it always is, was to guarantee that Brittan would prevail in a European war in which John Bull had been pretty well licked by the armies of the Kaiser. Billions of dollars had been lent to the British government for its war effort against Germany and the grand KKK sympathizer from Virginia in the White House would make sure that America’s entrance into that purely European war would tip the balance of power on the actual battlefield in Brittan’s favor and thus protect US banking interests who had been so bold at knowing that their seemingly risky lending would in the end pay off quite handsomely as in fact it did.

The imposition of the humiliating Treaty of Versailles required a defeated Germany to pay huge war reparations to Brittan and France that found their way into the vaults of the major US investment banks who were able to reap unheard of profits from the slaughter on the field at Flanders and everywhere else where the lives of countless millions of young European males of military age were wasted on such a pointless slaughter as was made famous at such scenes of mass killing as Verdun and elsewhere. And so the exterminist forces in America that had once gorged themselves silly on the blood and bones of African slaves bought to the Western hemisphere in chains and grown rich and powerful beyond all reckoning now set its exterminst appetite on Europe, its own point of ancient origin in a past and seemingly forgotten age.

The financial throttling of Germany by the Wall Street investment bankers led in train to the rise of the Austrian corporal who had served in the Kaiser’s defeated army. If he had only been forced by circumstances and/or fate to have had to use his real name which was Adolph Scheicklegrubber perhaps his political fortune in Germany would not have been realized. History would have taken a different course and Adolph Scheicklegrubber would have matured into the usual beer hall crank that no one paid much attention to or bothered to take seriously.

So what’s in a name? Perhaps we’ll never really know but historical materialism suggests that it’s not the man who makes history in the sense that Carlyle would have preferred but rather history and the needs of the time find and/or produce the kind of personalities that are required during a time of crisis such as occurred in the ensuing years between the two World Wars in Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

Nazi Germany became the kind of militarized police state that has since formed the basis of some sort of modern day archetype based upon the kind of beaurocritized cruelty that led to the genocide and madness of WWII in Europe. The archetypal pattern of the modern day police state is something that is not as unique to Germany as some might suspect; indeed it seems as if this same archetypal social pattern is at work as an organizing principle in America today in an era where the US ruling class feels itself threatened from within and from without by the kinds of challenges to its legitimacy that it has never had to face before. To be sure America is not Germany and as much as we might fervently wish that it might be if only to attempt to minimize in our own minds the enormously greater destructive and/or creative power at its disposal that can be used and/or asserted on a vaster scale than the megalomaniacs of Nazi Germany could ever have imagined or even conceived of.

Still the fact remains that there seems to be some sort of basic archetypal pattern that nations great and small tend to follow under the aegis of a criminal ruling class and governing elite who find it necessary to turn wars abroad as a standard policy that takes the place of a legitimate foreign policy, and massive police repression at home to prevent the kind of civil disturbance that such ruling classes instinctively fear owning to the example set by such watershed events as the Russian Revolution of October 1917 and all the other popular revolutions that have overthrown the existing social setup and installed a more representative situation that represents a fairer distribution of wealth and/or privilege than had previously existed. Such revolutions are the inevitable result of a long list of bad choices made by any existing power structure that only works to underscore the bad faith that they have always traditionally maintained vis-à-vis the broader population. The criminal methods of statecraft that such ruling classes and their governing and appointed power structures resort to in such times defines their character for all times to come and numbers the days of their future existence as a legitimate governing elite.

Such is the situation that we are faced with today in America with a ruling class and governing power structure that since the end of WWII but most especially in the last 20 years has used war as an instrument of policy that has replaced a once legitimate foreign policy in the very selfsame manner as did the leaders of Nazi Germany who were acting on behalf of the German ruling class of that era and time. The American situation may be different by degree but it follows a similar archetypal pattern that can be best analyzed in the light of such past historical examples of the militarized police state as Nazi Germany epitomized in its own era and that America has come to resemble in many important and seminal ways. This is a crisis for the American people that will not go away of its own accord. While the crisis that produced Nazi Germany was a crisis for Europe the crisis of American capitalism is a global crisis. The way that this crisis of American capitalism is ultimately resolved will determine for good or ill the future that life will have or will not have on this our planet Earth that in spite of all suggestions otherwise is the only planet in the whole vast panoply that is the Universe that has the rare gift of life on it.

It is this need to protect life that far out weights any parochial concerns with patriotism that in such times as this is always not only the last but more often the first refuge of a scoundrel. The threats posed through the criminal actions of a ruling class and its governing power structure that appears to be seeking to create the justifications for a war with both Russia and China that out of necessity will be total, nuclear and costly for the American people seems not to bother anyone in a nation and amongst a people where the idolatrous worship of military power and the warrior has become endemic to the society. Indeed violence itself has become a similar object of idolatrous worship with all the obvious results of what seems like a never ending series of senseless acts of individual carnage and mayhem acted out in workplaces, schools, shopping centers, and even military bases. Indeed any place that is a meeting place for people has probably at one time or another during these recent years of social, moral, and spiritual decline in America become the scene of such wonton carnage. The idolatrous worship and use of violence by a truly criminal ruling class and power structure seeking to regain its lost influence globally is mirrored in the minds of lesser individuals using the kind of standard weaponry often used in former times solely by the military to slaughter and kill innocent men, women, and children in well planned out acts of rage that serve no useful purpose at all other than to further terrorize society and create a sense of what psychologists call “learned helplessness” in the overall population.

