I have previously written on the topic of Friedrich Nietzsche under a title that I now regret as ill chosen and that showed my own lack of knowledge and seriousness regarding Friedrich Nietzsche and his life’s work as a philosopher, social critic of his times, and public intellectual extraordinaire. The title that I chose for that piece was Anti-Nietzsche which sounded very clever to me at the time but in actual fact as I look back somewhat embarrassedly at that article; I realize that it said more about me and my real lack of knowledge on the topic that I sought to address in my usual often sarcastic style. I am hoping to make amends for that ill informed piece now.

Friedrich Nietzsche was a true genius something that I will never be able to claim to be. My attempt at a thoroughgoing understanding of the existential and phenomenological philosophy of Nietzsche has been pursued in a highly unorthodox manner that is typical in some ways of the manner and means that I often choose to penetrate a body of thought that for me at least has filled me with foreboding from the start so that I really had no other methodology for approaching this topic that in my own mind’s confused way had put a big sign on Nietzsche saying- FORBODEN!

I read about three-quarters of Thus Speke Zarathustra and stopped reading it because I was not psychologically or intellectually inclined to think favorably of any so called “philosopher” such as Nietzsche who delivered his dark but highly lucid philosophy in verse and aphorisms. Poetry was poetry and philosophy was something else altogether different! What kind of a 19th century German idealist put his philosophical contribution to the ages in verse or poetry? Only someone with such an unencumbered vast view of the Cosmos and man’s pitiful place within it could have conceived of such a project as Zarathustra as a means to honor the immensity of such an inner vision. Honesty is what Nietzsche and his magnum opus is all about, but honesty is not something that the common man or woman of our age traffics in.

Since we live in an age that the British political novelist George Orwell characterized as a “time of universal deceit,” it’s easy to see why such personal, intellectual, and philosophical honesty as Nietzsche bought to bear in his life’s labor found so little support amongst the masses who preferred the universal deceit of the age to any kind of personal encounter with the truth. Jean Paul Satre’s famous term bad faith is another way to characterize this uniquely post-modern need for self-deception that maybe constitutes the public’s need for some sort of new “opium of the masses” that can replace the old one that no longer offers any sort on analgesic relief to the masses from the harsh realities of daily living that they face in a valueless world devoid of any real sense of meaning.

As we all know and should be willing to admit if only to ourselves, Truth is something that few people are really emotionally and/or spiritually able to deal with in its full measure. We can however, handle small to medium sized doses of it in varying degrees based upon any given person’s individual capacity for such. Nietzsche however, was quite different in that respect as he was not at all afraid to look the Medusa full on and right into her horrid eyes that (like Merlin’s dragon an age or two later that symbolized life itself) was impossible for any human to look at directly  without being turned to stone (or maybe a pillar of salt) instantly!  The strength of the little professor with the big mustache was that he was not turned to stone instantly although over time the burden of his monumental truth regarding humans and their pitiful little place in the vast and limitless Cosmos did wear him down to the point that in the end only a burnt out psyche remained that had nothing more to say, indeed it had given its all in the service of that inner vision that few to this day really are capable of honoring for what it really was and is in our own day fraught with the existential anxiety of a people caught up in a civilization wholly without a values compass to guide them and sadly forlorn and adrift in the limitless sea of Cosmic possibilities.

The second work of the brilliant Swiss-German philologist that I was able to comprehend and appreciate was The Genealogy of Morals. I had always wondered where these various “dos and don’ts” came from? Where they innate to human nature as some seem to imply or were these rights and wrongs the result of the deists and the millennia of oppression and conformity that their (immoral) moral codes have been enforcing on a suffering humanity? Is the organized cruelty of religion and its moral codes  actually Freud’s necessary evil that he felt was required in order to bring about the sublimation of primitive drives and instincts thus rendering the human beast capable of living in and producing the kinds of advanced societies and higher civilizations that we all benefit from today? Yes, Freud may have been right but so was Nietzsche when through the careful use of the science of philology he discovered that the moral codes that we live and suffer under today have nothing to do with right or wrong per se but are just a highly arbitrary set of rules used by ruling classes down through the ages to impose their will on the vast herd of human cattle that they ruled over.

According to such contemporary atheists as Richard Dawkins, morality is the sour fruit of religion. For Nietzsche it is a form of cruelty imposed on people through the most obscene and diabolical forms of violence imaginable in an age so far distant from the present era that we call it the stone age; but it was in the most ancient of pre-historic times ( a mere micro-second on the face of Eternity) that the social conditioning of the masses began with a deluge of blood and gore that the ancient ruling formerly nomadic herders deemed necessary to inculcate their “law” into the teaming herd of humanity that they now ruled over by right of the endless tribal feuds that epitomize the nomadic lifestyle in conflict with the settled life of the city that still exists in its existential purity in certain pristine areas of the planet.

