A World to Win!


It’s interesting and telling that Obamination’s new Attorney General Loretta Lynch has seen fit to get the chief magistrate of the nation to issue an order requiring that all colleges and universities that receive some form of federal money usually in the form of federal student aid to compile accurate records on all sexual assaults that occur on campus and share those records with the US Dept. of Justice headed up by the new AG. Contrast this action with the refusal of Lynch and her predecessor Eric Holder to require police departments across the nation to compile accurate records of all police killings of innocent US citizens gunned down or murdered in some other fashion by these same PDs.

The obvious difference is that in regard to Lynch’s new decree the alleged victims are almost entirely female with the perps being of course the usual male suspects. The over one thousand innocent US citizens murdered by police departments across the US every year are almost entirely men and boys with of course a few notable exceptions. The justification for the war being conducted against the youth of the nation by an increasingly totalitarian state is the unstated assumption that every male in America today is indeed a suspect in regard to his behavior and that PDs across the US are therefore justified to subject this part of the working class population to the most brutal forms of aggression that indeed constitutes a kind of gendercide. A feminist ideology that has grown increasingly exterministic in regard to the working class male population in the same manner in which the Nazi ideology grew increasingly exterministic towards the object of its ideologically inspired hatred lends the same kind of pseudo-justification as the latter ideology lent to the political state comprising the Third Reich that was used to justify its crimes against humanity under the kind of pseudo-legalistic poppycock that masqueraded as real law.


The US ruling class’s turn toward an ideology that can ruthlessly and brutally suppress the most restive portion of the American working class population is of a piece with the pre-WWII German capitalist class’s exploitation of a toxic and dangerous ideology whose chief purpose was to suppress the most intellectually and socially advanced layer of German bourgeois society and the working class that was overwhelmingly Jewish and well educated. Indeed in many ways it was this vanguard to the suppressed social revolution in Germany that its capitalist class felt most threatened by hence the need of an ideology that could be used to justify the neutralization of this threat.

Both of these ideologies were and are based upon certain kinds of cultural dominants that could be exploited to justify the kind of inevitable mass murder and extermination of the alleged “guilty” party that is the result of the mass psychosis that such totalitarian ideologies end up producing. The US ruling class and the political state that it controls has for the most part successfully racialized the state sponsored war of terror being perpetrated against the youth of the nation and the working class population more generally by highlighting only those cases where the victims are African-American. The result of this is the Democratic Party controlled Black Lives Matter campaign that has been the key political organ in regard to the racializing of this campaign of gendercide being waged by the US ruling class and the political state that it controls. This argument regarding the power structure’s need to racialize the unjustifiable killings that amount to over 1000 innocent victims yearly in no way is meant to suggest that racism does not play a role in regard to the hundreds of innocent African-American victims of this police holocaust but is meant entirely to point out that there is a larger picture here driven by class factor that sees the entire American working class as a population that can no longer to controlled by any other methods than the kind of police state oppression that epitomizes the essence of what a totalitarian society is all about.

It’s true as well and a point worth making that African-Americans because of their own history of fighting against oppression constitute the vanguard or spearhead of the contemporary revolution that seems to be taking place and getting organized in the streets as well as the more tradition Marxist schools of social revolution that have been around for quite a while. The fact of the matter however is that this spearhead of the contemporary revolution needs to find a way to involve the whole body of the working class if it is to be effective in regard its seeking redress to its own grievances. In other words the supreme irony of the moment is that African-Americans will have to find a way to liberate everyone from the injustices that we all face today under a dying social order that threatens war overseas and increased state repression at home in order to completely liberate themselves from not only the same common source of our mutual oppression as a class but an intensified version of the standard form of oppression that a decadent dying capitalist world order has in store for the international working class wherever it is to be found.

The flip-side or corollary to this theorem is that the White working class will begin to see and know that its own liberation can only be had by coming to accept this new political reality of our times, i.e. that African-Americans due to their own unique history of struggle as a people against what is indeed our common foe do in fact constitute this vanguard of the revolution that must be honored and respected for the energy that it brings to the task. That energy alone however will not suffice to drive the stake through the heart of the capitalist vampire unless it can fully and completely connect with the enormous amount of rage against the system that has slowly been building up in the rest of the American working class population owing of course to the effect that global capitalism has of leveling wages across the planet in the never-ending quest for increased profits that is the life’s blood of capitalism that pretty much puts “paid” to all the illusions regarding what has been called “White skin privilege.”

This new trans-valuation of what was formerly a dubious social benefit has now produced the new phenomenon the the angry White male who violently strikes out against others in self destructive acts of violence and personal debasement that prove that this once upon a time “White skin privilege” has been transformed under the aegis of the times into “the White man’s burden.” The angry White self-destructive male has now become public enemy number one or at the very least tied with the oversexed well hung super stud African-American male that those once upon a time chivalrous Knights of the KKK tried to protect Southern womanhood from. In essence what we have today is a common police state internal demand that all males should now be considered “armed and dangerous” because they all have arms hanging at their sides that could conceivably be used as “weapons” (Oh, those mythical weapons like Saddam’s WMDs) against the police. Finding a reason to repress the most restive portion of the population is what this is all about!

It’s a safe assumption to make that if Americans as a whole and that includes the working class is willing to elect and support in office an African-American president whose only real mission is to protect and further the interests of that portion of international finance capital that has claimed ownership rights in regard to the American political state, then this same working class will enthusiastically support such a vanguard party of the revolution as that which understands the key value of African-American leadership in this movement/revolution and the fact that the old-time rallying cry of “an injury to one is an injury to all” really does apply! In other words all appeals to the social construct of race as the only method of defining the increased level of state terror directed at the entire working class will be doomed from the start because such racialist logic no matter how correct it may be in regard to its many assertion will probably not be able to bring into the struggle the conscript army of other alienated workers in support of the shock troops of the revolution whose energy and valor will fade away quickly if such full support from these larger numbers does not arrive at the scene of battle in time to give that support.

This boils down to a question of tactics which is something that unfortunately never gets discussed in the open because one naturally assumes that all such discussions should take place in private or off the grid entirely owing to the prohibitive nature that such a tactical discussion would constitute. The fact of the matter is however that the only way to defeat the mass surveillance national security state is to conduct even the most important discussions out in the open in a manner that can be shared with the greatest number of people in as transparent a manner as possible. Such is in keeping with the nature of the World Permanent Revolution that must first liberate America and then the world!


This campaign of state terror and oppression has been extended to the prison population in the US that is the largest in the world on a per capita basis and overwhelmingly male. Examples of sexual humiliation and torture are such integral aspects of prison life in America that one can safely make the assumption that this state of affairs is something that the political state encourages, sponsors, and initiates for its own reasons related as they are to the larger question of social control. This state sponsored, encouraged, and initiated psychosexual sadism directed against the prison populations that it controls generally happens in a kind of parallel universe that goes unseen which is what the Prison Industrial Complex really is. Unfortunately for those whose fortunes and careers are tied to such cruelty it was on full display for the world to see with the release of the Abu Ghrahib prison photos that were clear unmistakable evidence of the kind of officially sponsored psychosexual sadism that is often directed at such prison populations in the US


Abu Ghrahib prison outside of Baghdad was a US military run prison that employed in their Army Reserve and National Guard units prison guards and other such US prison personnel who served in the same capacity in Iraq and Afghanistan. Such ghoulish prison guards as could be seen in the photos grinning and giving the thumbs up sign over the dead bodies of Iraqi men they had tortured to death learned their grizzly trade in the same US prisons in which they worked stateside. It was these same digital photos that were used inadvertently by these same guards to in effect document their grizzly work as tortures and murderer for their own personal amusement that became the evidentiary basis of their own prosecution and convictions which served the convenient purpose for the power structure/political state of absolving all those higher up in the command structure who had authorized such methods to be used.

The major propaganda organs of the ruling class and its political state more or less just ignore the facts about this kind of psychosocial sadism that is directed at men while in prison in favor of creating the kind mass fear and hysteria that the American Rape Myth has always been successful in creating since the earliest days of the New England theocracy where it served as justification for the extermination of the native tribes that formerly inhabited New England prior to the arrival of the Anglo-Saxon wolf in sheep’s clothing that always relies heavily of religious and/or moral justification for its acts of cruelty, genocide, and terror. This technique that the mass media routinely employs to terrorize the population is known as the “Big Lie.” It is the standard method that all totalitarian regimes exploit to turn truth on its head. It also serves to further the alienation of such a captive population as Americans have become through the conscious and consistent use of trumped up and exaggerated fear campaigns. The mentality that this creates in such a demoralized population is that no one can be trusted except the police which in turn furthers the apparatus of the totalitarian police state even further by way of the rat lines (or spy networks) that it establishes or purposes on gathering personal information about even ( or perhaps especially) the most intimate aspects of a persons life.

[Looked at from the perspective of the police state, such intimate details of a target person’s life may be unavailable to the agencies of the state without these kinds of rat lines/spy networks developed through the use of such trumped to fear campaigns. It should be noted as well that the kind of mass hysteria that such fear campaigns produce in the population can also be defined as a kind of mass insanity! In his memorable book The Sane Society the renown psychoanalyst Eric Fromm details the many known recorded historical accounts of such mass hysteria/mass insanity and how the few unaffected or sane persons in fact become labeled as “insane” for purely political purposes. The family is the social institution most responsible for the enforcement of social and political orthodoxy in its members]

It was the slave masters of the old antebellum South who knew that if they were able to break psychologically the male part of the slave population that was always the most restive and rebellious that the rest of the African-American slave population would fall into line and offer little or no resistance to the brutal oppression that it would then have to live under. This is not to imply that African-American women were not subject to the worst sort of abuse imaginable (both physical, emotional, and sexual) but that the oppression and incidents of abuse as were common in that era and aimed at women hardly compared the lethal violence that was directed against the male portion of the slave population for the long term strategic needs of the slave owners hence the need of the feminist ideologues to attempt to create the illusion that somehow rape is a crime worse that murder because whereas murder only kills the body, rape is aimed at destroying the soul of the victim.

This juxtaposition of reality that employs religiously based magical thinking by a movement ideology that professes to be entirely secular reveals much about the inconsistencies that such a totalitarian ideology glosses over in its attempt to present itself as 100% rational and not influenced by the kind of magical thinking that personifies a religion. Such totalitarian ideologies do indeed constitute a kind of new age religion based like all other religious ideologies on the irrational at the expense of the rational. This theme has been explored by many experts in the field who study the nature of religious phenomenon and the various and often competing ideologies that became in the 20th century not just a substitute for religion but a real religion indeed for its adherents who more often than not professed themselves to be atheists.

In this sense both Nazism in Germany and Feminism in America were secular movements in name only because of the kind of magical thinking that was employed to justify the demonization of the “other” that became a key effective element in the teaching component of the ideology. The same could be said for Stalinism in the former USSR and the many other perversions of Marxism that sprang up in the 20th century and that basically served the material needs of a small governing party elite. Such doctrines constitute a kind of psychic virus that once let loose on a society can not be put back into the bottle due to the rapid rate of infection that such psychic viruses produce. The present regime in North Korea is an example of a political state based upon a religious pantheon of past and present day party officials who take the place of more traditional deities, saints, angels, etc. that create and sustain the kind of magical thinking that personifies religion regardless of the form it takes.



What further proof could be needed than the reality of such reformatory type schools in the old South and across much of the rest of America as the Arthur C. Dozier School in Mariana Florida where hundreds of young defenseless boys are alleged to have been brutally tortured and then murdered for no reason at all by those school authorities entrusted with their care.


