Charleston SC

Recent events in Charleston South Carolina have convinced me that if America itself was just an ordinary person it would have been committed to a mental institution a long time ago. As a matter of fact I think that a state institution for the criminally insane would probably be more appropriate given the never ending series of mass slaughters carried out, being carried out and to be carried out in the future by the principle bad guys of the nation, i.e. the angry white male who just can’t take it anymore and explodes in a catastrophe of increasingly senseless violence. The common development and unfolding of this social pathology involves an angry young man or angry old man hating women or hating Blacks or just plain hating and carefully carrying out after scrupulous and methodical planning the massacre of any given number of people at any one given time because like Howard Beale in the movie Network he’s mad as hell and he’s just not going to take it anymore!

The critical key difference in this scenario is that when Howard Beale former network news heavy weight goes off his rocker and starts a nation wide movement aimed at encouraging people everywhere to just toss their 1980’s era TV sets out the window so that they can begin thinking for themselves for a change; he is making an appeal to the masses to channel their anger into building a nation wide movement for social change. The key critical need that is at work here is the need of Howard Beale to reconnect with the other members of the oppressed working class who individually have a whole litany of legitimate grievances against an unjust, abusive, and increasingly oppressive social system called capitalism. Howard Beale might be a White male, i.e. a man of European ancestry who has been making a ton of money by acting as a mouthpiece for plutocracy but he is still a member of the working class with whom he feels some sense of solidarity, hence the appeal to these masses to act with him and against the common cause of their misery.

Anger in and of itself is not a bad thing if it is channeled and used for the right purpose. There is such a thing as righteous anger as provided by the example of Christ in the Temple of Jerusalem tossing over the tables of the money changers and playing the role of God’s bouncer in ejecting them from the Temple. Obviously anger then as practiced by the man/God JC is a myth meant to teach that there is a right and a wrong way for angry young males of any ethnic or racial persuasion to express their anger in a way that will not harm but rather help. To me that is the basic message of that particular bible story that was meant to be useful as teaching tool.

There are a lot of reasons why the men and boys of America are in such a deep crisis. This crisis does indeed reach across so called “racial lines.” Since I am a person who knows full well that race is merely a social construct invented and used by the Anglo-American ruling classes to create, justify, and maintain the conditions of chattel slavery in the Western Hemisphere purely to amass the kinds of huge personal fortunes that they did so that over time and due solely to slavery this ruling class could emerge as the most powerful on Earth as it is today.

It’s interesting that the economic system of capitalism that introduced slavery into the Western Hemisphere and used it to amass for the chosen few the kinds of mind-boggling fortunes that they have today never is rarely held to account for the historical wrongs that made these chosen few what they are today, i.e. Wall Street’s would be “masters of the universe.” All too often we hear about this thing called “White male privilege” that amounts to some nebulous term that can be applied equally to any working class shmuck of the so called Caucasian variety for purposes of assigning blame and/or responsibility for something that they and their families of origin played no part in but get blamed for by the well paid mouthpieces of US plutocracy that itself stands conveniently behind a cleverly constructed wall of anonymity. The racism of the Klan as well as the more subtle kinds  of hate that exists in America today is something that is founded on the same ignorance of the masses that is encouraged by the power structure in a myriad of subtle ways that includes everything from the de-funding of public education to the kinds of personnel that get attracted to police work and the antediluvian attitudes that have prevailed in the past within the ranks of that profession.

I can speak from personal knowledge on this subject not because I have had a career in law enforcement but because my grandfather on my Dad’s side was a cop as well as all his unruly and wild sons at one time or another in their lives. As a small boy growing up I was impressed with such displays of manhood that were on display in my hot shot uncles’ description of their assumed  heroics in beating down black men only they used the n-word with great gusto as it flew off their tongues and became a ubiquitous part of their 1950s vocabulary. It’s no secret to me that there has been a kind of almost genocidal beat-down of African-American males by police departments across the country but for the most part that was in another era. What we are witnessing today is the last hurrah of that system of corrupt practices that even such high officials of the land such as America’s first African-American president and his former Attorney General also an African-American have been content to placate in the interest of their personal careers.

The easiest and most forthright way to defeat racism is to have the public schools fully funded so that they can teach the required courses in history and the other social sciences at all levels that will teach to children and teens the background of slavery, how it came into being, who specifically profited from it, and how this devilish social construct of race was invented to justify and uphold it by turning the marginalized White population, i.e. the European settler population mostly from Brittan, Ireland & Scotland into the overseer population that thus became partners in one of the greatest crimes in history without ever getting the real payout from that crime against humanity that lasted centuries and made America and the West more generally what it is today. Such a population did however revel to some extent in “White skin privilege,” but in the old South where segregation was the law of the land for 100 years after “old Dixie went down” in the flames of defeat “White skin privilege” was of a much different and more oppressive nature than in the North.