The past for most people is indeed as big a mystery to them as any so called “future” that they may imagine themselves to be the heirs of. Indeed it is more probable to suggest that, to paraphrase Freud, the future is indeed an illusion for this vast human herd that more probably than not faces the grim prospect of outright extinction bought about by any number of easily predictable factors that now function as a kind of silent atomic doomsday clock that has been set in motion ages ago by the internal logic of these very selfsame methods of social conditioning of the masses that I am discussing here. Such a methodology epitomizes and constitutes the so called (immoral)moral domain that is in fact a form of cruelty aligned with religion born out of the blood and gore of our Neolithic past as the type of social conditioning that has left its mark within each and every psyche but more importantly as a record of sorts within the collective unconscious of the seemingly domesticated human herd that has consistently found new ways of re-balancing the old equation in a new way though the acts of creative genius that mark its progression through history and the ages.

The various factors that supposedly make up the deadly silent atomic doomsday clock have been labeled appropriately enough The Human Extinction Protocol. There is nothing that can stop it as much as the rulers and their mandarins may find it necessary to deceive themselves and by so doing perhaps hope to deceive us as well if we have a will (or rather the lack of one) that allows us to become so easily and happily deceived as is the wont of the well tamed herd without compass or rudder forever applying the principles of bad faith to all it encounters driven by sheer and utter necessity to find new forms of belief to replace the dead father god of their elders. Contrary to the protestations and the pretensions of some post-modern Marxists would be saviors  of their multi-cultural masses this human herd too often appears to be completely domesticated. Are its members equally incapable of thinking for themselves as individuals and being the kind of truly authentic self actualized human beings that Jung once thought was possible for each and every human being?Toward the end of his life Jung knew this was nonsense and that it was only the rare exception where such authentic self actualization was possible. For a similar reason Nietzsche coined the term superman, a term that like its originator enjoys the sad fate of being very much misunderstood by the so called masses who see in it a mere comic book figure in place of the Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Moses figure that Nietzsche actually had in mind when he originally coined the term.

If it’s true (and it is) that knowledge is power as well as emancipation and ultimately self actualization, then one can begin as a result of this a priori understanding to see why the ruling class that of late has colonized America finds it so necessary to actively encourage ignorance in a large enough portion of the working class herd! Perhaps it’s so that this rabble will to be able to shout down through the use of violence and other tactical means all genuinely healthy developments within that portion of the American working class that at present  seeks to liberate itself from under the iron heal of the kind of contemporary capitalist oppression that increasingly makes life impossible for all other parts of the society that it rules over. The sole exception is that element of the most mentally, socially, and psychically degenerate elements of the herd assumed incorrectly to be located mostly in the South. It’s this element that the corporate power structure actively seeks to cultivate as the dead weight of ignorance that acts as a kind of ballast for the kind of highly unstable version of capitalism that personifies the American variant which is probably more of a hybrid than most people realize except perhaps those members of the American working class who have had the opportunity that wealth affords to the few to travel abroad to see how capitalism gets done elsewhere.

The contest now in America is which of these two factions within the working class herd or labor commodity ( to indicate how the actual capitalist views the matter) will win out and it need’s perhaps to be stated again that the class rulers do indeed play favorites and in this case they cast their vote and the full weight of their covert (and often overt) support in favor of ignorance and stupidity of the most venal and degrading kind imaginable that this yahoo segment exhibits because this is what gets the job done and they know it from generations of past experience in dealing with the particular herd animal that makes up the basis of their real social wealth! This of course can never be stated openly by the capitalists (out of cunning respect for their herd animals) regarding the real source of capitalist wealth. An anthropological account of human history reveals the intriguing fact that it’s the world’s various nomadic peoples down through the ages that have transformed themselves from herders of animals to herders of people after such notable nomads as the ancient Hebrew tribes under Joshua overran Jerrico, the first great center of human civilization to exist on our planet! It was the conquerors who ended up being conquered by the wisdom and ways of a superior civilization and culture but not before they left their own mark upon it by way of their laws, morality, and such.  Another perfect example of this is the jonnie-come-lately nomadic herders of the central Asian plains, the Turkic tribes, who morphed into the rulers of the Ottoman Empire under the influence of the powerful narcotic of Islam that an aeon or two later did the same thing to the city of Jerusalem.