This is how America treats its children at least its male children who come from a working class background and are considered by the political state to be a wholly and completely disposable commodity. The history of the Arthur C. Dozier School in Mariana Florida located not far from the state capitol of Tallahassee in the Florida panhandle proves this point. The overwhelming emphasis on creating endless opportunities for girls and women has been purchased at the cost of such malignant neglect of the needs of boys but also by the unseen gendercide against boys that took place at the Dozier School for Boys in Mariana Florida and in all probability innumerable other such literal death camps for the youth of a nation that placed no value whatsoever on their lives then as well as now! One wonders what would have been the official narrative or lack of any need for a narrative regarding the Nazi death camps is invading allied armies had not liberated such death camps. The same question could be asked regarding Stalin’s gulag system if there had been no Solzhenitsyn to report on them thus exposing this previously unknown aspect of Soviet life to the wider world outside of the USSR. It is easy for such a totalitarian society to call forth the kind of loyalty needed from all the institutions of the society to keep such matters secret under a severe penalty of some sort. More often than not this penalty has in the past been perceived as the need of any given family to uphold its honor by having such a maverick threatened with legal commitment or actually being committed, or having the “right” to “freely” commit him/herself to the local county or state run mental hospital. This is the death camp/gulag story about the evolving nature of totalitarianism in America that has yet to be told in full.

These are not isolated examples but rather the exception that proves the rule that C.G. Jung was correct when he made the remark that the real religion of America is the worship of woman. As the so called most religious nation on Earth we can see that such religion as exists in America today as it has always been, is a form of cruelty based upon idolatry. According to the dominant religious myth here was only one sinless man who ever lived named Jesus so the old time backwoods religion tells us and he was crucified for his one and only transgression of the Mosaic Law by claiming to be the Deity! Poor fellow! On the basis of this what should be done will all the rest of that horrible and terrible sex called male that is nothing else but a continual never ending pain in the @$$ for all ruling classes in the historic era and a source of sin according to the bible thumping firebrands from backwoods America whose political fortunes rise and fall depending upon their usefulness to the ruling class the political state during times of upheaval and stress.

Since the original establishment of the New England theocracy this kind of perverted religious ideology has held sway in one form or another over the minds of both women and men who joyfully became their own executioners in an effort to serve such a terrible god.



What all this means is that capitalism has changed all the old rules on us and people are finding it difficult and almost impossible to comprehend the nature of these changes and what such change mean for even the most private and intimate aspect of our lives. As women were forced by economic necessity to join the labor market en mass beginning in the early 1970s the rules of the road governing relations and relationships between the two major genders (as opposed to the minor genders that contemporary capitalist culture revels in having created) began to change in ways that began to tip the balance of power both within the family as well as in the wider world in favor of a more equal distribution of power generally but in other spheres to a gradual new accumulation of power by professional women whose gave voice to this new born sense of power that motivated their agenda in ways that many men found hard to tolerate of accept.

A battle of the sexes seemed to ensue at some point in all of this which led in turn to ever more extremist thinking and politicing become the new well established norm. A cultural rift had opened up for the first time in modern history that was being advanced on all sides by the most extreme elements who benefited from the logic of a situation that was out of control and making peoples lives worse rather than better contrary to the rhetoric of the early feminists all of whose pronouncements regarding their political and social program seemed eminently reasonable and worthy of support. Somewhere along the line however this began to change as the extremist in the movement were experiencing a new born sense of power and were incapable of understanding how all such undue power corrupts as the saying has it when hubris comes to replace what had been common sense and the common sense of the working masses who were comfortable with the logic of the early feminist agenda and program.

A new sense of the error of past ways seems to be bringing about a new re-examination of the basic core issues amongst many women who can see clearly that power does indeed corrupt ones soul and original purpose and that now is the time to maybe begin to change course. This is all to the good and I would add a re-think that is overdue. The question that I would ask however is if this present re-think enough to offset the sense of desperation on the part of America’s ruling class and their national security political state to shamelessly exploit the feminist ideology as a way of suiting their needs offsetting the decline of the US and the West more generally as the kind of positive and progressive civilization that it was in the past by creating an utterly false patina of progressivism that the ruling class’s adoption of this ideology has engendered and set into motion? For a variety of reasons I think that the answer to this is no; it won’t change a damned thing as this is a ruling class and political power structure already steeped in crime drunk with a sense of its own power and lust for global imperialist domination at any and all cost to humanity and the world. Only be standing up now at this the most dangerous moment in world history and not being afraid to call a spade a spade can this criminal agenda based upon the use of militarism and a new world war be checked and possible overturned and maybe even bought to justice of one sort or another for the threat that its reckless actions present to existential safety of 300 million Americans and billions of others worldwide.

C.G. Jung claimed that “politics is the disease of the 20th century.” Being head of the German Psychoanalytic Association during WWII gave Jung a front row seat to the mass insanity that Europe and much of the civilized world became subject to as a result of the psychic virus let loose in Germany called “National Socialism” that catalyzed the unhealthy age old resentment against the Jews that formed the basis of the many seemingly innocuous morality plays that dated back to the Middle Ages that held the Jews accountable for the hysterically ridiculous crime of Deicide!

Something that should have been seen as a comedy became the 20th centuries greatest tragedy because the German ruling class was willing to use a ragtag bunch of social misfits who had tailored this noxious cultural legacy into something far more diabolical whose purpose was to serve their needs of inventing a justification for what became the greatest crime in history. Such is the danger inherent in all ideologies no matter how beneficent they may seem at one time or another in the early days of their inception. Ideologies exploit through the use of symbols the deepest layers of what Jung called the Collective Unconsciousness which is a layer of the human psyche that all human being everywhere shared in as a part of the deeper layers of their unconscious mind which in turn is the mind of nature at work in them at a quantum level at all times but usually only recognizable through the dream state which was as Freud put it-“The royal road to the unconscious.”Its through the use of symbols that the unconscious mind recognizes that catalyze its activity that in turn overwhelms the rational workings of the conscious mind by way of these psychic viruses that start off as mere ideologies.

The real answer dear Banquo lies not within us or in our stars but in a ruthless ruling class hell-bent on complete and total world domination at any and all costs to others that knows how to manipulate us on the basis of such symbols and in the final analysis become a threat to itself as well. It plays us “like a harp from hell” through the use of such manipulation of the masses by the methods mentioned above to serve its own private ends  of the accumulation of ever more obscene levels of wealth as a result of a system called capitalism that is broken and can not be fixed. In the end its up to us to step up and accept the responsibility that history is now giving us and that we can not escape from.

“We have a world to win and nothing to loose!”

In summation then we have a new cultural gradient that the dying patriarchal old world order of the West and North America can exploit in a vain attempt to regain its lost legacy of dominance. That cultural gradient is of course the entire neo-liberal political, economic, and social program of rolling back all the progress that has taken place within the last 100 years to bring about a greater degree of equality and fairness in society and to protect and establish what is referred to as the middle class. This term middle class is a misdefinition of that segment of the working class that constitutes what some Marxian theorists have called the labor aristocracy because it is that more privileged portion of the working class that is better educated and maintains a living standard sufficiently above the mere rabble to almost appear to be in a different class altogether.

The well established fact of the matter is however that indeed appearances can be quite deceiving and especially so in regard to this so called middle class that constitutes the labor aristocracy and that lives quite well as a result of the White skin privilege of another era whose origin was attached to the original overseer class. Such benefits no longer obtain today to the degree that they did in the past but there is enough truth to the saying that the more things change the more they stay the same.

Its through and as a result of the transvaluation of victimization into something that has real political, economic, and social value for those members of the labor aristocracy who can use Identity Politics to advance their personal careers and fortunes within an otherwise thoroughly dismal social and economic milieu that this seemingly “feminist” agenda has been created that in fact has become a clever social mechanism for patriarchy to reassert itself all the while hiding behind this shield of progressivism that has always been the justification for US imperialism when the situation arises that such a resort to progressive politics is the only conceivable justification that can be exploited by the imperialists for the rape and dismemberment of whatever country or society they plan to throw on the junk pile of history by way of adding it to their collection of already raped and looted nations that make up the imperialist empire that Bush 41 labeled the New World Order. Nothing could be more ridiculous as this is an attempt at the restoration of the Old World Order dressed up as something new thanks to the boost that it gets through the legitimization of Identity politics and all the cultural trash that such methods toward restoration carries within its polluted wake.

There is another very subtle fact at work that bears directly upon the two major divisions that have always existed within the women’s movement since its earliest inception. The division consists of those elements who feel firm in their conviction that whatever men can do by way of work, professional career, sports, etc. women can also do equally well. There is a science of history that indicates that in the past and in past eras women did indeed do everything that today we assume to be “men’s work” however through the passage of eons of time such traits and abilities have become recessive gene traits that in some cases have been lost and no longer exist within the human gene pool. This is especially true with Westerners, i.e. Europeans who exhibit the greatest degree of sexual dimorphism which basically means a progressive movement away from androgyny. Such androgyny is much greater within other populations around the world such as occur in Asia, Africa, Latin America amongst the indigenous peoples where it is a fact that they have come out of societies and social formations were the gender rolls were interchangeable.

Biology is destiny according to some and this would seem to be the case most surely for that genetically over ridged faux race called White, Caucasian, European or whatever other type of highly non descript term one might want to use in a vain attempt to define something that really does not exist at all accept in our imaginations because we have been socially conditioned to accept this mirage as something real. It would seem to be the case that White Supremacy wherever it is to be found is a misguided and delusional attempt to limit the very inflow of new genes into the gene pool that increase the biological flexibility, i.e. adaptability of any given population as a hedge against the kind of biological rigidity that increases the likelihood of extinction. Based upon this proper understanding of the role of evolution and human biology, one can more fully see White Supremacy as merely the death wish/cult of the few who seek to enforce their ignorance upon the masses. Science should always be our guide in regard to such things.

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Charleston SC

Recent events in Charleston South Carolina have convinced me that if America itself was just an ordinary person it would have been committed to a mental institution a long time ago. As a matter of fact I think that a state institution for the criminally insane would probably be more appropriate given the never ending series of mass slaughters carried out, being carried out and to be carried out in the future by the principle bad guys of the nation, i.e. the angry white male who just can’t take it anymore and explodes in a catastrophe of increasingly senseless violence. The common development and unfolding of this social pathology involves an angry young man or angry old man hating women or hating Blacks or just plain hating and carefully carrying out after scrupulous and methodical planning the massacre of any given number of people at any one given time because like Howard Beale in the movie Network he’s mad as hell and he’s just not going to take it anymore!


The critical key difference in this scenario is that when Howard Beale former network news heavy weight goes off his rocker and starts a nation wide movement aimed at encouraging people everywhere to just toss their 1980’s era TV sets out the window so that they can begin thinking for themselves for a change; he is making an appeal to the masses to channel their anger into building a nation wide movement for social change. The key critical need that is at work here is the need of Howard Beale to reconnect with the other members of the oppressed working class who individually have a whole litany of legitimate grievances against an unjust, abusive, and increasingly oppressive social system called capitalism. Howard Beale might be a White male, i.e. a man of European ancestry who has been making a ton of money by acting as a mouthpiece for plutocracy but he is still a member of the working class with whom he feels some sense of solidarity, hence the appeal to these masses to act with him and against the common cause of their misery.

Anger in and of itself is not a bad thing if it is channeled and used for the right purpose. There is such a thing as righteous anger as provided by the example of Christ in the Temple of Jerusalem tossing over the tables of the money changers and playing the role of God’s bouncer in ejecting them from the Temple. Obviously anger then as practiced by the man/God JC is a myth meant to teach that there is a right and a wrong way for angry young males of any ethnic or racial persuasion to express their anger in a way that will not harm but rather help. To me that is the basic message of that particular bible story that was meant to be useful as teaching tool.