Racism them becomes the fall back position of the uneducated masses for explaining how  European civilization came to be the dominant civilization of Earth. The popular myth has it that it was not through crime that Europeans came to rule the world for 500 of the most terrible years that such places as Africa, India, China, and other parts of Asia and Latin America had to endure; it was a result of the unique superiority of the White race a term of art that one can still find in many of the historical accounts written in the 19th century that can still be found on the shelves of libraries and/or booksellers. The fact of the matter is that the only person who really stated the case succinctly was the Russian philosopher and occultist P.D. Ouspensky who put it thusly: “History as we know it is nothing but the history of crime.”

The statement has been made that slavery has existed at one time or another in the ancient world and that being the case many of own forbearers may have been slaves. Once again such myths related to the nature of the kind of slavery that existed in the ancient world and the kind of off the brutality charts kind of hard core slavery that epitomized chattel slavery in the so-called “New World” as invented and resorted to by the Anglo-Saxons and their cohorts can not be compared to one another as overall with some exceptions the conditions were so completely different. We could almost think of the kind of slavery that existed in the ancient world of Greece and Rome as slavery light when compared to the barbarities inflicted on the African slave population during what African American historian refer to as the Middle Passage. Anyone who is not familiar with what this term means should take the time to find out what it means if they really want to understand the nature and origins of African slave trade and the commercial practices employed at the time to ensure the fortunes of the fortunate few of the Anglo-Saxon investor class whose wealth and privileges derived from such barbarity.

Getting back to the point of this polemic the key critical fact that determines the difference between a Howard Beale and a homegrown domestic terrorist such as Dyylan Roof (the Charleston SC shooter) is the fact that the essentially pro-social behavior of a Howard Beale is driven by the many social connections that such people have as opposed to a Dyylan Roof who is a completely alienated individual lacking in the kind of health promoting social connections/relationships that will always act as a break on such terribly anti-social acts as this lone isolated individual domestic terrorist Dyylan Roof lacked. The fact that a large portion of the male population is in this psycho-social condition is the reason why so many males as opposed to females carry out such atrocities.

It is in regard to the underlying psychology of such acts and such individuals who act on their anti-social impulses that a critical psychological difference between women and men can be found. Whereas women (and girls) make relationship the benchmark of success in their lives, men (and boys) place a sense of accomplishment at the top of the list which determines success in life. This means that men generally tend to neglect the relationships that exist in their lives in favor of some external sense of accomplishment that all too frequently is determines by such factors as employment success, success with women who then become status symbols in their lives, or some other factor that tends to be bound up with a sense of achievement in life.

A lonely isolated and alienated individual who strikes out against other people who are different in terms of that hyper-American bugaboo race is hoping to get by his own admission a sense of accomplishment by starting the “race war” that his delusional thinking required of him. It’s possible that in such individuals that their behavior may be totally pre-determined by a whole set of factors from both their environment as well as internally from their own psychic mechanisms. Both of these sources may be so determining of behavior that such an individual become a mere bystander or an actor in his own life living out some role that has already been scripted for him.

The fact that trying to get help for such psychological/behavioral issues is seen as a sign of weakness by the society especially and primarily in men means that the loneliness and isolation of such individuals can not be broken through and they end up acting out the pathological behavior that could have been prevented through intervention. Added to this is the fact that any hope for confidentiality of the part of the person seeking treatment is undermined by the fact that for all the various allied mental healthy professions their first loyalty is to the police as informants in regard to any of the behaviors covered under such “duty to warn” the police laws that have been enacted across the country thus relegating such profession as could render effective intervention to mere agents of a police state. This fact is never considered in media accounts because of the political clout that their national professional organizations such as the APA, i.e. the American Psychological Association wield on their behalf behind the scene. The purpose of such political clout on behalf of such organizations as the APA is to keep from the public any awareness of the innate criminality of professional psychologists who have been a key critical part of the Bush/Obama torture regime used at the various CIA black sites located around the world that include such places in the news as Guantanamo Bay Cuba and Baghram AFB in Afghanistan as well as dozens of other black sites that have been able to stay black in spite of the embarrassing publicity given to these two now well know formerly black sites.

It is at such sites that professional psychologists under contract to either CIA or the Pentagon oversaw the daily torture of hundreds of so called “detainees” kidnapped from various parts of the world by the might makes right power driven justification of a national security state that has become increasingly criminal in all it various manifestations. To say that this overarching reality of the times will not impact the lives of average Americans going about their business on a day to day basis is to be not only out of touch with reality but dangerously misinformed as well!