Such a sense of fear and foreboding that these random events produce in the population can then be carefully utilized by the militarized police state to further the militarization of police departments all across the country not just through the supplying to these police departments with military grade heavy assault weapons and systems formerly deployed to the various theaters of war overseas but also the active links in the overall chain of command that reach from the Pentagon to the police/warrior cult on the streets that has been inculcated into former Afghan and Iraqi war vets presently employed as uniformed officers in these police departments across the nation. The reason why well over a thousand innocent people (most young men) are being gunned down or killed by police in some other manner is because for these former war vets it’s the American people themselves who have become the new enemy.

It has often been said that any government that turns its military forces loose on its own people is a government that losses legitimacy. The United States Government (USG) would certainly not be the only existing government to become such a pariah to its own people. The known massacres of protesting students in countries such as Mexico in 1968 and the Peoples Republic of China in 1989 follow a similar trend although the events that occurred in the PRC in 1989 may be seen by the broad masses of people there in a somewhat different lens than that used by the typical Westerner to view such events. Certainly the US supported military dictatorship of General Al-Sisi in Egypt is an existing government that has the blood of thousands of innocent peaceful protestors on its hands which is case in point as to why it needs such an enormous amount of free military firepower from the USG to stay one step ahead of any potential revolution in the streets that might be likely to occur again in Egypt!

Propping up brutal military dictatorships all over the world who slaughter their own citizens seems like a strange way to spread democracy around the world but is the method that the US ruling class and its political power structure has chosen for itself in the post WWII era of the Pax Americana. When such popular uprisings as occurred in the 1980s in Nicaragua and Iran in 1979 that overthrew the local CIA installed dictator, enormous amounts of time, money, and effort went into demonizing the popular revolutionary governments that overthrew the brutal and hated US supported dictators that CIA had put into power in these countries to look after the interests of US banks and investment firms much to the detriment of the people in such countries as Iran and Nicaragua that are still struggling today 35 years later in the case of Iran to maintain itself in the face on constant US aggression carried out against it in violation of international law.

But such things as this pale in comparison to the wholesale destruction of nations and whole societies that US imperialism has been responsible for in the Arab/Islamic world. Where fully functional nations and societies existed in such places as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, and elsewhere that were governed by enlightened secular leaders whose citizens enjoyed a higher standard of living than did their neighbors; today these nations no longer exist as the functioning states that they once were and have in effect become failed states a term of art that is more often than not used to blame the victims of these terrible war crimes for what has come to pass rather than the perpetrator of these ongoing wars of aggression that have been carried out by the world’s principle imperialist power the USA in violation of the same international law regarding the use of war as a means of policy that the surviving members of the Nazi regime were prosecuted and hung for at Nuremberg in 1946.

The story being put forward is that the perpetrator of these ongoing war crimes, i.e. the USA is too big to be held accountable for its actions by such other NATO nations of the EU that have made themselves complicit in these war crimes and will surely suffer the final verdict of history in due time and at a time and place not of their own choosing. Indeed it is the various ruling classes and governing elites in Europe that bear the most responsibility for acting as the enablers of the aggression let loose on the planet by US imperialism. The final payment for these craven cowardly acts of complicity will come due shortly as we are now in the run up to the kind of total war with Russia and China that these foolish men and women of high privilege are ill prepared by the very nature of their superficial understanding of things to be capable of even comprehending. They will earn their place as the radio-active dust in the wind that they deserve to be and nothing more! History will forget them as well it should!

In the final analysis the unhinged nature of police departments across the US right now are just a mirror reflection of the unhinged nature of the US ruling class and its political mandarins in Washington as it faces the specter of its own ultimate demise. For the archetypal military police state that was the Third Reich the choice that they made was national suicide as well as personal suicide where possible. The archetype gives confidence to the effect that for the US ruling class and its mandarins there will be no turning back from the course that they have set for themselves. They are more than prepared to take half the population of the planet down with them in the same kind of suicidal rage that Hitler in his final days sought to reduce Germany to as an utter wasteland for its conquerors. One sincerely hopes that they will not be successful in such delusional attempts at reducing the world to ashes as a way of enforcing their evil and malevolent will on a world that was never theirs to ruin. The future will be a better place without them in spite of the high price that it may have to pay for their riddance.


About charlesknause

I was born in Camden, N.J. (now the poorest city in America) in 1950 and grew up in a beautiful old Victorian town in South Jersey called Collingswood. I now live in Ormond Beach, FL where the weather suits my spirit. My personal life was impacted at an early point in my life by a psychiatric diagnosis that changed my life and put me on the workers scrap heap. I have refused to accept such a miserable fate and today consider myself a social activist dedicated to changing the way that people who have been diagnosed with a serious psychiatric disability are perceived by society and the people in their community. I have a B.S. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida and 18 graduate credits in Mental Health Counseling from Stetson University in DeLand, FL as well as 24 graduate credits in an MSW program at UCF. I am a member of the Volusia County Behavioral Health Care Providers Consortium where I function as an advocate. I am a daily reader of the World Socialist Website and an occasional contributor.
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