So it’s in the nature of things for capitalism and the capitalists themselves to have a kind of sociopathic character that they inherited from their ancestors that they routinely exhibit in numerous and sundry ways that they assume is just what nature has decreed as the normal course of things (Social Darwinism) and that the working class herd is brutally and subtly conditioned to accept. Thinking follows behavior according to behavioral scientists and in this they are of course correct! The most important thing is to make people behave, thinking is quite incidental to this!

The real crisis of the West that Nietzsche addressed with his famous line out of the mouth of Zarathustra that –“God is dead!” is merely to admit that the Christian religion no longer obtains in the West that for 2000 years was guided by Christianity and the Christian ideal in all its affairs so that today a psychic and spiritual vacuum exists in the West that will not be easily filled. This crisis of values is the greatest spiritual and moral crisis that the West has ever had to face in its 2000 years of existence and one that it most likely will not survive. This epochal crisis that has never occurred in the West before presents unique moral, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual challenges for the individual. The chief counter to this crisis that presents itself to the individual caught up within this crisis and struggling in his/her own way to find meaning in their lives is the mindless curse of religious fundamentalism that asserts itself against all the higher human values that have survived and/or been built up through the ages.

This monstrous force of darkness and outright evil seeks to return humanity to a true dark age from which there will be no return possible. This of course is one vector (or factor) of The Human Extinction Protocol that must be fought against and countered using the ever present gifts of creativity and genius that has marked human progress down through the ages to the present era. Such religious fundamentalism while acting as a dynamic social force is in fact a negative spiritual/psychic value whose impact on the human psyche is as deadly as any asteroid impact that did away with the dinosaurs 500 millions years ago. The name of this psychic/spiritual asteroid is indeed Wormwood and the name alone is indicative of its orientation to all living things but most especially human living things!

The inner workings of the Divine Light within has always been with us through the inspired (and inspiring) actions of the Collective Unconscious that is the true guiding force of human history that has always had (and continues to have) the Divine spark of genius capable of finding within the material substrate of culture and the environment the creative means of mitigation required in order for some form of social peace to exist between  the human herd and its overseers. Indeed it is the hidden light of this Divine genius within the species that has enabled culture and civilization to exist. Jung defined the Collective Unconscious as something unbounded by either time or space and therefore encompassing a totality within the Cosmic structure of things that brings balance, completeness, and wholeness to the human condition.

This and this alone is what in the final analysis makes life possible for us individually and as a species in spite of a seemingly infinitude of pain and suffering that not only individuals can be subjected to but humanity as a whole has been and continues to be subjected to by the ignorance and blindness of its rulers over the long ages of its existence. It is this ignorance and blindness that is the very source of evil in all its many varied forms and permutations. It’s the human condition caught up in the social milieu of such evil seeks that projects this evil onto wholly fictitious inventions in order to escape the harsh reality of its own impotence that such unprojected evil presents to the individual human psyche.

Myths and legends abound that date from the earliest times of antiquity that seek not to remind us of our own impotence in the face of such monstrous evil by deflecting it onto something else that we seemingly do have power over.This process enables the psyche to take some measure of comfort in a comfortless world. Such is the genius of the Collective Unconscious in that it has given (and continues to give) us every reason to live in a milieu where death would seem more rational in the face of our own personal and social impotence.

Unfortunately there is in all too many an element of cruelty that is a result of the kind of deformed personality structure that as individuals and in the collective have all become the misbegotten inheritors of. Try as we might we can not disassociate ourselves from ourselves but the message of the Collective Unconscious handed down to us in the myths and legends that date to pre-history is that we can transcend our own individual egos and seek for the many mansions of love and kindness within that can define us in contradistinction to the individual deformed ego structure of many. Wilhelm Reich theorized that this innate tendency toward cruelty is the direct result of the kind of sexual repression that has since time immemorial been a part of various religious creeds of these former animal breeders and herders who as the aeons passed became the rulers over the human herd of today obsessed with sex and the elements of breeding that were (and continue to be) an inescapable aspect of the ancient breeder/herder mentality that still animates the sociopathic nature of the religious creeds that have been enforced on the human herd over the ages through violence and other means meant to turn the human being into the docile herd animal that he/she has become devoid of Eros the life-force and possessed by Tanthos  the destructive urge that Freud referred to as the death wish. Sexual sadism is the result of such sexual suppression that forms the sole basis of contemporary moral codes that serve no other purpose that to suppress Eros the life instinct.It is this which is routinely inflicted on the millions of young men locked up in the prison industrial complex and from time to time inadvertently captured in pirated photos such as the notorious Abu Grahibb pics that just showed the demons doing their jobs as jailers. On Sundays they call it “God’s work” as if there is a difference!

