A World to Win!


It’s interesting and telling that Obamination’s new Attorney General Loretta Lynch has seen fit to get the chief magistrate of the nation to issue an order requiring that all colleges and universities that receive some form of federal money usually in the form of federal student aid to compile accurate records on all sexual assaults that occur on campus and share those records with the US Dept. of Justice headed up by the new AG. Contrast this action with the refusal of Lynch and her predecessor Eric Holder to require police departments across the nation to compile accurate records of all police killings of innocent US citizens gunned down or murdered in some other fashion by these same PDs.

The obvious difference is that in regard to Lynch’s new decree the alleged victims are almost entirely female with the perps being of course the usual male suspects. The over one thousand innocent US citizens murdered by police departments across the US every year are almost entirely men and boys with of course a few notable exceptions. The justification for the war being conducted against the youth of the nation by an increasingly totalitarian state is the unstated assumption that every male in America today is indeed a suspect in regard to his behavior and that PDs across the US are therefore justified to subject this part of the working class population to the most brutal forms of aggression that indeed constitutes a kind of gendercide. A feminist ideology that has grown increasingly exterministic in regard to the working class male population in the same manner in which the Nazi ideology grew increasingly exterministic towards the object of its ideologically inspired hatred lends the same kind of pseudo-justification as the latter ideology lent to the political state comprising the Third Reich that was used to justify its crimes against humanity under the kind of pseudo-legalistic poppycock that masqueraded as real law.


The US ruling class’s turn toward an ideology that can ruthlessly and brutally suppress the most restive portion of the American working class population is of a piece with the pre-WWII German capitalist class’s exploitation of a toxic and dangerous ideology whose chief purpose was to suppress the most intellectually and socially advanced layer of German bourgeois society and the working class that was overwhelmingly Jewish and well educated. Indeed in many ways it was this vanguard to the suppressed social revolution in Germany that its capitalist class felt most threatened by hence the need of an ideology that could be used to justify the neutralization of this threat.

Both of these ideologies were and are based upon certain kinds of cultural dominants that could be exploited to justify the kind of inevitable mass murder and extermination of the alleged “guilty” party that is the result of the mass psychosis that such totalitarian ideologies end up producing. The US ruling class and the political state that it controls has for the most part successfully racialized the state sponsored war of terror being perpetrated against the youth of the nation and the working class population more generally by highlighting only those cases where the victims are African-American. The result of this is the Democratic Party controlled Black Lives Matter campaign that has been the key political organ in regard to the racializing of this campaign of gendercide being waged by the US ruling class and the political state that it controls. This argument regarding the power structure’s need to racialize the unjustifiable killings that amount to over 1000 innocent victims yearly in no way is meant to suggest that racism does not play a role in regard to the hundreds of innocent African-American victims of this police holocaust but is meant entirely to point out that there is a larger picture here driven by class factor that sees the entire American working class as a population that can no longer to controlled by any other methods than the kind of police state oppression that epitomizes the essence of what a totalitarian society is all about.

It’s true as well and a point worth making that African-Americans because of their own history of fighting against oppression constitute the vanguard or spearhead of the contemporary revolution that seems to be taking place and getting organized in the streets as well as the more tradition Marxist schools of social revolution that have been around for quite a while. The fact of the matter however is that this spearhead of the contemporary revolution needs to find a way to involve the whole body of the working class if it is to be effective in regard its seeking redress to its own grievances. In other words the supreme irony of the moment is that African-Americans will have to find a way to liberate everyone from the injustices that we all face today under a dying social order that threatens war overseas and increased state repression at home in order to completely liberate themselves from not only the same common source of our mutual oppression as a class but an intensified version of the standard form of oppression that a decadent dying capitalist world order has in store for the international working class wherever it is to be found.

The flip-side or corollary to this theorem is that the White working class will begin to see and know that its own liberation can only be had by coming to accept this new political reality of our times, i.e. that African-Americans due to their own unique history of struggle as a people against what is indeed our common foe do in fact constitute this vanguard of the revolution that must be honored and respected for the energy that it brings to the task. That energy alone however will not suffice to drive the stake through the heart of the capitalist vampire unless it can fully and completely connect with the enormous amount of rage against the system that has slowly been building up in the rest of the American working class population owing of course to the effect that global capitalism has of leveling wages across the planet in the never-ending quest for increased profits that is the life’s blood of capitalism that pretty much puts “paid” to all the illusions regarding what has been called “White skin privilege.”