There are a lot of reasons why the men and boys of America are in such a deep crisis. This crisis does indeed reach across so called “racial lines.” Since I am a person who knows full well that race is merely a social construct invented and used by the Anglo-American ruling classes to create, justify, and maintain the conditions of chattel slavery in the Western Hemisphere purely to amass the kinds of huge personal fortunes that they did so that over time and due solely to slavery this ruling class could emerge as the most powerful on Earth as it is today.


It’s interesting that the economic system of capitalism that introduced slavery into the Western Hemisphere and used it to amass for the chosen few the kinds of mind-boggling fortunes that they have today never is rarely held to account for the historical wrongs that made these chosen few what they are today, i.e. Wall Street’s would be “masters of the universe.” All too often we hear about this thing called “White male privilege” that amounts to some nebulous term that can be applied equally to any working class shmuck of the so called Caucasian variety for purposes of assigning blame and/or responsibility for something that they and their families of origin played no part in but get blamed for by the well paid mouthpieces of US plutocracy that itself stands conveniently behind a cleverly constructed wall of anonymity. The racism of the Klan as well as the more subtle kinds  of hate that exists in America today is something that is founded on the same ignorance of the masses that is encouraged by the power structure in a myriad of subtle ways that includes everything from the de-funding of public education to the kinds of personnel that get attracted to police work and the antediluvian attitudes that have prevailed in the past within the ranks of that profession.

I can speak from personal knowledge on this subject not because I have had a career in law enforcement but because my grandfather on my Dad’s side was a cop as well as all his unruly and wild sons at one time or another in their lives. As a small boy growing up I was impressed with such displays of manhood that were on display in my hot shot uncles’ description of their assumed  heroics in beating down black men only they used the n-word with great gusto as it flew off their tongues and became a ubiquitous part of their 1950s vocabulary. It’s no secret to me that there has been a kind of almost genocidal beat-down of African-American males by police departments across the country but for the most part that was in another era. What we are witnessing today is the last hurrah of that system of corrupt practices that even such high officials of the land such as America’s first African-American president and his former Attorney General also an African-American have been content to placate in the interest of their personal careers.

The easiest and most forthright way to defeat racism is to have the public schools fully funded so that they can teach the required courses in history and the other social sciences at all levels that will teach to children and teens the background of slavery, how it came into being, who specifically profited from it, and how this devilish social construct of race was invented to justify and uphold it by turning the marginalized White population, i.e. the European settler population mostly from Brittan, Ireland & Scotland into the overseer population that thus became partners in one of the greatest crimes in history without ever getting the real payout from that crime against humanity that lasted centuries and made America and the West more generally what it is today. Such a population did however revel to some extent in “White skin privilege,” but in the old South where segregation was the law of the land for 100 years after “old Dixie went down” in the flames of defeat “White skin privilege” was of a much different and more oppressive nature than in the North.

Racism them becomes the fall back position of the uneducated masses for explaining how  European civilization came to be the dominant civilization of Earth. The popular myth has it that it was not through crime that Europeans came to rule the world for 500 of the most terrible years that such places as Africa, India, China, and other parts of Asia and Latin America had to endure; it was a result of the unique superiority of the White race a term of art that one can still find in many of the historical accounts written in the 19th century that can still be found on the shelves of libraries and/or booksellers. The fact of the matter is that the only person who really stated the case succinctly was the Russian philosopher and occultist P.D. Ouspensky who put it thusly: “History as we know it is nothing but the history of crime.”

The statement has been made that slavery has existed at one time or another in the ancient world and that being the case many of own forbearers may have been slaves. Once again such myths related to the nature of the kind of slavery that existed in the ancient world and the kind of off the brutality charts kind of hard core slavery that epitomized chattel slavery in the so-called “New World” as invented and resorted to by the Anglo-Saxons and their cohorts can not be compared to one another as overall with some exceptions the conditions were so completely different. We could almost think of the kind of slavery that existed in the ancient world of Greece and Rome as slavery light when compared to the barbarities inflicted on the African slave population during what African American historian refer to as the Middle Passage. Anyone who is not familiar with what this term means should take the time to find out what it means if they really want to understand the nature and origins of African slave trade and the commercial practices employed at the time to ensure the fortunes of the fortunate few of the Anglo-Saxon investor class whose wealth and privileges derived from such barbarity.

Getting back to the point of this polemic the key critical fact that determines the difference between a Howard Beale and a homegrown domestic terrorist such as Dyylan Roof (the Charleston SC shooter) is the fact that the essentially pro-social behavior of a Howard Beale is driven by the many social connections that such people have as opposed to a Dyylan Roof who is a completely alienated individual lacking in the kind of health promoting social connections/relationships that will always act as a break on such terribly anti-social acts as this lone isolated individual domestic terrorist Dyylan Roof lacked. The fact that a large portion of the male population is in this psycho-social condition is the reason why so many males as opposed to females carry out such atrocities.


It is in regard to the underlying psychology of such acts and such individuals who act on their anti-social impulses that a critical psychological difference between women and men can be found. Whereas women (and girls) make relationship the benchmark of success in their lives, men (and boys) place a sense of accomplishment at the top of the list which determines success in life. This means that men generally tend to neglect the relationships that exist in their lives in favor of some external sense of accomplishment that all too frequently is determines by such factors as employment success, success with women who then become status symbols in their lives, or some other factor that tends to be bound up with a sense of achievement in life.

A lonely isolated and alienated individual who strikes out against other people who are different in terms of that hyper-American bugaboo race is hoping to get by his own admission a sense of accomplishment by starting the “race war” that his delusional thinking required of him. It’s possible that in such individuals that their behavior may be totally pre-determined by a whole set of factors from both their environment as well as internally from their own psychic mechanisms. Both of these sources may be so determining of behavior that such an individual become a mere bystander or an actor in his own life living out some role that has already been scripted for him.

The fact that trying to get help for such psychological/behavioral issues is seen as a sign of weakness by the society especially and primarily in men means that the loneliness and isolation of such individuals can not be broken through and they end up acting out the pathological behavior that could have been prevented through intervention. Added to this is the fact that any hope for confidentiality of the part of the person seeking treatment is undermined by the fact that for all the various allied mental healthy professions their first loyalty is to the police as informants in regard to any of the behaviors covered under such “duty to warn” the police laws that have been enacted across the country thus relegating such profession as could render effective intervention to mere agents of a police state. This fact is never considered in media accounts because of the political clout that their national professional organizations such as the APA, i.e. the American Psychological Association wield on their behalf behind the scene. The purpose of such political clout on behalf of such organizations as the APA is to keep from the public any awareness of the innate criminality of professional psychologists who have been a key critical part of the Bush/Obama torture regime used at the various CIA black sites located around the world that include such places in the news as Guantanamo Bay Cuba and Baghram AFB in Afghanistan as well as dozens of other black sites that have been able to stay black in spite of the embarrassing publicity given to these two now well know formerly black sites.


It is at such sites that professional psychologists under contract to either CIA or the Pentagon oversaw the daily torture of hundreds of so called “detainees” kidnapped from various parts of the world by the might makes right power driven justification of a national security state that has become increasingly criminal in all it various manifestations. To say that this overarching reality of the times will not impact the lives of average Americans going about their business on a day to day basis is to be not only out of touch with reality but dangerously misinformed as well!


Then on top of these two previous barriers to effective intervention for such dangerously alienated individuals as Dyylan Roof is the factor of affordability which means that such seriously needed mental health services are not being made available to those seriously disturbed person such as a Dyylan Roof if they lack the funds to cover such out of pocket co-pays that are not covered by any kind of health care insurance and that clients/patients are expected to pay themselves in spite of having health care insurance that should cover such expenses. That is hardly the case as these major insurance providers of health care coverage to the public are only interested in increasing their profits at the expense of a public that grows increasingly desperate for just such basics in life as heath care that is freely available to all citizens in the more civilized countries of Canada, the UK, France, Germany, etc. where the public interest is part of the same equation as the profit margins of the insurance providers or they have the kind of government run National Health Care System as exists in the UK.

Then of course there is the role played by the corporate media structure in the US that functions more like an official ministry of truth taking their lead stories from press handout given to their so called “reporters” by the press agents of the myriad of agencies that make up the apparatus of the national security state. Nothing could more fully epitomize the dystopian world of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four than the state of a lying and complicit media in the high crimes and misdemeanors of the capitalist state enterprise that has made these vast corporate empires an integral part of government and day to day governance.

The need to use fear as a means of terrorizing an already traumatized population and getting them to believe that each and every other person that they encounter is some sort of an existential threat means that the only trusted party becomes the police. In effect the media has played a key role in helping to set up and support an informant/ spy network based upon such dramatized fears as they are able to exploit and implant into the minds of average Americans that operates at both a national and a local level. This kind of a social atmosphere creates the right conditions for the kind of alienated personalities as we are seeing today such as Dyylan Roof who act out their anti-social fantasies that the corporate mass media empires can further exploit in the most deranged and tasteless fashion to further the kind of fear and alienation that serves only the interests of the evolving police state.

The mass social psychosis that is race in America is something that this business wing of an increasingly criminal capitalist state and ruling elite can not let go of because of the fact that the deep social divisions that have been created through the never-ending exploitation of race has created highly lucrative careers for such Democratic Party peddlers of identity politics as Barak Obama and his probable successor Hilary Clinton not to mention the countless other political and media hacks who feed from this same trough. Every aspect of life in America today has been subsumed to some degree through such considerations as identity politics has given rise to. This of course creates a counter-set of resentments felt by the disaffected and/or the left out from such special consideration based upon personal identity that increasingly seems to fuel the social psychosis of revenge seeking individuals such as Dyylan Roof who strike out violently against the assumed beneficiaries of the so called “special treatment” that has become synonymous in the minds of such alienated persons with an agenda that they are out of touch with and unable to appreciate for what it really is due to their own alienation from larger community around them.

In the end after cutting through all the BS it’s safe to say that science has demonstrated unequivocally that there is only one race in the world today and that is the human race whose members genus and species is known by anthropologists as Homo Sapiens Sapiens. The creepy social construct created by a criminal class of economic despots used to justify their own further enrichment and aggrandizement should not be allowed to continue to play havoc with our lives. Indeed the capitalist class in American today and its governing power structure assume that they can continue to play the American people like “a harp from hell” for their own personal enjoyment knowing instinctively that the kind of working class solidarity required to overthrow and abolish capitalism can not exist given the primal nature of such divisions as this social phenomenon of race has caused and can be counted on to continue to cause.

This one creepy social construct called “race” created in an other era by a criminal elite is the only thing that now stands in the way of the kind of expansion of class consciousness in America that is needed as a requirement to overthrow and put “paid” to the criminal ambitions of a class of economic despots who live off of the social misery that they knowingly create through this time honored method of bamboozlement.

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An American Apocalypse

There are so many stories to tell about Camden, New Jersey that you won’t hear from journalists like Matt Taibbi working for such slick weekly mass entertainment weeklies as Rolling Stone or the moralizing Marxist almost a revolutionary Chris Hedges who now writes for truthdig.org only because such a truth teller as Hedges did not actually live them as I did. My earliest memories of Camden go back to a point in my life when I was about six years old and I was one of those so called “latch-key” children who had nowhere to go after school let out but were forced by circumstances to wander the streets and maybe haunt whatever playgrounds may have existed until they perhaps had the courage to enter by themselves a lonely empty house.