The dessert religions of the Semitic nomad tribes of the former Aramaic/Syriac Civilization  promised its adherents “life after death” if they would only suspend any true authentic attempt to live in the only life they had and ever would have. This trick based upon the capacity for magical thinking in defiance of facts and logic that does have a certain kind of value in certain kinds of situations worked well at swindling the masses out of the only real life that they would ever have in favor of some cleverly invented after death life that demanded great personal sacrifice on the part of the creed/cult’s adherents to gain admission to this nether-world patriarchal kingdom of the imagination. It was through the demonization of sex that the Patriarchy of the ancient era condemned the principle of the Divine Feminine to live in exile, humiliation, and shame. Indeed shaming in regard to the normal self-regulatory value of sex had the effect of producing the kind of one sided warped personality structure that typifies the mentality of post-modern men and women.

By subjecting the life force inherent in sex and the principle of the Divine Feminine to their brutal and costly control the animal herders now in charge of the human herd have transformed human nature into something that it never should have become, i.e. a source of pain and embarrassment inflicted on us all for the crime of being human or what their religious creeds refer to as “our” original sin which is truly theirs and theirs alone. Such is the present contradictory nature of human nature today in that we can see and realize all these things through the expansion of our intellect and other higher powers that are aided by the Divine Feminine while at the same time being wholly incapable of healing this original wound created through the actions of the herders and their innate anti-life orientation that seeks control over the most intimate and subtle processes of our lives  regardless of the costs of such hoped for control for humanity or indeed for themselves who suffer too from the moral, social, and emotional/psychic/spiritual affects of their own policies.This is true in the economic sphere as well.

Such is the fate of humanity but most especially Westerners in particular with the end of the Christian Aeon. As previously mentioned one reaction aimed at recapitalizing or doubling down the bet on the form of organized religion that has served the West well for 2000 years are the various unhinged forms of religious fundamentalisms currently plaguing the world and attempting to drag Westerners and others into the black hole mass insanity and Neolithic backwardness from which there is no escape. Almost directly counterpoised to this one bad choice is an equally bad other choice that presents itself in a way that utterly captures the human psyche desperately seeking true intimate contact with another that need not be sexual but is always an aspect of the sacred in some manner that remains unexplainable but nevertheless real.

This other pole of attraction is the role that the business of pornography plays in the lives of the working herd cut off from the real source of joy and satisfaction that comes only to those who are not operating under the influence of such an unhealthy and ultimately demeaning compulsion. The spiritual, moral, social, and psychic minefields that we Westerners are now exposed to on a daily basis often defy any attempt on our part to seek out some new understanding of who we are and our role in the Cosmos no matter how insignificant it may be in actuality; the fact that such a possible role or new identity superseding the old at least has the promise of being something real. This, of course, is the very opposite of what the depravity of pornography has to offer the typical individual of our era who is usually completely alienated from all that is human and of most value to him/her that can not be found in the hyper commercial environment of consumer driven capitalism which is perhaps the most viable pseudo-alternative facing the individual person seeking to find meaning in such an increasingly meaningless world as consumer capitalism holds out to us like a mirage of water in the dessert to the person of our time dying of spiritual, emotional, and psychic thirst.


Of all the areas of our lives that are given over to clever methods of self deception and outright mendaciousness when dealing with other people on this topic, it would far and away be sex and matters related to sex that qualifies. The general assumption of the shaming sadistic (immoral) moral codex that we carry around in our heads and that Freud labeled the Super-Ego is the way that our minds and psyches have become colonized by the very self-same agents of repression that since Neolithic times saw human slaughter and wanton cruelty as the means of social conditioning required to put terror into the minds of the new sort of herd animals that these once nomadic tribes now ruled over as a ruling class elite capable and able to resort to other forms of cruelty as well in order to enforce their rule of so called “law” over their new herd of humans.

Once such a class of social tyrants has colonized the minds and psyches of the class(es) that it is intent on repressing the battle has been won. African-Americans in the so called “new” world supposedly “discovered” by Christopher Columbus in 1492 C.E.  and bought to this “new” world in chains from West Africa were in particular subjected to this process in the modern era as no other peoples in the modern world have been. This process of the oppressor colonizing the minds of the oppressed by way of the history of chattel slavery in the Americas is really a window into out own most ancient and primitive past where a similar process occurred in a time so far removed from the present that it constitutes what we call pre-history. Nevertheless the lesson is there for us to learn from if we care too and not to care to is to chose to live the life of the proverbial village idiot which in fact is the life that most in the majority culture chose to live despite whatever formal education they may have had that for all intents and purposes only furthers the cause of ignorance at both the individual level and the social level.