This new trans-valuation of what was formerly a dubious social benefit has now produced the new phenomenon the the angry White male who violently strikes out against others in self destructive acts of violence and personal debasement that prove that this once upon a time “White skin privilege” has been transformed under the aegis of the times into “the White man’s burden.” The angry White self-destructive male has now become public enemy number one or at the very least tied with the oversexed well hung super stud African-American male that those once upon a time chivalrous Knights of the KKK tried to protect Southern womanhood from. In essence what we have today is a common police state internal demand that all males should now be considered “armed and dangerous” because they all have arms hanging at their sides that could conceivably be used as “weapons” (Oh, those mythical weapons like Saddam’s WMDs) against the police. Finding a reason to repress the most restive portion of the population is what this is all about!

It’s a safe assumption to make that if Americans as a whole and that includes the working class is willing to elect and support in office an African-American president whose only real mission is to protect and further the interests of that portion of international finance capital that has claimed ownership rights in regard to the American political state, then this same working class will enthusiastically support such a vanguard party of the revolution as that which understands the key value of African-American leadership in this movement/revolution and the fact that the old-time rallying cry of “an injury to one is an injury to all” really does apply! In other words all appeals to the social construct of race as the only method of defining the increased level of state terror directed at the entire working class will be doomed from the start because such racialist logic no matter how correct it may be in regard to its many assertion will probably not be able to bring into the struggle the conscript army of other alienated workers in support of the shock troops of the revolution whose energy and valor will fade away quickly if such full support from these larger numbers does not arrive at the scene of battle in time to give that support.

This boils down to a question of tactics which is something that unfortunately never gets discussed in the open because one naturally assumes that all such discussions should take place in private or off the grid entirely owing to the prohibitive nature that such a tactical discussion would constitute. The fact of the matter is however that the only way to defeat the mass surveillance national security state is to conduct even the most important discussions out in the open in a manner that can be shared with the greatest number of people in as transparent a manner as possible. Such is in keeping with the nature of the World Permanent Revolution that must first liberate America and then the world!


This campaign of state terror and oppression has been extended to the prison population in the US that is the largest in the world on a per capita basis and overwhelmingly male. Examples of sexual humiliation and torture are such integral aspects of prison life in America that one can safely make the assumption that this state of affairs is something that the political state encourages, sponsors, and initiates for its own reasons related as they are to the larger question of social control. This state sponsored, encouraged, and initiated psychosexual sadism directed against the prison populations that it controls generally happens in a kind of parallel universe that goes unseen which is what the Prison Industrial Complex really is. Unfortunately for those whose fortunes and careers are tied to such cruelty it was on full display for the world to see with the release of the Abu Ghrahib prison photos that were clear unmistakable evidence of the kind of officially sponsored psychosexual sadism that is often directed at such prison populations in the US


Abu Ghrahib prison outside of Baghdad was a US military run prison that employed in their Army Reserve and National Guard units prison guards and other such US prison personnel who served in the same capacity in Iraq and Afghanistan. Such ghoulish prison guards as could be seen in the photos grinning and giving the thumbs up sign over the dead bodies of Iraqi men they had tortured to death learned their grizzly trade in the same US prisons in which they worked stateside. It was these same digital photos that were used inadvertently by these same guards to in effect document their grizzly work as tortures and murderer for their own personal amusement that became the evidentiary basis of their own prosecution and convictions which served the convenient purpose for the power structure/political state of absolving all those higher up in the command structure who had authorized such methods to be used.

The major propaganda organs of the ruling class and its political state more or less just ignore the facts about this kind of psychosocial sadism that is directed at men while in prison in favor of creating the kind mass fear and hysteria that the American Rape Myth has always been successful in creating since the earliest days of the New England theocracy where it served as justification for the extermination of the native tribes that formerly inhabited New England prior to the arrival of the Anglo-Saxon wolf in sheep’s clothing that always relies heavily of religious and/or moral justification for its acts of cruelty, genocide, and terror. This technique that the mass media routinely employs to terrorize the population is known as the “Big Lie.” It is the standard method that all totalitarian regimes exploit to turn truth on its head. It also serves to further the alienation of such a captive population as Americans have become through the conscious and consistent use of trumped up and exaggerated fear campaigns. The mentality that this creates in such a demoralized population is that no one can be trusted except the police which in turn furthers the apparatus of the totalitarian police state even further by way of the rat lines (or spy networks) that it establishes or purposes on gathering personal information about even ( or perhaps especially) the most intimate aspects of a persons life.