In my case I preferred to hide myself behind an evergreen bush that stood in the corner of something resembling a garden but without any other plants than two spare evergreen bushes one of which was large enough to provide enough shelter from prying eyes passing by on the street if he huddled up behind it in the corner that was created by the wooden staircase leading to the front door and the house itself. The little boy was forced by his fear of ghosts which he imagined were in the empty house to huddle behind this shaggy evergreen until 6:00PM in the evening when his mother would finally arrive at the old Collingswood station for the Pennsylvania Reading Railroad Seashore line from her job at RCA in Camden. It was on this line that Stevie a few years later was to see the last steam locomotive in service on that line steam by huffing and puffing in that all exited glorious manner that marked the golden age of railroad travel. The old wooden station was built in the late 19th century in the same Victorian style as many of the old Victorian era mansions that made Collingswood famous for such during its own golden age. Fifty years later the town resembled nothing so much as stage set for Thornton Wilder’s classic play Our Town.

His mother Mary worked as a secretary to a mid-level manager in the financial division of RCA that was founded and owned by the war profiteer David Sarnoff who became one of the richest and most powerful men in the US and the world through the theft of patents belonging to the genius inventor Nicola Tesla who died in abject poverty in a run down hotel that he could hardly afford to pay for by his own hand. RCA was the acronym for Radio Corporation of America and its giant sprawling plant was located right on the Camden waterfront next to the New Jersey side of the Benjamin Franklin bridge that connected Camden to Philadelphia and was for a short while after it was built in the 1930s during that period called The Great Depression, the longest suspension bridge in the world. After WWII Camden continued to be a busy port city as well as a ship building center where the New York Ship Building Company provided employment for countless thousands of highly skilled workers who bought home the kind of paychecks that were responsible for the creation of the American middle class. The various wharfs and dry docks of the New York Ship Building Company stretched for a least a mile or more along the Camden waterfront. My mother’s oldest sister’s husband worked for NY Ship Building as an electrician and I remember going with my grandmother Tamah in my grandparents 1955 Ford to pick up my Uncle Ed after dark on evenings when he had worked overtime and my Aunt Pat was not able to pick him up because she needed their car to travel to and from her own place of employment which was one of the many hospitals in Camden that she had worked at during her career as a RN, i.e. Registered Nurse and later as a nursing supervisor. At that time she was probably working at West Jersey Hospital, the hospital that I was born at in September of 1950.

The little boy’s mother Mary was not the only family member to work for Sarnoff’s RCA in Camden, New Jersey down on the waterfront. His mother however was the most important person in his life because he and his younger brother who was named Donald and called Donny had no father to speak of other than the biological one who his mother with her two small boys had been forced to flee from in an effort to survive. Her secretarial position at RCA was the first and only job that she had been able to get after fleeing from the Donley Estates public housing project in Trenton, New Jersey to Collingswood where both her parents Tamah and Charles lived. Stevie’s mother Mary worked at RCA for the next 35 years eventually being transferred from Camden to Cherry Hill New Jersey the upwardly mobile and higher income suburb in what was called “South Jersey.” From this point on Camden became only a passing landmark in the rear view mirror of life for Mary and her two boys at least for awhile until it intruded into their lives once more in a way that often seems tragic to me now looking at it from the standpoint of over forty years after the fact! It was a tragic reminder of the fact that the kind of job security that seemed to exist for awhile in post WWII America gave way in the 1970s to the new reality that the superpower status that had been attained by the US power structure after WWII that has been described by some as Pax Americana was now on much shakier ground than it had ever been on before.

The little boy now a man in his mid 60s and hard pressed at certain times to make sense of his life now remembers that it was the harsh cold of winter bearing down on him with sub freezing temperatures as he huddled up in that corner of the garden that was hardly a garden that burnt itself into his brain in a way that he knew he would remember for the rest of his life.

The memories that the man now in his mid 60s has of Camden New Jersey from that early period of his life are of a bustling industrial city that the life of South Jersey and its people were centered around as the main place for employment, department store shopping, education and even entertainment. Of the two large movie theaters that existed back then in Camden the only name that he can now remember is the locally famous Stanley Theater that he had gone to with his mother and brother to see a movie that he can no longer recall. There were decent to excellent restaurants in Camden during this time all of which Stevie, Donny, and their mother Mary had been to at least once. There was the locally famous “Calico Kitchen” right on Markey Street in the downtown business area that many people who worked in Camden during that era went to for lunch. There on Market Street further down toward the waterfront was Kinney’s owned by the affable Irish-American Tom Kinney who often circulated amongst his guests thanking them for their patronage and letting them know that he was available if they had any complaints. Then there was Chubby’s out in Fairview which was a subdivision of Camden on the outskirts of the city that had been built upon a plan that was both picturesque and utilitarian.

While attending Rutgers University at its Camden campus as a freshman in 1968-69 Stevie now know as Steve had taken his first date Paula R. to dinner along with another couple with whom they were double-dating with to Camden’s once famous steak house called “The Pub.” However, it was Kinney’s that had been sold many years later during the era of Camden’s steep decline to a Greek owner whose first name was Steve that a very hot and torrid romantic encounter had begun as a result of meeting a very hot to trot gal ten years his senior. Nona K. was her name and she claimed to be a nympho-maniac and made good on this claim. Everyone who ever draws breath in this world should at one point in their lives experience the fullness of life that can only be experienced through the kind of torrid love affair that only the young or the relatively young are capable of. This was his time and he lived it to the full!

Nona K. lived in Camden and worked as a server at the cafeteria that Kinney’s had been turned into by the new Greek owner Steve who was even more affable than the original owner. The first real date that Steve had with Nona was on January 1st of 1980 when they went together to see Philadelphia’s famous Mummers Day Parade that was held every New Years and featured all the dozens of fancy outfit and/or string bands that made the parade a real spectacle to see and be a part of. And as time wore on throughout the New Years Day it became one vast party along Broad Street which was the usual parade route that the string bands, floats, and fancy brigades strutted their stuff on every year. As a young boy Stevie had witnessed this event from the comfort and exclusivity of his Uncle Larry’s high rise office looking down on the parade at such a young age that he actually thought that the people he saw down on the street were tiny little people that he could pick up in his hand. Such is actually the way very young children perceive things from such a distance before they become acclimated to the perceptual experience of depth and distance.

Camden was however unique in its hay-day as the city that America’s poet of democracy had lived in for most of his adult life. Although born on Long Island New York and then serving as both a nurse for the Union Army in Washington, D.C. as well as a war reporter; it was to Camden that Walt Whitman came after the Civil War to spend his life writing the kind of free verse poetry that was unique to the literary idiom that he established in the post Civil War era. Whitman lived down near the old ferry that took paying passengers across the one mile wide expanse of the Delaware River that separated Camden and Philadelphia. His home was an old two story wooden row house of a variety that is no longer seen today because most that had existed at one time were either torn down or burnt down and replaced with the kind of brick row-house homes that still make up a substantial part of the housing stock in such old East Coast cities as Camden and Philadelphia. Old Walt as he was known by his neighbors and friends regularly took the Camden Ferry to Philadelphia so that he could join the most celebrated American literary icons of that era who met regularly at in various Mainline mansions to discuss literary affairs. It was at one of these Soirées that Whitman read the first drafts and final edition of his life’s major work Leaves of Grass. The humility of his life was matched with the richness of the old Philadelphia Mainline mansions that these literary Soirees were held at and commented upon in the local Philadelphia and Camden press of that era in a passing and pedestrian sort of way.

Today Walt Whitman’s legacy is honored by the Walt Whitman International Poetry Center that is like an ancient Greek temple and amphitheater that would have made Old Walt happy to see as a result of the simple elegance that it exudes which was the essence of the Hellenistic of the Heroic Age. There is a timeless quality to such things that can never be equaled by any kind of contemporary building or technique of the modern era other than that used to create replicas of such ancient Hellenistic structured based upon the very same design plans probably used by the ancients to construct the originals. It was old Walt who suggested that all true poetry was about war as an inspiration to the warrior but I think that really what he meant by that statement is that all true poetry is about the experiencing of something primal and archetypal.

All true poetry aims at establishing an emotional connection to what is real in life that has been glossed over and forgotten through the slow accretion of aeons of time since humans were able to live the kinds of authentic free lives that the great and undaunted philosopher Freidrich Nietzsche spoke of and stood for in his life’s work. Whitman and Nietzsche would seem to be the ultimate odd couple if one were to consider only the yammering of the know-nothings. It was this underlying sense of the authentic in man/woman that had once existed before the dawn of the kind of slave societies that gave birth to civilization and turned human beings into the kind of cattle they have become in the so-called modern and/or post-modern era that both of these great genius’s seemed to stand for each in his own way stressing this idea of a return to the real and authentic.

Curiously enough Camden today has become the new cool as various writers and public intellectuals fall all over each other in an effort to “scoop” each other with the latest Camden story. I don’t write to be fashionable or to conform to anybody else’s idea of what constitutes good taste in regard to such things or even what it means to be cool! I write because I have a story to tell and like the late great Beat poet Charles Bukowsky, I just don’t give a rat’s @$$ what other people think of my effort! I do this for me sucker and if you want to go along for the ride then you better fasten your mother-fing seat belt cause you’re in for a rough ride emotionally, psychologically, and intellectually. I ain’t got no time for whiners and/or cry-babies so get off the bus now if you think you ain’t got what it takes to stay on board.

Nuff said!

The fate of Camden just like the fate of the rest of the WWII economy was tied directly to the kind of war spending that fueled prosperity. After the war a certain kind of marking time occurred as the basic industrial infrastructure remained that had been an essential part of the war effort. Such Camden based industrial concerns as the New York Ship Building Company were emblematic of this wartime industrial base that slowly withered away after the war until either bankruptcy was declared and the site shut down and boarded up or the good paying jobs just move elsewhere for reasons that were never explained or understood by those workers who had been laid off as a result of such a decision made by the major stockholders in corporate boardrooms located elsewhere. Such was the new sad reality of Camden in an economy grown fat from war but now placed on a starvation diet to appease the an investor class that stood safely behind the invisible wall of anonymity that protects such individuals from having to take responsibility for the havoc and destruction that their decisions produce for the lives of others.

Such is the essential part of the Camden reality that even to this day most American’s are ill prepared to accept after 100 years of anti-communist propaganda that has warped the ability of the population to think critically about the major issues of the day that impact their lives in the kind of vital way that requires of a person or a population the ability to think critically about such matters. More than this factor however was the total corruption that set in at this time and more over seeped into every aspect of life in Camden. For people such as myself who had the opportunity to work in government during this era of decline and witness first hand the nature of the social pathology at work in Camden the source of the corruption could be seen emanating from a single source which comes under the heading of organized crime as to the unorganized type that is free to exist as long as it is willing to pay tribute in the form of a “street tax” to the organized variety.

No city in America was probably more directly controlled by organized crime than was Camden, New Jersey during the period of its sad decline. There was prosperity for some but at the expense of the many. It was a form of capitalism that prospered for the few as an ethnically driven sort of enterprise that outsiders could be associated with but in a way that never allowed them to enter the inner sanctum. In this sense it really wasn’t that different for all other forms of capitalism that in another era had been dominated by White Anglo-Saxon Protestants whose inner sanctum was the local Masonic Temple and functioned in basically the same manner as the Johnny come latelys to the power principle that is the real determiner of everything that takes place in America despite the facade of politics that is instrumental in creating popular myths about democracy and such. It was the ward system in Camden and the rest of the former industrial Northeast that formed the basis of a political machine controlled for the most part by the so called “Democratic” party that served the interests of that element of the plutocracy that had grown rich from the war and whose last names frequently ended in a vowel. More often than not the Knights of Columbus became the anti-room to this new inner sanctum that has grown like mushrooms on the decaying corpse of a city. That’s what happens to a local or regional power structure when it has to live off the scraps of prosperity left behind by the Big Bourgeoisie when he finds better opportunities for exploitation and plunder elsewhere.