The sexual mores that we live with and accept as for the good of all are pure rubbish and nothing more. Indeed these high faluttin garbage “ideas” that make up the basis for a whole new class of crime and criminals by the criminal justice industry in America to make profits off of can be proven to be of very recent vintage indeed as American Historian Howard Zinn points out in his A Peoples History of the United States. The American colonial era was an era of such wanton and open public and private displays of sex and sexual relations that our Victorianism would be aghast at. It was the case that in all such previous eras that families on the land often shared one large room as their living quarters where it was not uncommon and was pretty much the case that children growing up in such circumstances witnessed every possible variety of adult sexual behavior that in fact became their education in regard to such whether they like it or not and I supposed that most liked it.

The deeply pathological display of anti-sex hysteria created by the criminal justice industry as a convenient pretext for the warehousing of an ever larger portion of the working class male population has been aided and abetted by both the religious troglodytes as well as the so called “radical” feminists who have a pathological hatred for all outward forms of male sexual expression. In either Mississippi or Alabama a few years ago, one genius in the state legislature tried to pass a state law making it a felony for any male to have an erection in public. We’re not talking public nudity here just any sort of an obvious lump in the pants that may be indicative of such a state of male arousal that can then be used to create a whole new class of sex criminals amongst the many other classes of such that already exist in such a backwater of reason and logic.

As Michelle Foucault pointed out in his The History of Sexuality Volume One- Westerners have passed from an era where they actively had sex to the present era where they merely talk about sex. This endless talking about sex at both the individual level and the overall social level has indeed replaced normal healthy sexual behaviors. The reason for this is fear. The fear is that either they will catch some sort of venereal disease or that they will either violate the unwritten moral law of some actually written law regarding sex such as all the various state laws criminalizing various forms of oral sex as sodomy. This replacement of real sex with merely talking about sex goes hand in hand with the rise of pornography as a global capitalist enterprise whose yearly gross is now $.5 trillion. Indeed the major portion of so called cyber-space is now taken up with porn.

The colonization of our minds by our tyrants is what has enabled this to happen and perhaps even to seem “normal” to some extent if one considers the fact that this is indeed a new “normal” that it not normal and healthy at all but deeply pathological but nevertheless indicative of the nature of capitalism that seeks to turn every thing imaginable into a commodity that can be bought, sold, and traded at the retail level as well as on global exchanges. Perhaps only the Romans in their most decadent era were capable of such monstrous perversities as these that fuel the greed driven needs of a whole new generation of so called high tech entrepreneurs. Pornography today has become another so called “industry” that produces nothing but furthers the existential shame that a sex obsessed (immoral) morality inflicts on us by demonizing normal health life affirming behavior. Accordingly a whole plethora of very real sexual perversion grow out of this highly unnatural state that are further exploited by the criminal justice industry in the kinds of campaigns of mass hysteria regarding supposed “sexual predators” (this definition certainly would not be used to describe the capitalist guttersnipes of the $.5 trillion/year global porn industry) rapists (both real and imagined), pedophiles, and all the rest of the degenerate sludge that pours out of the usual standard mouthpieces used to promote such mass hysteria.

Never once has there ever been any sort of a real discussion of the present day values of the kind of go-go American style capitalism that not only epitomizes such social sludge but is the driving force behind it! How much longer will we allow our own minds and the minds of our children to be colonized by the oppressive values of our oppressors who see us as a mere labor commodity where sex can only have legitimacy if it is being used to produce more human flesh for their exploitation or their outright commodification of sex by an “industry” that buys, sells, and trades this commodity globally to the tune of $.5 trillion/yearly? This is the real face of capitalism that spares nothing and no one in its never ending quest for profits above all else. It’s time to overthrow and permanently abolish such a system before it abolishes us!





About charlesknause

I was born in Camden, N.J. (now the poorest city in America) in 1950 and grew up in a beautiful old Victorian town in South Jersey called Collingswood. I now live in Ormond Beach, FL where the weather suits my spirit. My personal life was impacted at an early point in my life by a psychiatric diagnosis that changed my life and put me on the workers scrap heap. I have refused to accept such a miserable fate and today consider myself a social activist dedicated to changing the way that people who have been diagnosed with a serious psychiatric disability are perceived by society and the people in their community. I have a B.S. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida and 18 graduate credits in Mental Health Counseling from Stetson University in DeLand, FL as well as 24 graduate credits in an MSW program at UCF. I am a member of the Volusia County Behavioral Health Care Providers Consortium where I function as an advocate. I am a daily reader of the World Socialist Website and an occasional contributor.
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