[Looked at from the perspective of the police state, such intimate details of a target person’s life may be unavailable to the agencies of the state without these kinds of rat lines/spy networks developed through the use of such trumped to fear campaigns. It should be noted as well that the kind of mass hysteria that such fear campaigns produce in the population can also be defined as a kind of mass insanity! In his memorable book The Sane Society the renown psychoanalyst Eric Fromm details the many known recorded historical accounts of such mass hysteria/mass insanity and how the few unaffected or sane persons in fact become labeled as “insane” for purely political purposes. The family is the social institution most responsible for the enforcement of social and political orthodoxy in its members]

It was the slave masters of the old antebellum South who knew that if they were able to break psychologically the male part of the slave population that was always the most restive and rebellious that the rest of the African-American slave population would fall into line and offer little or no resistance to the brutal oppression that it would then have to live under. This is not to imply that African-American women were not subject to the worst sort of abuse imaginable (both physical, emotional, and sexual) but that the oppression and incidents of abuse as were common in that era and aimed at women hardly compared the lethal violence that was directed against the male portion of the slave population for the long term strategic needs of the slave owners hence the need of the feminist ideologues to attempt to create the illusion that somehow rape is a crime worse that murder because whereas murder only kills the body, rape is aimed at destroying the soul of the victim.

This juxtaposition of reality that employs religiously based magical thinking by a movement ideology that professes to be entirely secular reveals much about the inconsistencies that such a totalitarian ideology glosses over in its attempt to present itself as 100% rational and not influenced by the kind of magical thinking that personifies a religion. Such totalitarian ideologies do indeed constitute a kind of new age religion based like all other religious ideologies on the irrational at the expense of the rational. This theme has been explored by many experts in the field who study the nature of religious phenomenon and the various and often competing ideologies that became in the 20th century not just a substitute for religion but a real religion indeed for its adherents who more often than not professed themselves to be atheists.

In this sense both Nazism in Germany and Feminism in America were secular movements in name only because of the kind of magical thinking that was employed to justify the demonization of the “other” that became a key effective element in the teaching component of the ideology. The same could be said for Stalinism in the former USSR and the many other perversions of Marxism that sprang up in the 20th century and that basically served the material needs of a small governing party elite. Such doctrines constitute a kind of psychic virus that once let loose on a society can not be put back into the bottle due to the rapid rate of infection that such psychic viruses produce. The present regime in North Korea is an example of a political state based upon a religious pantheon of past and present day party officials who take the place of more traditional deities, saints, angels, etc. that create and sustain the kind of magical thinking that personifies religion regardless of the form it takes.



What further proof could be needed than the reality of such reformatory type schools in the old South and across much of the rest of America as the Arthur C. Dozier School in Mariana Florida where hundreds of young defenseless boys are alleged to have been brutally tortured and then murdered for no reason at all by those school authorities entrusted with their care.


This is how America treats its children at least its male children who come from a working class background and are considered by the political state to be a wholly and completely disposable commodity. The history of the Arthur C. Dozier School in Mariana Florida located not far from the state capitol of Tallahassee in the Florida panhandle proves this point. The overwhelming emphasis on creating endless opportunities for girls and women has been purchased at the cost of such malignant neglect of the needs of boys but also by the unseen gendercide against boys that took place at the Dozier School for Boys in Mariana Florida and in all probability innumerable other such literal death camps for the youth of a nation that placed no value whatsoever on their lives then as well as now! One wonders what would have been the official narrative or lack of any need for a narrative regarding the Nazi death camps is invading allied armies had not liberated such death camps. The same question could be asked regarding Stalin’s gulag system if there had been no Solzhenitsyn to report on them thus exposing this previously unknown aspect of Soviet life to the wider world outside of the USSR. It is easy for such a totalitarian society to call forth the kind of loyalty needed from all the institutions of the society to keep such matters secret under a severe penalty of some sort. More often than not this penalty has in the past been perceived as the need of any given family to uphold its honor by having such a maverick threatened with legal commitment or actually being committed, or having the “right” to “freely” commit him/herself to the local county or state run mental hospital. This is the death camp/gulag story about the evolving nature of totalitarianism in America that has yet to be told in full.

These are not isolated examples but rather the exception that proves the rule that C.G. Jung was correct when he made the remark that the real religion of America is the worship of woman. As the so called most religious nation on Earth we can see that such religion as exists in America today as it has always been, is a form of cruelty based upon idolatry. According to the dominant religious myth here was only one sinless man who ever lived named Jesus so the old time backwoods religion tells us and he was crucified for his one and only transgression of the Mosaic Law by claiming to be the Deity! Poor fellow! On the basis of this what should be done will all the rest of that horrible and terrible sex called male that is nothing else but a continual never ending pain in the @$$ for all ruling classes in the historic era and a source of sin according to the bible thumping firebrands from backwoods America whose political fortunes rise and fall depending upon their usefulness to the ruling class the political state during times of upheaval and stress.