So it was this junior varsity of American style capitalism that ran the show in Camden and which provided goodies to those of us who at one point in our lives stood in proximity to these second stringers. It was this proximity to the seat of regional power that enabled Steve at the young age of 20 to grab his place in Camden County government that in its own way set him on a kind of rendezvous with his own personal and private destiny that was both unique and tragic each in its own special way!

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The Military Police State Architype


There is an epidemic of police violence against the American people that has reached such a level of concern for the imperialist plutocrats because if left unchecked may provide the spark for a social explosion much bigger than anything seen to date. That would include the so called “riots” of the 1960s when Black America rose up in open revolt against their ghetto-ization in the major cities of the US. This ghetto-ization of Black America was something that was rarely noticed by the mainstream culture and never really reported on. There was at that time a definite sense of “out of sight- out of mind” in regard to such things as this that formed the basis not for the so called “riots” as the mass media tried to define what was in fact a series of urban uprisings all across the nation driven by the basic survival needs of the African-American population faced as it was with the daily onslaught of an occupying army of police in their midst.


The sole purpose of this urban army of occupation was to serve and protect the social, economic, and political interests of America’s ruling class thus proving the correctness of Marx’s formulation that the state in its most basic form was nothing more than an “armed body of men.” The sole purpose of this “armed body of men” was to hold in check and suppress the interests of the American working class regardless of race, religion, ancestry, or political affiliation because this is what the capitalist social set up required in order to continue the appropriation of surplus value at the expense of the American working class. This highly sophisticated and obscured survival of the ancient slave system of ages past was euphemistically referred to as “the free market,” meaning that workers were “free” to sell the only thing that they possessed that was of value to the capitalist at whatever price the capitalist deems was a fair rate of exchange. The capitalist is free to pay the worker only a portion of the value that his/her labor creates and keep the rest for him/herself. This is how all profits are made under the capitalist system, at the point of production where the laboring masses can be freely exploited with the greater part of the value that their labor creates going into the pockets of the capitalist.

The advantage that the original slave system gave to the American capitalists in the industrial North and to the Southern land owning aristocracy was what differentiated America from all the other capitalist states in the world but the economy of Western Europe also benefited enormously as a result of the system of slavery that conveniently existed offshore in the Western hemisphere. Once again it was “out of sight, out of mind” for the ruling families of Brittan, France, Spain, Portugal, Holland, and all the other nations of the West who in effect fed off of the slave system like vampires in the night. Far and away the greatest portion of this value made from the blood and bones of African slaves accrued to the financial, industrial, and agricultural barons and baronesses of America, the Novis Roma of the modern era. The ability of the US ruling class to establish a Pax Americana in the post WWII era follows directly from the long chain of events that began with chattel slavery in colonial and pre-civil war America as well as the extermination and genocide of the Native Peoples that existed in the millions prior to the arrival of the European settlers in the so called “New World” that had always existed.

Whatever pretended moral status that the US ruling class had been able to take on in the post WWII era that seemingly gave it this sense of moral authority following the defeat of Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan in Asia could only be conceptualized as a result of the suppression of all facts related to the true history of the evolving American global empire. The myth of American exceptionality was conveniently used to supplant the truth in a way that was both cynical and eminently successful. The erroneous idea that history did not matter and that America was the world’s first ahistorical society has been the common currency of the culture since the day that the very first known KKK sympathizer entered the White House in the form of Woodrow Wilson of the so called “Democratic” Party and found a convenient way to insert American imperialism into the purely European conflict that we know as WWI.

Such an entrance to the biggest and final stage of world politics driven by war as it always is, was to guarantee that Brittan would prevail in a European war in which John Bull had been pretty well licked by the armies of the Kaiser. Billions of dollars had been lent to the British government for its war effort against Germany and the grand KKK sympathizer from Virginia in the White House would make sure that America’s entrance into that purely European war would tip the balance of power on the actual battlefield in Brittan’s favor and thus protect US banking interests who had been so bold at knowing that their seemingly risky lending would in the end pay off quite handsomely as in fact it did.

The imposition of the humiliating Treaty of Versailles required a defeated Germany to pay huge war reparations to Brittan and France that found their way into the vaults of the major US investment banks who were able to reap unheard of profits from the slaughter on the field at Flanders and everywhere else where the lives of countless millions of young European males of military age were wasted on such a pointless slaughter as was made famous at such scenes of mass killing as Verdun and elsewhere. And so the exterminist forces in America that had once gorged themselves silly on the blood and bones of African slaves bought to the Western hemisphere in chains and grown rich and powerful beyond all reckoning now set its exterminst appetite on Europe, its own point of ancient origin in a past and seemingly forgotten age.

The financial throttling of Germany by the Wall Street investment bankers led in train to the rise of the Austrian corporal who had served in the Kaiser’s defeated army. If he had only been forced by circumstances and/or fate to have had to use his real name which was Adolph Scheicklegrubber perhaps his political fortune in Germany would not have been realized. History would have taken a different course and Adolph Scheicklegrubber would have matured into the usual beer hall crank that no one paid much attention to or bothered to take seriously.

So what’s in a name? Perhaps we’ll never really know but historical materialism suggests that it’s not the man who makes history in the sense that Carlyle would have preferred but rather history and the needs of the time find and/or produce the kind of personalities that are required during a time of crisis such as occurred in the ensuing years between the two World Wars in Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

Nazi Germany became the kind of militarized police state that has since formed the basis of some sort of modern day archetype based upon the kind of beaurocritized cruelty that led to the genocide and madness of WWII in Europe. The archetypal pattern of the modern day police state is something that is not as unique to Germany as some might suspect; indeed it seems as if this same archetypal social pattern is at work as an organizing principle in America today in an era where the US ruling class feels itself threatened from within and from without by the kinds of challenges to its legitimacy that it has never had to face before. To be sure America is not Germany and as much as we might fervently wish that it might be if only to attempt to minimize in our own minds the enormously greater destructive and/or creative power at its disposal that can be used and/or asserted on a vaster scale than the megalomaniacs of Nazi Germany could ever have imagined or even conceived of.

Still the fact remains that there seems to be some sort of basic archetypal pattern that nations great and small tend to follow under the aegis of a criminal ruling class and governing elite who find it necessary to turn wars abroad as a standard policy that takes the place of a legitimate foreign policy, and massive police repression at home to prevent the kind of civil disturbance that such ruling classes instinctively fear owning to the example set by such watershed events as the Russian Revolution of October 1917 and all the other popular revolutions that have overthrown the existing social setup and installed a more representative situation that represents a fairer distribution of wealth and/or privilege than had previously existed. Such revolutions are the inevitable result of a long list of bad choices made by any existing power structure that only works to underscore the bad faith that they have always traditionally maintained vis-à-vis the broader population. The criminal methods of statecraft that such ruling classes and their governing and appointed power structures resort to in such times defines their character for all times to come and numbers the days of their future existence as a legitimate governing elite.

Such is the situation that we are faced with today in America with a ruling class and governing power structure that since the end of WWII but most especially in the last 20 years has used war as an instrument of policy that has replaced a once legitimate foreign policy in the very selfsame manner as did the leaders of Nazi Germany who were acting on behalf of the German ruling class of that era and time. The American situation may be different by degree but it follows a similar archetypal pattern that can be best analyzed in the light of such past historical examples of the militarized police state as Nazi Germany epitomized in its own era and that America has come to resemble in many important and seminal ways. This is a crisis for the American people that will not go away of its own accord. While the crisis that produced Nazi Germany was a crisis for Europe the crisis of American capitalism is a global crisis. The way that this crisis of American capitalism is ultimately resolved will determine for good or ill the future that life will have or will not have on this our planet Earth that in spite of all suggestions otherwise is the only planet in the whole vast panoply that is the Universe that has the rare gift of life on it.

It is this need to protect life that far out weights any parochial concerns with patriotism that in such times as this is always not only the last but more often the first refuge of a scoundrel. The threats posed through the criminal actions of a ruling class and its governing power structure that appears to be seeking to create the justifications for a war with both Russia and China that out of necessity will be total, nuclear and costly for the American people seems not to bother anyone in a nation and amongst a people where the idolatrous worship of military power and the warrior has become endemic to the society. Indeed violence itself has become a similar object of idolatrous worship with all the obvious results of what seems like a never ending series of senseless acts of individual carnage and mayhem acted out in workplaces, schools, shopping centers, and even military bases. Indeed any place that is a meeting place for people has probably at one time or another during these recent years of social, moral, and spiritual decline in America become the scene of such wonton carnage. The idolatrous worship and use of violence by a truly criminal ruling class and power structure seeking to regain its lost influence globally is mirrored in the minds of lesser individuals using the kind of standard weaponry often used in former times solely by the military to slaughter and kill innocent men, women, and children in well planned out acts of rage that serve no useful purpose at all other than to further terrorize society and create a sense of what psychologists call “learned helplessness” in the overall population.

Such a sense of fear and foreboding that these random events produce in the population can then be carefully utilized by the militarized police state to further the militarization of police departments all across the country not just through the supplying to these police departments with military grade heavy assault weapons and systems formerly deployed to the various theaters of war overseas but also the active links in the overall chain of command that reach from the Pentagon to the police/warrior cult on the streets that has been inculcated into former Afghan and Iraqi war vets presently employed as uniformed officers in these police departments across the nation. The reason why well over a thousand innocent people (most young men) are being gunned down or killed by police in some other manner is because for these former war vets it’s the American people themselves who have become the new enemy.


It has often been said that any government that turns its military forces loose on its own people is a government that losses legitimacy. The United States Government (USG) would certainly not be the only existing government to become such a pariah to its own people. The known massacres of protesting students in countries such as Mexico in 1968 and the Peoples Republic of China in 1989 follow a similar trend although the events that occurred in the PRC in 1989 may be seen by the broad masses of people there in a somewhat different lens than that used by the typical Westerner to view such events. Certainly the US supported military dictatorship of General Al-Sisi in Egypt is an existing government that has the blood of thousands of innocent peaceful protestors on its hands which is case in point as to why it needs such an enormous amount of free military firepower from the USG to stay one step ahead of any potential revolution in the streets that might be likely to occur again in Egypt!

Propping up brutal military dictatorships all over the world who slaughter their own citizens seems like a strange way to spread democracy around the world but is the method that the US ruling class and its political power structure has chosen for itself in the post WWII era of the Pax Americana. When such popular uprisings as occurred in the 1980s in Nicaragua and Iran in 1979 that overthrew the local CIA installed dictator, enormous amounts of time, money, and effort went into demonizing the popular revolutionary governments that overthrew the brutal and hated US supported dictators that CIA had put into power in these countries to look after the interests of US banks and investment firms much to the detriment of the people in such countries as Iran and Nicaragua that are still struggling today 35 years later in the case of Iran to maintain itself in the face on constant US aggression carried out against it in violation of international law.