Then on top of these two previous barriers to effective intervention for such dangerously alienated individuals as Dyylan Roof is the factor of affordability which means that such seriously needed mental health services are not being made available to those seriously disturbed person such as a Dyylan Roof if they lack the funds to cover such out of pocket co-pays that are not covered by any kind of health care insurance and that clients/patients are expected to pay themselves in spite of having health care insurance that should cover such expenses. That is hardly the case as these major insurance providers of health care coverage to the public are only interested in increasing their profits at the expense of a public that grows increasingly desperate for just such basics in life as heath care that is freely available to all citizens in the more civilized countries of Canada, the UK, France, Germany, etc. where the public interest is part of the same equation as the profit margins of the insurance providers or they have the kind of government run National Health Care System as exists in the UK.

Then of course there is the role played by the corporate media structure in the US that functions more like an official ministry of truth taking their lead stories from press handout given to their so called “reporters” by the press agents of the myriad of agencies that make up the apparatus of the national security state. Nothing could more fully epitomize the dystopian world of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four than the state of a lying and complicit media in the high crimes and misdemeanors of the capitalist state enterprise that has made these vast corporate empires an integral part of government and day to day governance.

The need to use fear as a means of terrorizing an already traumatized population and getting them to believe that each and every other person that they encounter is some sort of an existential threat means that the only trusted party becomes the police. In effect the media has played a key role in helping to set up and support an informant/ spy network based upon such dramatized fears as they are able to exploit and implant into the minds of average Americans that operates at both a national and a local level. This kind of a social atmosphere creates the right conditions for the kind of alienated personalities as we are seeing today such as Dyylan Roof who act out their anti-social fantasies that the corporate mass media empires can further exploit in the most deranged and tasteless fashion to further the kind of fear and alienation that serves only the interests of the evolving police state.

The mass social psychosis that is race in America is something that this business wing of an increasingly criminal capitalist state and ruling elite can not let go of because of the fact that the deep social divisions that have been created through the never-ending exploitation of race has created highly lucrative careers for such Democratic Party peddlers of identity politics as Barak Obama and his probable successor Hilary Clinton not to mention the countless other political and media hacks who feed from this same trough. Every aspect of life in America today has been subsumed to some degree through such considerations as identity politics has given rise to. This of course creates a counter-set of resentments felt by the disaffected and/or the left out from such special consideration based upon personal identity that increasingly seems to fuel the social psychosis of revenge seeking individuals such as Dyylan Roof who strike out violently against the assumed beneficiaries of the so called “special treatment” that has become synonymous in the minds of such alienated persons with an agenda that they are out of touch with and unable to appreciate for what it really is due to their own alienation from larger community around them.

In the end after cutting through all the BS it’s safe to say that science has demonstrated unequivocally that there is only one race in the world today and that is the human race whose members genus and species is known by anthropologists as Homo Sapiens Sapiens. The creepy social construct created by a criminal class of economic despots used to justify their own further enrichment and aggrandizement should not be allowed to continue to play havoc with our lives. Indeed the capitalist class in American today and its governing power structure assume that they can continue to play the American people like “a harp from hell” for their own personal enjoyment knowing instinctively that the kind of working class solidarity required to overthrow and abolish capitalism can not exist given the primal nature of such divisions as this social phenomenon of race has caused and can be counted on to continue to cause.

This one creepy social construct called “race” created in an other era by a criminal elite is the only thing that now stands in the way of the kind of expansion of class consciousness in America that is needed as a requirement to overthrow and put “paid” to the criminal ambitions of a class of economic despots who live off of the social misery that they knowingly create through this time honored method of bamboozlement.


About charlesknause

I was born in Camden, N.J. (now the poorest city in America) in 1950 and grew up in a beautiful old Victorian town in South Jersey called Collingswood. I now live in Ormond Beach, FL where the weather suits my spirit. My personal life was impacted at an early point in my life by a psychiatric diagnosis that changed my life and put me on the workers scrap heap. I have refused to accept such a miserable fate and today consider myself a social activist dedicated to changing the way that people who have been diagnosed with a serious psychiatric disability are perceived by society and the people in their community. I have a B.S. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida and 18 graduate credits in Mental Health Counseling from Stetson University in DeLand, FL as well as 24 graduate credits in an MSW program at UCF. I am a member of the Volusia County Behavioral Health Care Providers Consortium where I function as an advocate. I am a daily reader of the World Socialist Website and an occasional contributor.
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