Since the original establishment of the New England theocracy this kind of perverted religious ideology has held sway in one form or another over the minds of both women and men who joyfully became their own executioners in an effort to serve such a terrible god.



What all this means is that capitalism has changed all the old rules on us and people are finding it difficult and almost impossible to comprehend the nature of these changes and what such change mean for even the most private and intimate aspect of our lives. As women were forced by economic necessity to join the labor market en mass beginning in the early 1970s the rules of the road governing relations and relationships between the two major genders (as opposed to the minor genders that contemporary capitalist culture revels in having created) began to change in ways that began to tip the balance of power both within the family as well as in the wider world in favor of a more equal distribution of power generally but in other spheres to a gradual new accumulation of power by professional women whose gave voice to this new born sense of power that motivated their agenda in ways that many men found hard to tolerate of accept.

A battle of the sexes seemed to ensue at some point in all of this which led in turn to ever more extremist thinking and politicing become the new well established norm. A cultural rift had opened up for the first time in modern history that was being advanced on all sides by the most extreme elements who benefited from the logic of a situation that was out of control and making peoples lives worse rather than better contrary to the rhetoric of the early feminists all of whose pronouncements regarding their political and social program seemed eminently reasonable and worthy of support. Somewhere along the line however this began to change as the extremist in the movement were experiencing a new born sense of power and were incapable of understanding how all such undue power corrupts as the saying has it when hubris comes to replace what had been common sense and the common sense of the working masses who were comfortable with the logic of the early feminist agenda and program.

A new sense of the error of past ways seems to be bringing about a new re-examination of the basic core issues amongst many women who can see clearly that power does indeed corrupt ones soul and original purpose and that now is the time to maybe begin to change course. This is all to the good and I would add a re-think that is overdue. The question that I would ask however is if this present re-think enough to offset the sense of desperation on the part of America’s ruling class and their national security political state to shamelessly exploit the feminist ideology as a way of suiting their needs offsetting the decline of the US and the West more generally as the kind of positive and progressive civilization that it was in the past by creating an utterly false patina of progressivism that the ruling class’s adoption of this ideology has engendered and set into motion? For a variety of reasons I think that the answer to this is no; it won’t change a damned thing as this is a ruling class and political power structure already steeped in crime drunk with a sense of its own power and lust for global imperialist domination at any and all cost to humanity and the world. Only be standing up now at this the most dangerous moment in world history and not being afraid to call a spade a spade can this criminal agenda based upon the use of militarism and a new world war be checked and possible overturned and maybe even bought to justice of one sort or another for the threat that its reckless actions present to existential safety of 300 million Americans and billions of others worldwide.

C.G. Jung claimed that “politics is the disease of the 20th century.” Being head of the German Psychoanalytic Association during WWII gave Jung a front row seat to the mass insanity that Europe and much of the civilized world became subject to as a result of the psychic virus let loose in Germany called “National Socialism” that catalyzed the unhealthy age old resentment against the Jews that formed the basis of the many seemingly innocuous morality plays that dated back to the Middle Ages that held the Jews accountable for the hysterically ridiculous crime of Deicide!

Something that should have been seen as a comedy became the 20th centuries greatest tragedy because the German ruling class was willing to use a ragtag bunch of social misfits who had tailored this noxious cultural legacy into something far more diabolical whose purpose was to serve their needs of inventing a justification for what became the greatest crime in history. Such is the danger inherent in all ideologies no matter how beneficent they may seem at one time or another in the early days of their inception. Ideologies exploit through the use of symbols the deepest layers of what Jung called the Collective Unconsciousness which is a layer of the human psyche that all human being everywhere shared in as a part of the deeper layers of their unconscious mind which in turn is the mind of nature at work in them at a quantum level at all times but usually only recognizable through the dream state which was as Freud put it-“The royal road to the unconscious.”Its through the use of symbols that the unconscious mind recognizes that catalyze its activity that in turn overwhelms the rational workings of the conscious mind by way of these psychic viruses that start off as mere ideologies.