But such things as this pale in comparison to the wholesale destruction of nations and whole societies that US imperialism has been responsible for in the Arab/Islamic world. Where fully functional nations and societies existed in such places as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, and elsewhere that were governed by enlightened secular leaders whose citizens enjoyed a higher standard of living than did their neighbors; today these nations no longer exist as the functioning states that they once were and have in effect become failed states a term of art that is more often than not used to blame the victims of these terrible war crimes for what has come to pass rather than the perpetrator of these ongoing wars of aggression that have been carried out by the world’s principle imperialist power the USA in violation of the same international law regarding the use of war as a means of policy that the surviving members of the Nazi regime were prosecuted and hung for at Nuremberg in 1946.

The story being put forward is that the perpetrator of these ongoing war crimes, i.e. the USA is too big to be held accountable for its actions by such other NATO nations of the EU that have made themselves complicit in these war crimes and will surely suffer the final verdict of history in due time and at a time and place not of their own choosing. Indeed it is the various ruling classes and governing elites in Europe that bear the most responsibility for acting as the enablers of the aggression let loose on the planet by US imperialism. The final payment for these craven cowardly acts of complicity will come due shortly as we are now in the run up to the kind of total war with Russia and China that these foolish men and women of high privilege are ill prepared by the very nature of their superficial understanding of things to be capable of even comprehending. They will earn their place as the radio-active dust in the wind that they deserve to be and nothing more! History will forget them as well it should!

In the final analysis the unhinged nature of police departments across the US right now are just a mirror reflection of the unhinged nature of the US ruling class and its political mandarins in Washington as it faces the specter of its own ultimate demise. For the archetypal military police state that was the Third Reich the choice that they made was national suicide as well as personal suicide where possible. The archetype gives confidence to the effect that for the US ruling class and its mandarins there will be no turning back from the course that they have set for themselves. They are more than prepared to take half the population of the planet down with them in the same kind of suicidal rage that Hitler in his final days sought to reduce Germany to as an utter wasteland for its conquerors. One sincerely hopes that they will not be successful in such delusional attempts at reducing the world to ashes as a way of enforcing their evil and malevolent will on a world that was never theirs to ruin. The future will be a better place without them in spite of the high price that it may have to pay for their riddance.

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The Sultans of Smut

Having once worked for a short time in my younger days in the porn industry, I have slightly more than just the usual prurient interest in the way that porn is marketed to the masses. Marx defined commodity fetishism as the overarching need of capitalism to turn everything into a commodity so that it can be bought and sold for profit. This seems like an appropriate means of defining the way that under capitalism sex is bought and sold to the masses by online web based businesses that run the gamut from simple home based businesses that use web store type software to market and sell their product to the vast multi-billion dollar a year business run by such persons as the porn king of the world Fabian Thylmann the German born porn industrialist who owns the porn site pornhub.com and MANWIN. Thylmann’s commercial porn enterprise is the world leader in mobile device/phone porn. His commercial porn enterprise employs over 500 people world wide.



How does one go about effectively describing the sociology of porn that is both fair and objective while at the same time considering its overall impact on an often too hungry sex starved society that routinely exploits sex for a myriad of commercial purposes chief of which is probably its use in advertizing? The other question one might want to ask concerns values. Does porn have any real positive value for either the individual of the society where such material is commercially available to consumers?


There seems to be near complete agreement that porn appears to have some positive social value as the two articles that I have provided links to indicate. These two articles, however are not either carefully controlled research studies or any other kind of research study that would bring science of some sort to bear in making any kind of a scientifically valid research study that would have value for the psychological profession as well as the other allied mental health profession that have to deal with this issue in some form or another. The two articles that appeared in both Scientific American and alternet.org do however base their conclusions on some studies that they cite. Therefore these two articles that appeared in the popular press do have credibility.


A better way of getting some form of scientific insight into this question regarding the efficacy of using porn that perhaps takes the place of a human relationship and also the efficacy of using porn while in a relationship with a significant other is also addressed in these two articles published by the popular press for a general audience.


The University of Hawaii study should be read by anyone seeking to explore this topic in depth and is familiar with research jargon. It is these sort of studies conducted under usually rigorous testing conditions that have the most value for the various allied mental health professions that may be called upon to deal with such an issue as “addiction” to pornography, that is if one is willing to accept what many consider to be the overly broad definition of addiction that may not be really all that appropriate in trying to construct an acceptable framework to examine such issues as some would call “addiction” but perhaps others would find some other DSM label. For the non professional or student who has never read a research study before or the busy professional hasn’t the time or inclination to want to read through all the technical jargon, the part marked “conclusions” at the end will suffice.The efficacy and usefulness of porn is born out by the University of Hawaii study.

I was first introduced to pornography at a relatively late age for such things according to today’s standards. I was in my mid twenties and living in a rooming house in my old hometown of Collingswood, New Jersey. A former high school classmate by the name of Larry R. and another Collingswood High School grad had made a small fortune for themselves peddling smut back in the day when the first so called “adult bookstores” hit the scene. The other Collingswood High School grad was a year or two my junior although his obnoxious older brother Carl was in my graduating class of 1968. The younger Gary P. who unlike his older brother had something approaching what people commonly accept to be a personality was the other partner along with Larry R. to make a killing in smut.

The long and the short of things is that I ended up running one of these smut palaces located in Toms River New Jersey along the main drag. The mainstay of the clientele were military service people from nearby Fort Dix and McGuire Air Force Base. In 1975 the nature of this industry consisted of rows and rows of glossy porn magazines that lined the walls as well as the display tables throughout the store. There were glass cases where all sorts of perverted sex toys were sold that included items that in my opinion at the time had me convinced that no normal person would want to have anything to do with. There was a long display case filled will vibrators of all sorts, some in the shape of actual penises both black and white depending upon such niceties as racial preference. Before being dropped into this world the only thing that I had ever seen that even approached the level of debauchery I saw on display at Toms River was the occasional Playboy Magazine complete with the scandalous and ever titillating centerfold.

As a result of running such an emporium for a few months on my own with practically no help from anyone else, I got the education in sex that I should have gotten somewhere else although I am hard pressed to say precisely where. There was a brief era of sanity and normality in America before the religious fundamentalists took over the scene when sex education became part of the high school and even primary school curriculum. The advantage to that was that kids growing up in that kind of a socially progressive atmosphere would not have to get their sex education in the mean and nasty streets where love was a vulgar word. The cool words that had value on the street and made us all feel like big men and therefore better about ourselves due to our real lack of both knowledge and experience were words like fuck that never seemed to go out of style and are still used by many tough guys and wantabe hard asses as means of punctuating their sentences and adding the needed emphasis to such street corner conversations.

In the back of the store were a row of viewing booths were guys could see all sorts of porn some of which was gay porn and enjoy the privacy needed to jerk off in comfort. Each booth contained a roll of toilet paper not to be used to wipe one’s ass but to bust a load of hot cum into. Needless to say some of these dirt bags missed and it was my job after hours to clean it off the walls and floor and every other imaginable surface that it hit. That had to be one of the true low points of my life that I have had to more or less suffer in shame and blame myself for my own stupidity in ever having gotten myself involved with such a low down rotten mafia run business run by a guy I knew from high school who was probably laughing all the way to the bank about me and my naiveté.

My maturity in regard to such things was purchased at a high price in terms of my personal pride and self regard. I learned about a lot of things much later than my piers but that probably had more to do with the nature of my mental disability that I have spent a lifetime trying to recover from.

The next phase of the porn industry in New Jersey or rather more precisely South Jersey as it was called, i.e. the area of New Jersey south of Trenton stretching all the way down to Cape May and over to Atlantic City in the east and Philadelphia in the west was the introduction of hot young women who would show it all and do it all for a price in these closet sized booths where they were separated from their horny customers by a plate glass window that naturally one could see through. Of course the inevitable roll of toilet paper was supplied gratis by the emporium to keep the cum off the floor, walls, and ceilings but often to little avail. The sanitation requirements required to maintain the proper non stinking upkeep of such a sleazy establishment must have been enormous and quite time consuming. The mild to strong smell of disinfectant was always in the air in these sex emporiums one of which was located on the Admiral Wilson Boulevard in Camden and the other in Mt. Ephraim. Both were a few miles away from where I was unfortunately living at the time with my party going no longer involved mother and my homicidal younger brother who was actually much bigger than myself and used such physical advantage as nature had bestowed on him to regularly punish me for the sins of my childhood that I had committed against him in some way or that in his meth intoxicated mind imagined that I had committed against him.

I first got laid in Ireland at the age of 27 so that you could say that I was a late cummer to sex although stateside I had been exploring the kind of commercial sex that was readily available at the time in the US when the usually uptight sexual mores of the nation seemed to be relaxed a bit. Of course this relaxation in social mores only lasted a brief time until the traditional hard hearted and socially damaging cruelty of religion masquerading as politics shut down what little bit of sexual freedom that had in the late 1960s and early 1970s developed. This swinging era of sexual freedom was the last hurrah of the so called sexual revolution that was basically beaten to death with the bloodied bibles of the psychopathic religious extremists who made religion into the mainstay of contemporary politics in America.

Even in a country like Ireland where the Catholic Church has wielded an oversized amount of political clout in regard to its feudalistic doctrines on birth control and family planning, a culture of both freely available and commercially available sex for all was more the order of the day than was the case in the US. This seemed to me to be a rather bizarre contradiction that I was hard pressed to be able to explain to myself. The sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s was alive and well in Ireland although it was part of a kind of underground counter-culture that reveled in such things as American style jazz and other such means of its own form of artistic expression. One had the sense of life being held back in some way by the dark shadows of religiously based cruelty and oppression but nevertheless refusing to die in such a kind of sweet and mellow way that it almost bought tears to my eyes to think of it. Life was eternal it seemed to say and sex was the way that it expressed itself, indeed sex was an affirmation of life that was serenely surrendered to as opposed to any kind of “objectification” of sex or women/people as sex objects that was not a part of this spiritual conversation.

It was there in Ireland that I finally found the end to a kind of meaningless suffering that had held me in its grip for too many years. What I found was the wholeness and completeness as a person connected to the larger Cosmos that I had never really known before this time of either discovery or rediscovery. I had experienced a kind of spiritual awakening that had nothing to do with religion. It was an experience that I had in spite of religion that was older and more timeless than even the most Ancient of Days. I had been exposed to some variants of Buddhist thinking and meditational practices and the term Nirvana was one that sort of came to mind but even that term which stood for someone else’s experience of the ineffable felt like a shoe that didn’t fit right. I was happy to have found my home after all those years of wandering in the wilderness of ideas, actions, and the turmoil and torture of the ever present moment called the now that I had been incapable of apprehending until that point in my life where something had changed in me because something had changed in the outer world.

Another way of looking at it was that I had in fact discovered the philosophers stone there in the Celtic lands of Arthur and Myyrlyn the first and last of the Christian Druids who were able to combine the ever ancient and eternal with the forever new and equally eternal. The sword that one finds in that stone of Scone is an awesome force that few have ever known or ever will know. I do not count myself amongst those lucky few but only say that I had a sense of that which is somewhat different and more unexpected than anything that I had ever known before that point in my life.

That sense of the holy as a sense of the whole, of the complete, of the unity of all opposites is that same affirmation of life that one can indeed find in sex which itself is a unity of opposites operating in an ever immediate and perhaps ever eternal physical space if one is capable of understanding the psychological and spiritual value of what psychologists call set & setting. The translation of this means the mindset of the participant(s) and the mindfulness or suggestibility of the setting in which such an encounter takes place. I’m not so sure that commercial venues lend themselves that well to the realization of such an experience. Perhaps maybe taken in the aggregate such perhaps peak emotional and/or psychological experiences could have real value for the individual who is seeking without knowing it some chance encounter with the ineffable. For me the commercial side of sex only helped to confirm in me that it could never yield to me that for which I was seeking, however, at the same time it was not a hindrance either and may even to some extent been somewhat of a facilitator.

The other side of the porn debate that should be seen and thoughtfully considered would be the kind of Feminist perspective presented by Gail Dines in the following lecture that contains a wealth of details on the industrialization of sex in the contemporary capitalist culture of the West. Details regarding Fabian Tylmann the largest porn industry tycoon in the world are given in this approximately one hour lecture that I found to be essential for any honest and forthright discussion on the porn industry.

I will be posting further links to websites after reviewing them from this same perspective. Such a humanist perspective ( I prefer not to use the term Feminist because of the us vs. them, i.e. women vs. men perspective that this so called “movement” has created) to describe the kind of sociological perspective developed by the lecturer Ms. Gail Dines. In spite of some ideological differences I am quite persuaded by the cogency of her theory in regard to the way that boys and young men are being socialized by the purveyors of the commercial sex industry.



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The Latest Seymour Hersh Story

Seymour M. Hersh’s latest demonstration of his journalistic genius entitled “The Killing of Osama bin Laden” and published in the London Review of Books is a watershed event for a whole host of reasons. Chief amongst these many reasons is the fact that Hersh’s article clearly articulates and comprehensively proves through the use of unnamed US intelligence sources that the narrative that the US power structure sought to create and manage through its principle spokesperson of the moment Barak Obama, is nothing but a litany of lies. The purpose of such a litany of lies is to disguise the fact that US imperialism is a spent force on the stage of history that is more at the mercy of foreign powers both friendly, unfriendly, or neutral than the US power structure cares to acknowledge.


The revelation that Pakistan had captured bin Laden in 2006 in Eastern Afghanistan and held him under strict house arrest in the Pak military garrison town of Abbottabad to use as a bargaining chip with the US is a clear indication of the impotence of the US and its need to rely upon foreign intelligence services to do the job that the corporate run US intelligence industrial complex is no longer capable of doing. Despite the countless billions lavished on increasingly exotic intel technologies, the so called US intelligence “community” lacks the most basic assets needed to get the job done. That key critical asset that the US intel dinosaurs lack is the simple human factor that it has discounted at its own peril to the point where the US has become the world’s one dispensable power owing in part to this key factor. The same greed driven military industrial complex that retiring US president Dwight Eisenhower tried to warn the nation about has gotten its snout into the federal contracting business of a now largely privatized intelligence community that is driven more by a loyalty to the investors in such corporate enterprises than to the interests of WE THE PEOPLE.


According to the Hersh article the US/CIA only learned about the fact that the Pak ISI had captured UBL in 2006 when in 2010 a US embassy “walk in” had presented himself to the CIA station chief Bank. The “walk in” was a Pak ISI case officer by the name of Ismail Halyed seeking to collect the $25 million bounty that had been placed on UBL. Getting from this starting point to the actual murder of UBL by the US Navy Seals who in true gangster style were “offed” in Afghanistan a short time after the UBL raid in Abbottabad is what the article by Hersh is all about. The article is a 10,000 world piece that took me about twenty minutes to read but really needs to be studied to more fully appreciate the density of information contained in it.

The purpose of this article is not a rehash of the original Hersh article itself but more of a study of the implications of the article that remain pretty much unstated in spite of the 10,000 world length of the original article itself. A point needs to be made about the various unnamed US intelligence sources that are cited by Hirsh in his article and why such sources have to remain unnamed. Since the Obama regime has prosecuted more leakers of information that the public has a right to know about than any other president in US history, it goes without saying that any confidential US intelligence source that Hirsh cited by name in his article would have become the target of such official persecution/prosecution as many of the other US intel sources who have given information to journalists acting in the public interest and acknowledging the fact that the public had a right to know how US secrecy law was being used to hide the criminal acts of the national security state from the prying eyes of WE THE PEOPLE.

The most recent example of such malicious persecution/prosecution by the Obama regime is the case of former CIA case officer Jeffrey Sterling recently sentenced to three years in federal prison for giving information to New York Times journalist James Risen regarding the dangerously provocative CIA covert ops run against the Iranian nuclear program. Such covert ops carried out in partnership with the Israeli Mossad involved the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists. The fact that such an assassination program aimed at the citizens of another country that had violated no law and were acting well within the provisions of existing international law regarding such seemed not to matter at all to the world’s two principle outlaw nations. The name of this covert op was codenamed Merlin.


Once again we can see in the Merlin case the absolute dependence of US imperialism on foreign power in asserting its perceived national interests. The unstated assumption that needs to be made however is that if this is what supersized corporate greed can do to intel capabilities then one needs to ask the question what corporate greed can do to defense/war fighting capabilities? I am certain that the historical record clearly indicates that a needs driven defense always will defeat in the long run a greed driven defense/offense. The ability of US imperialism and the corporate state to play fast and loose with the lives of three hundred million American lives in its attempt at a showdown with Russia and China knowing full well what could be the result of such high stakes gambling is without a doubt the most closely held national secret.

These are questions that are subsidiary to the Hersh article but nevertheless need to be asked in the public interest. Perhaps the most important fact established by the Hirsh article is the fact that UBL had been supported by the Saudi monarchy during his house arrest in Pakistan. The conclusions that one can draw from this fact as well as the wealth of information that is available regarding the support of the Saudis for Al-Qaeda and other forms of fundamentalist terror all around the world would seem to indicate that no doubt certain elements of the US national security state have always been well aware of this fact.

This partnership between the US national security state and Al-Qaeda has always existed and served a sort of duel purpose. Such a partnership in terror can be seen as extending to all other Wahhabbi inspired and Saudi inspired terror groups such as ISIS and such as were exploited by the US deep state to overthrow the government of Mummar Gaddaffi in Libya as well as the ongoing social catastrophe in Syria. Such maneuvers by the US and its conquered vassal states in the EU & NATO are part of the ongoing resource wars for what is left of the limited planetary oil and gas reserves that still exist. Some of these oil and gas fields are still in need of development in order to realize their potential. Nevertheless the world has entered the era of Peak Oil where no existing new sources of oil and gas have been or will be discovered so that in an effort to deal with the predicted collapse of Western civilization due to the supply collapse of oil, the nations of the West headed up by the planet’s principle imperialist power the USA , are on a global rampage to claim the limited oil and gas resources that presently still exist.

The fact that the majority of these oil and gas resources are located in the Middle East is the reason for the ongoing brutal US/NATO interventions that have produced the biggest humanitarian catastrophe since WWII. The fact that this humanitarian catastrophe is occurring right on Europe’s Southern flank explains the nature of the flight of these refugees from the affected conflict zones to Italy and other countries in the EU who were only too willing to be a part of the criminal enterprise of using war as an instrument of foreign policy in violation of international law or at the very least acting as enablers of the belligerent Western powers whose military interventions in Libya, Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere have created the humanitarian crisis.

How is all of this relevant to Hersh’s latest article in the London Review of Books? What Hersh demonstrates is that UBL had probably been on the Saudi jihadi payroll from day one going clear back to the Reagan/Bush/Casey at CIA regime that together with the al-Saud dynasty began the era of using Islamic jihadi extremism to subvert and overthrow any and all regimes internationally that stood in the way of this grand scheme of seizing by whatever means necessary the world’s existing oil and gas reserves. 9-11 was an event carefully planned out and executed by this regime within the deep state that included UBL and al-Qaeda.

After the execution of 9-11 UBL became a wholly expendable asset. While this dark secret may not have been known to the world public it was known to those actors in this scenario which is why five years after the events of 9-11 the Pak ISI was able to capture UBL in Eastern Afghanistan (probably Waziristan) and place him under strict confinement until 2010 when CIA in Pakistan finally learned of this through the so-called Rewards for Justice program that put on offer a $25 million bounty on UBL.

Hersh’s article also reveals the fact that by the time that CIA had through the Pak “walk-in” at the US embassy in Islamabad found out where UBL was hiding; he was a totally spent force without any kind of operational control over al-Qaeda indeed probably without any operational input at all given the nature of his confinement and the fact that his purpose as dictated by the needs of the deep state had been realized. Hersh’s contempt for Obama which comes out loud and clear in his article is due to the fact that the US covert mission employing Navy Seals to assassinate UBL in his Abbottabad secret house arrest location was conducted purely for political reason by Obama in an election year.

It was probably the perceived success of this mission that guaranteed Obama’s re-election. Hersh’s article also makes clear that the phony narrative of the Hollywood film “Zero Dark Thirty” in which both the Pentagon and CIA cooperated so closely with the Hollywood director Kathryn Bigelow and writer Mark Boal as to blur the lines in regard to who was really in control of the production. Such however is the essence of all propaganda and no one excels better at this than Hollywood which is why such a film industry lawyer as Leon Panetta was named CIA head by Obama in the first place! The role of Hollywood as “the Great Harlot” of biblical proportions that is always willing and able to establish the official narrative on demand has been only superficially investigated by some journalists, historians, and scholars of equal value to Hersh owing to their personal commitment to delivering the truth to their readership.


The curiously interesting false narrative that the film “Zero Dark Thirty” seeks to establish in the audience’s mind is worth examining for its political content alone. The story line is based upon the exploits of a certain young attractive CIA case officer who oversaw the torture of a so called “high value internee” at one of CIA’s secret prison sites at Baghram Airbase in Afghanistan. The actual name of the case officer in question who did indeed exist was Frances Bukowsky who took such sadistic pleasure in seeing these so called “high value internees” tortured that she actually flew from the USA to either Pakistan of Afghanistan to observe one of these torture sessions in spite of the fact that she was not involved in any way with the case and had to good reason to be there. She was only there to get her cookies off by way of watching one of these torture sessions that in all probability involved Kalyed Sheik Mohammed or simply KSM as he was referred to in all official documents.

Frances Bukowsky worked directly under the authority of Anne Michael Casey the grand-daughter of the legacy employee and former DCI (Director of Central Intelligence) William Casey. Curiously enough it was Casey during the presidential tenure of Ronald Reagan that began the CIA policy of using Saudi supported jihadists to fight against the Soviet installed government in Afghanistan thus opening a Pandora’s Box of Islamic extremism that the world would have to deal with well after the Casey era at CIA. The name of one of these Saudi and CIA supported jihaddis was Osama bin Laden who was the son of one of the wealthiest men in Saudi Arabia who was very closely connected to the ruling dynasty. It was the bin Laden Construction Company owned by Osama’s father that had been given the mega-billion dollar contract to remodel and build nearly all of the holy sites at Mecca including the Grand Mosque so as to better accommodate the vast sea of humanity from all parts of the world who flocked to the holy sites of Mecca in order to do the yearly Hajj. It is required that every Muslim do Hajj at least once in his/her life.The bin Laden Construction Company profited enormously from this requirement of the faith as well as the faith that the al-Saud dynasty had in the family of Osama bin Laden.

Still the question remains as to the nature of the political line that the producers of “Zero Dark Thirty” were tasked with by way of the creation of the false narrative based upon the story line that this highly attractive and hyper aggressive female case officer Frances Bukowsky’s dedicated hard work had enabled the interagency task force to find bin Laden through the so called “messenger” that they more or less pulled out of their asses for the sake of creating the kind of false narrative that would be highly serviceable to the Obama White House as well as those elements of the national security state that were already deeply enmeshed in this affair and therefore had the greatest need to come out of the whole bin Laden affair as heroes rather than the true and undeniable villains that they know themselves to be.