The real answer dear Banquo lies not within us or in our stars but in a ruthless ruling class hell-bent on complete and total world domination at any and all costs to others that knows how to manipulate us on the basis of such symbols and in the final analysis become a threat to itself as well. It plays us “like a harp from hell” through the use of such manipulation of the masses by the methods mentioned above to serve its own private ends  of the accumulation of ever more obscene levels of wealth as a result of a system called capitalism that is broken and can not be fixed. In the end its up to us to step up and accept the responsibility that history is now giving us and that we can not escape from.

“We have a world to win and nothing to loose!”

In summation then we have a new cultural gradient that the dying patriarchal old world order of the West and North America can exploit in a vain attempt to regain its lost legacy of dominance. That cultural gradient is of course the entire neo-liberal political, economic, and social program of rolling back all the progress that has taken place within the last 100 years to bring about a greater degree of equality and fairness in society and to protect and establish what is referred to as the middle class. This term middle class is a misdefinition of that segment of the working class that constitutes what some Marxian theorists have called the labor aristocracy because it is that more privileged portion of the working class that is better educated and maintains a living standard sufficiently above the mere rabble to almost appear to be in a different class altogether.

The well established fact of the matter is however that indeed appearances can be quite deceiving and especially so in regard to this so called middle class that constitutes the labor aristocracy and that lives quite well as a result of the White skin privilege of another era whose origin was attached to the original overseer class. Such benefits no longer obtain today to the degree that they did in the past but there is enough truth to the saying that the more things change the more they stay the same.

Its through and as a result of the transvaluation of victimization into something that has real political, economic, and social value for those members of the labor aristocracy who can use Identity Politics to advance their personal careers and fortunes within an otherwise thoroughly dismal social and economic milieu that this seemingly “feminist” agenda has been created that in fact has become a clever social mechanism for patriarchy to reassert itself all the while hiding behind this shield of progressivism that has always been the justification for US imperialism when the situation arises that such a resort to progressive politics is the only conceivable justification that can be exploited by the imperialists for the rape and dismemberment of whatever country or society they plan to throw on the junk pile of history by way of adding it to their collection of already raped and looted nations that make up the imperialist empire that Bush 41 labeled the New World Order. Nothing could be more ridiculous as this is an attempt at the restoration of the Old World Order dressed up as something new thanks to the boost that it gets through the legitimization of Identity politics and all the cultural trash that such methods toward restoration carries within its polluted wake.

There is another very subtle fact at work that bears directly upon the two major divisions that have always existed within the women’s movement since its earliest inception. The division consists of those elements who feel firm in their conviction that whatever men can do by way of work, professional career, sports, etc. women can also do equally well. There is a science of history that indicates that in the past and in past eras women did indeed do everything that today we assume to be “men’s work” however through the passage of eons of time such traits and abilities have become recessive gene traits that in some cases have been lost and no longer exist within the human gene pool. This is especially true with Westerners, i.e. Europeans who exhibit the greatest degree of sexual dimorphism which basically means a progressive movement away from androgyny. Such androgyny is much greater within other populations around the world such as occur in Asia, Africa, Latin America amongst the indigenous peoples where it is a fact that they have come out of societies and social formations were the gender rolls were interchangeable.

Biology is destiny according to some and this would seem to be the case most surely for that genetically over ridged faux race called White, Caucasian, European or whatever other type of highly non descript term one might want to use in a vain attempt to define something that really does not exist at all accept in our imaginations because we have been socially conditioned to accept this mirage as something real. It would seem to be the case that White Supremacy wherever it is to be found is a misguided and delusional attempt to limit the very inflow of new genes into the gene pool that increase the biological flexibility, i.e. adaptability of any given population as a hedge against the kind of biological rigidity that increases the likelihood of extinction. Based upon this proper understanding of the role of evolution and human biology, one can more fully see White Supremacy as merely the death wish/cult of the few who seek to enforce their ignorance upon the masses. Science should always be our guide in regard to such things.


About charlesknause

I was born in Camden, N.J. (now the poorest city in America) in 1950 and grew up in a beautiful old Victorian town in South Jersey called Collingswood. I now live in Ormond Beach, FL where the weather suits my spirit. My personal life was impacted at an early point in my life by a psychiatric diagnosis that changed my life and put me on the workers scrap heap. I have refused to accept such a miserable fate and today consider myself a social activist dedicated to changing the way that people who have been diagnosed with a serious psychiatric disability are perceived by society and the people in their community. I have a B.S. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida and 18 graduate credits in Mental Health Counseling from Stetson University in DeLand, FL as well as 24 graduate credits in an MSW program at UCF. I am a member of the Volusia County Behavioral Health Care Providers Consortium where I function as an advocate. I am a daily reader of the World Socialist Website and an occasional contributor.
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