In my humble opinion and readers can take it for what they think it might be worth the propaganda motive at work in “Zero Dark Thirty” had a lot to do with what some experts on CIA and the overall intel “community” have referred to as the feminist clique at CIA headed up by William Casey’s grand-daughter Anne Michael Casey. The goal was to create a film narrative of strong determined women in positions of power “doing a man’s job” but doing it better, smarter, and more efficiently than any swinging dick could do. This was the real propaganda message of “Zero Dark Thirty” aside from the false narrative that had been created out of the power structure’s sheer need to further mystify the bin Laden story so as to hide their own ineptitude and criminality.

It has all worked pretty well up to this point in spite of minor rumors from minor league players such as myself who have become permanently ghettoized in the blogosphere. It’s easy to discredit such minor league players by merely labeling them “conspiracy theorists” as if real life conspiracies did not in fact exist! It was the big megaphone of a world renown Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist of Hersh’s stature however that needed to put paid to the illusions of the unelected members of the deep state that they could forever keep the false narrative about bin Laden in place and therefore shield themselves from the results of their ineptitude and outright perfidy!

Now the worm has truly turned against them and the response of the ministry of truth that pretends to be this non existent institution called “the free press” is just to ignore the Hersh story and its aftermath as best as they can. This is just standard operative procedure on the part of the ministry of truth when the public narrative about anything that they have put into place begins to unravel at the edges and thus threaten to expose the whole litany of carefully constructed lies that went into the creation of the ever important false narrative. Another thought that is highly relevant to this discussion of resource wars and the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe taking place in the Arab/Islamic world blessed as it is with the curse of oil is the never ending discussion regarding the assumed fact that it is Israel that is the principle cause of instability in the Middle East as opposed to Saudi Arabia, a country that has been flying for so many years in spite of its toxic nature under the radar of world public opinion owing no doubt to the almost incalculable influence of the oil and gas industry.

It is the fossil fuel industry that has partnered with the tribal mafia that claims ownership of Arabia that is responsible for using fundamentalist Wahabbi extremism to subvert and overthrow those secular powers in the Middle East and elsewhere that refuse to cow tail to the demands of the unholy alliance fossil fuel industry and the tribal mafia that rules Arabia. This may not be a fact that was precisely stated by the Hersh article but it is an absolute fact and Hersh’s article gives credence to this fact by way of indicating Saudi financial support for UBL.

The problems related to America’s 51st State of Israel have more to do with other things that have nothing to do with the unknown unknown inherent in the new reality of Peak Oil and the stark facts of life revealed through intensive super computing modeling studies at such places as Los Almos indicating the inevitable collapse of the world economy and our oil based civilization when the oil and gas well are finally exhausted which may be sooner than anyone expects. The whole purpose of the US/Western policy of using war as a means of putting these dwindling oil and gas reserves under the control of European and American corporation is just to give the West a little bit more time to adjust itself to the post fossil fuel era than the rest of the world will have.

Is that little bit of time to adjust really worth the price that is being paid already and which will continue to escalate maybe geometrically as time goes on? That’s a question that WE THE PEOPLE have an obligation to ask our elected misleaders as well as those members of the unelected power structure vested in the apparatus of the deep state that is the real determiner and decider in regard to these issues at hand. The sleeping giant of world politics, i.e. the American working class is indeed beginning to wake up from a long period of inactivity. The national uprising in cities all across the nation in response to the murder by the domestic arm of the deep state, i.e. police departments of the innocent unarmed youth of the nation is a rebellion/revolution in the making and demonstrates what can happen when the sleeping giant is disturbed and begins to awaken.

Never mind the fact that the trusted servants of the power structure in the African-American community who have profited enormously in the past from their exploitation of social strife are once again on the scene and trying to racialize this rebellion/revolution past the point of recognition so as to keep it from spreading to the larger mass based culture. The class based nature of police oppression of the working class has to be acknowledged by both the African-American community as well as the larger mainstream culture if this revolution in the making is going to fully reach out to the entire American working class and thus succeed in its mission. Let it be so! The Hersh article is just another nail in the coffin of a vile and perfidious power structure whose days of glory (and gory) are at an end! A new day in dawning in America as the sleeping giant of world politics begins to stir and awaken.


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Baltimore is the New Beirut!!

Baltimore is the new Beirut. It is a city on fire with the justifiable rage of young men of military age who for two long have received little or no respect from a police department that for such oppressed youth is little more than an occupation army. The enormous disparities in wealth that exist today are a direct results of the policies of both Republican and Democratic regimes in Washington, D.C. the nations capitol forty miles south of Baltimore. The effect of these loathsome policies geared as they are to serving only the interests of the 1% of the US population that owns and controls the lion’s share of finance capital has been to produce an utter catastrophe for the American people that is ongoing and unfolding in an utterly unexpected sort of a way. The result of the US ruling class’s decision years back during the Nixon regime to create a special privileged class of Black entrepreneurs, business people, and political class that they, i.e. the US ruling class could do business with has created a situation where today the standard of living for African-Americans as a whole is lower than it was before the time of president Linden Johnson’s so called “War on Poverty.”


This is a period encompassing fifty years. It is a period as well that has seen America decline as both an economic power and a world power to the point that it has reached today where the US ruling class and its governing power structure of both elected and non elected officials has become increasingly irrelevant in global affairs. The point needs to be made as well that it was this same power drunk 1% of the US population that saw themselves as the new masters of the universe that bought about the de-industrialization of America. Steel mills and manufacturing plants of all sorts were closed down permanently as the owners of these industries sought a higher rate of return on their investments by moving manufacturing jobs overseas to such low wage countries as China, India, Mexico, South Korea, Indonesia, and elsewhere.

The thinking of the 1% was that they could used a vastly expanded US military budget to produce the kind of global fighting force that would enable this 1% to establish a truly global empire under the iron heel of Washington. To quote from the national poet of Scotland Robert Burns- “The best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray.” In light of the ongoing global and domestic catastrophe that the policies of the 1% have produced Bobby Burns’s quote seriously understates what is really perhaps the most monumental crack up of a dominant world power in all of human history or at the very least since the fall of the Roman Empire of the West in the 4th Century C.E.

What is happening today in Baltimore is the result of these same policies and what is now ongoing in Baltimore will spread to every major and minor city in the nation as the organized fight back of the American youth who have been victimized by police oppression begins to ensue. This is a fight to the death that will ensure the destruction of one side or the other. There is no turning back now the fuse has been lit! Since the word “revolution” is a word that seems to have lost all of its original meaning, I will try not to use it too often to describe this ongoing struggle. I am however at a loss as to how to describe this situation that is indeed a revolution in the making that the 1% will do everything in its evil power to either subvert, co-opt or destroy.

Its those very elements of the deep state put into place since the events of 9-11 were conveniently used to justify that will be put into full service in an effort to go after whatever leadership element the agencies of the deep state may perceive as being in control. Certainly there is a real tactical advantage to knowing how to make good use of spontaneous events such as the one now unfolding in Baltimore and the fight back of African-Americans more generally who in essence are the spearhead of this new revolution or whatever else you might want to call it. The idea that an injury to one is an injury to all is the essential measure of social solidarity that gives meaning to both life and the determining events of history. This vital sense of social solidarity that African-Americans are still capable of is something that the majority White culture traded in a long time ago for the solidarity of the wolf pack that as even a child knows is no solidarity at all but merely the ideology of the fool who imagines himself to be a king in his castle supreme in his/her isolation from the real events of life that merely pass him/her by because they have become mere encumbrances to the truth and indeed reality itself.

The curiously interesting and highly thought provoking fact is that the armed agents of the state in the form of police departments all across the country shoot and kill significantly more White youths than African-Americans.


The fact that Whites feel so secure in their splendid isolation from each other and indeed from life itself means that they just don’t give a rats ass about such things as long as it does not effect them personally and their ever present belief in the system and that man must truly be a wolf to man in order for the whole thing to work. Such is the logic of capitalism that has been inculcated into these socially retarded imbeciles. The sense of contempt that the world rightly feels for such people is wholly justifiable and inevitable. There is also a measure of Divine justice, or Poetic justice, or whatever else you might choose to call it in regard such atomized, isolated, and self-absorbed fools being held in such justifiable worldwide contempt.

The decline of the West and the rise of the BRIICS, Africa, Asia, and Latin American as the new dominants of the emerging multi-polar world spell the end of White domination in the would be imperial homeland as African-Americans and other minorities who are the new majority take power away from the old order and establish a new order based upon newer concepts of fairness and justice that have evolved and taken shape while White America supreme in its splendid isolation from life took a nap. If its true that every man will have his hour then it is safe to assert that the White man has done had his! That ain’t no jive but just a clear and honest assessment of the facts. That being the case there are about as many folks of the Caucasian persuasion in the world as Chinese so things should not go too badly for the new has beens of history. Since the ruling 1% in America chose to de-industrialize America and move those skilled often all white union jobs to Asia, Latin America, and Africa; the shape of things to come may be hard for some folks to accept but knowing full well that history moves in a positive direction despite all appearances otherwise, the future should be interesting if nothing else.

A final point that perhaps needs to be made in this essay is a point that has been made previously by such groups as the Revolutionary Communist Party and its chairman Bob Avakian that this revolution will be an African-American led revolution and therefore if White radicals should hope to play a progressive positive role in it, they will have to adjust their expectations and accept that fact or step aside and allow others to take their place. Leading from behind is an old and established revolutionary tradition that helps to guarantee the survival of the leadership cadre if one exists as it should for all such revolutionary movements are in need of leadership just not the kind of traditional concept of leadership that obtains with those uneducated to the actual practice (or praxis) of revolution in the real world as opposed to such fantasies as Hollywood spews out for the edification of the masses and the enrichment of the few.

A final point that needs to be made is that what is happening now in Baltimore seems like the  direct result of the feminization of America and a war which seems to have  been under way for some time now against not just African-American youth, i.e. men and boys of military age but all working class youth throughout the nation. The demonization of young men and mere boys as “criminals” and “thugs” has become such standard fare that no one even bothers to question it and just takes it for granted that the organized thugs of the state in the form of these various police forces around the country have the right to hunt them like wild animals in something akin to a sport. The jocularity of such police departments around the country who make a regular practice of hunting the youth of the nation as a paid sport, has become epitomized in the banal banter of the numerous network TV shows that glorify this obscene industry based upon inhumanity and outright cruelty to the youth of the nation who have the right to defend themselves by any means necessary.



The following is a list of the six Baltimore PD officers responsible for the lynching of Freddy Grey along with their present yearly salary and the date that they joined the Baltimore Police Department. This information was provided by Chelsea Monae of the Real News Network, 231 North Holiday Street, Baltimore, MD. 21202. My thanks and appreciation to the Real News Network for sharing this important information with me and to the public.

Lieutenant Brian Rice, 41. Member of the Baltimore Police Department since 1997.
• Annual Salary: $88, 026.00
• Gross Pay: $83, 846.38

Sergeant Alicia White, 30. Member of the Baltimore Police Department since 2010.
• Annual Salary: $57, 797.00
• Gross Pay: $59, 456.05

Officer William Porter, 25. Member of the Baltimore Police Department since 2012.
• Annual Salary: $44, 104.00
• Gross Pay; $51, 412.68

Officer Garret Miller, 26. Member of the Baltimore Police Department since 2012.
• Annual Salary: $44, 773.00
• Gross Pay: $51, 076.65
Officer Edward Nero, 29. Member of the Baltimore Police Department since 2012.
• Annual Salary: $44, 773.00
• Gross Pay: $51, 421.40

Officer Caesar Goodson, 45. Member of the Baltimore Police Department since 1999.
• Annual Salary: $64, 757.00
• Gross Pay: $105, 194.77


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